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The Ghost Paper Challenge: Rules, Steps & Videos

We all have played many games like truth and dare,hide and seek etc but have you ever thought of playing some ghost game? Yes! You read it right. A ghost game, we’ll be telling you about this super excited ghost paper challenge today! Many YouTubers explained even played this game for their audiences. But before playing any game it’s crucial to know all the rules and correct techniques to play.

In this article, I will be explaining the Ghost Paper Challenge and will give you full set of rules on How to play this scary game.

So, without any second thought. Let’s get started!

Ghost paper challenge

What is Ghost Paper Challenge Game?

This game is basically to know the answers of all the questions in your mind, but remind you the answer will be coming from spirit (Ghost). At for one night, you can only ask 3 questions only. Neither less nor more!

Ghost paper challenge


You just need some basic things and an atmosphere to play this game. Moto to play can be just for fun or you really want to know answers of some question

The number of players needed?

For maximum, there can be many but minimum, one player also works.

Things needed to play?

So, the things used basically are things famous for such ghost game. Make sure you have all of these things with you before starting the game. Here’s the list for you to prepare :

  • Blank paper
  • Pen
  • Candles
  • Matchbox/Lighter
  • A room (Door should be there)
  • Any device in which you can track the time.
  • Also door of the room should have little space under it so that you can slide the paper from below.
  • Set three questions in your mind. (Only three)

(Neither less nor more)

Steps to Play Ghost Paper Challenge (Rules)

Now, as you’re ready with all the things needed. Think once before playing and then start. Though it is not that unsafe still, play it on your own risk!

Here are the quick instructions for you to follow :

  • Start the game little early from 3 am (Like around 2:15/2:30 am)
  • Turn off all the lights (Full house should be dark)
  • Go in your selective room with all the material.
  • So Close the door of that room from inside.
  • Keep the white page in front of the door and light one candle just next to that.
  • Watch the time continuously.
  • At exactly 3 am, knock on the door 3 times.
  • And Repeat this phrase 3 times “Spirit of the door, I welcome you: make yourself present and come through.”
  • Now using the pen or whatever you have, write your first question and keep that pen on the piece of paper and slide that to another side of the door from the bottom space under the door.
  • Now, wait.
  • If paper remained there itself. That means that didn’t work. Do not take it further. Extinguish the candle and try some other time.
  • If paper pulled from other side and didn’t come back. Wait! Apologize politely and thank spirit for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not ask for answers if the paper is not coming back, Never ever!)
  • If paper came back with something written like Go away, why are you troubling me or leave me alone. Just apologize politely and say thank you for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not open the door immediately after that, try to open it after some natural daylight only)
  • Remember that apology should always be a little loud.
  • Now when you’re done with your first question. Proceed to the second one.
  • Write that on the piece of paper with pen and keep that pen on that paper and slide it to the next part of the door.
  • If paper remained there itself. That means that didn’t work. Do not take it further. Extinguish the candle and try some other time.
  • If paper pulled from other side and didn’t come back. Wait! Apologize politely and thank spirit for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not ask for answers if the paper is not coming back, Never ever!)
  • If paper came back with something written like Go away, why are you troubling me or leave me alone. Just apologize politely and say thankyou for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not open the door immediately after that, try to open it after some natural daylight only)
  • Now after the second question. Proceed to the third question itself. (Even if you’re getting good answers you should never go for more than this, Remember third is last)
  • Write third and last question on the piece of paper with pen and keep that pen on paper and slide it to another side of the door.
  • Now, wait!
  • If paper remained there itself. That means that didn’t work. Do not take it further. Extinguish the candle and try some other time.
  • If paper pulled from other side and didn’t come back. Wait! Apologize politely and thank spirit for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not ask for answers if the paper is not coming back, Never ever!)
  • If paper came back with something written like Go away, why are you troubling me or leave me alone. Just apologize politely and say thank you for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not open the door immediately after that, try to open it after some natural daylight only)
  • If the paper slides back to you, just read the response.
  • Remember Apology should be loud always.

And now, the last but most important part. Whether you got any answer or not, never leave this part of the game incomplete. This is about time to say bye!

Thank the spirit for its time and apologize if in any way you troubled them. Extinguish the candle and just sleep. Do not open the door before sunlight.



  • Do not ask more than three questions (Even if there are multiple players)
  • You can ask anything but be respectful. (Don’t raise your tone)
  • There should be just candle light during the game and no other source of light.
  • Do not open the door till sunlight.
  • If something happens, Start apologizing respectfully and try to give farewell by saying Thanks and all. (That can help)
  • Try to play it with one person at least (Playing alone can be scary )

Is it Really Scary or Dangerous to Play Ghost Paper Challenge?

All depends upon the ghost you’re attracting. Try to keep yourself positive so that you can attract less negative spirit. Other than that, think before your play and if you start playing, do not leave the game abruptly in between!

Though this game can help you get some good answers from spirits itself but for that you need to be patient and play the game with the correct technique.

Hope this article helps you to understand this super excited “The ghost word challenge”.

Also, enjoy some videos of ghost paper challenge;

Have a safe play!

Baby Blue Game: How to Play? Is it Safe?

Have you heard of the Baby Blue Game? It’s not your typical game night with friends – this one involves ghosts.

Yeah, you heard me right, ghosts. And let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. But if you’re feeling brave and want to connect with the supernatural, then buckle up for one spooky ride.

The right technique is key to playing this game, and lucky for you, we’ve got the inside scoop.

What Is Baby Blue Game?

One of the most dangerous games I’ve ever heard of is “Baby blue game” or “Blue Baby Game”. Dangerous and spooky at the same time. But if you have a keen interest in spirits and feeling their presence, this one is for you! And we are here to tell about the right technique to play this game. So Let’s get started!


Blue baby game

But before starting the game or challenge, I want to know have you ever heard of bloody mary? There’s one game to call bloody mary in front too. Basically, this is being said that blue baby is the baby of bloody mary only. So, More than a game it’s a challenge. As you start doing it, there are chances that you’ll see a woman screaming in your mirror. And you have to escape before that, so more than a game this is about accepting a challenge and completing th at. Are you ready?

The game or challenge changes if a number of players change. Like it’s different if you’re playing alone or with someone else.

Baby blue challenge

How to Play Baby Blue Game?

So, the game is quiet easy. Though more than a game this is just a challenge that if you can complete it or not. And the requirements are also something you can get in your own house. There are two ways to play this game though as i’ve told you before. Let’s just start with One player technique.

One Player Technique

1. Requirements

  • Bathroom

Must have 3 things in it :

  • Toilet with flush
  • A mirror
  • A door that locks

Let’s begin!

2. Instructions :

  • Best time to begin can be 2:45 am or 3 am.
  • Turn off the lights of your room as well as the bathroom. It should be dark everywhere.
  • Enter the bathroom.
  • Lock the door from inside.
  • Look in the mirror.
  • Position your arms as if you’re carrying a baby in your hands.
  • And move them in back and forth motion.
  • Chant the phrase “Blue baby, Blue baby”
  • Chant this total 13 times.
  • During step 8, you may feel your arms getting heavy. Keep all your concentration to your hands.
  • It keeps getting heavier, so keep all your senses there only.
  • After a few seconds, you may feel scratching in your hands and that’s the exact time to stop.
  • Drop the Weight you’re feeling in the toilet and flush that.
  • Unlock, Come outside the bathroom and close the door.
  • If you’re out of the bathroom, You won! Wohooo!

3. But wait!

What’s the losing condition?

Failure may result in one of the two conditions. Either you’ll see a woman screaming in a mirror to get her baby back or else scratching of your hands will get unbearable. And In any of the situations, you lose! And you should run as fast as you can!

Two Players Technique

1. Requirements :

  • Bathroom

Must have 3 things in it :

  • Toilet with flush
  • A mirror.
  • A door that locks.

Let’s Begin!

2. Instructions :

  • Best night to begin can be 2:45 am or 3 am.
  • Turn off the lights of your room as well as the bathroom.
  • Enter the bathroom.
  • Lock the door from inside.
  • Fog up the mirror completely.
  • By using your finger, write on the fogged mirror “Baby blue”
  • After this, in the same way position your arms in a way that you’re holding a baby in your hands.
  • Do your hands back and forth.
  • After some seconds, you may start feeling something heavy on your arms.
  • Pass the weight to next person carefully, try not to drop the weight.
  • If you drop, you’ll get a scratch.
  • Then the next person after holding some time will feel something heavy and can pass again to the next person. if you do not drop, you can go further. Otherwise, you’ll get a scratch. Pick the weight and start back and forth movement of your arms.
  • One last chance. Pass the weight to the next person and you may continue this passing as much as you want.
  • But to end the game, you should erase the words from the mirror while holding the weight in your hands.
  • Soon you’ll feel weight getting lighter.
  • When the weight is gone completely, unlock and come out of the bathroom.
  • As you’re out of the bathroom, Congrats! You’ve won! 

3. What can be the losing condition now?

If you drop the weight of your hand more than twice, it’ll be a losing condition. In that situation, the mirror may get shattered completely. To save yourself, Just run out of the bathroom!

4. How can you create some fog?

You can either do that by your breath or else just on the hot shower before entering the washroom, that’ll work.

Baby blue game

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Is It Safe to Play Blue Baby Game?

Though the game seems fun. It’s better to do it with someone else and not alone. And do it if you think yourself as a really brave one to start and end it properly. People with weak heart are recommended to not try the game in first place. As it can increase your anxiety. Though there were no mishappening recorded as such. But as we say, it’s better to prevent than to cure!

Still, If you’re playing, be safe and have fun!

Daruma San: How to Play The Bath Game [Full Steps]

There are many games in which you play with ghost or spirit or you play to call them near you to get some answers and sometimes just for fun. Though they’re fun but at the same time dangerous too. People usually like to play such a game with their friends at night stay or so. They’re not safe of course but there’s no record of any mishappening.

Today we’re going to share one of those games i.e Daruma San and its technique with you. Read every step and instruction carefully and then decide wisely if you really want to play it!

What Is Daruma San?

Daruma San also is known as Bath game based on Japanese children’s game called Darumasan ga Koronda. One of the spookiest games played by many people for fun. The trick is simple, Daruma san will try her best to catch you but you should never let that happen. I repeat NEVER!

Daruma means “Good luck” but for this game, don’t go on the meaning. She is for sure not going to get good luck with you, She’ll be there just to catch you!

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How Many Players are  Needed to Play Bath Game?

Well, usually it’s only one player in this game.

Yes, this is one of the rare spirit games in which there should only be one player, which can be more spooky right? So yes, think before you start playing.

The Things Needed? (Requirements)

And again, this game is one of those rarest game in which there’s no need for many things. For this, you just need a Bathroom with a bathtub in it. Now, remember, Bathtub is very important, don’t try to compensate it with a shower. That doesn’t work.

How To Play Daruma San?

So, basically, this game has 3 phases.

Pre, Main and Post event. Every phase has some steps to follow which will take you towards the next step and end. Let’s see each phase one by one.

Pre Main Event

So this phase begins as well as ends at midnight only. Read all the steps properly before starting. Here it goes :

  • Begin at night, just before you sleep.
  • Remove your clothes.
  • Enter the bathroom.
  • Fill the bathtub with water and turn off the lights.
  • Climb and sit down into bathtub facing the taps.
  • Close your eyes and start washing your hair. Close your eyes, you read that right?
  • As you start washing your hair, start saying this phrase “Daruma-San fall down, Daruma-San fall down”
  • Do not stop repeating the phrase till you’re done with your hair wash and do not open your eyes.
  • Now, if you’re doing it properly you’ll get a mental image of Japanese woman standing in bathtub then she’ll fall badly and her face will be on tap with her right eye popping out.
  • There are chances that you may hear some voices or feel something in your tub itself, Do not turn back and do not open your eyes.
  • Now, Ask the question “Why did you fall into the bathtub?”
  • Leave that question there only. Keeping your eyes close stand carefully and step out of that bathtub.
  • Come out of that bathroom and close the door.
  • Open your eyes now, Do not turn on any lights and without thinking anything just go to sleep.
  • The first phase ends here!

Main Event

  • Wake up at your own usual time and the game starts again.
  • Start and go with a day like every day. You’ll constantly feel someone following you but when you’ll see back, there’ll be nothing. Though if you see on your right side, you’ll get her glimpse few times (She’ll be having black tangles hair and only one eye)
  • She may try to come really close to you sometimes. Whenever that happened, that she’s too close to handle. Just shout “TOMARE” Means “Stop” and run away fast. It’s important to maintain some distance between you and her. Don’t let her catch you.
  • While you’re in this phase, you should be little more conscious and focused. Keep your side eye on her always.

Post Main Event 

  • Do this before midnight.
  • Stare and as you get her glimpse shout “Kitta” i.e “I cut you loose” While swinging your arm in downward position as if you’re cutting something by your own hand. (Take your hand as a chopper)
  • If you’re successful in this part, She’ll leave and you’ll feel relax.
  • And if not, Run away fast!

Some Important Points To Remember

  • She is very fond of Dark places and also places with water. So that day avoids going to such places to prevent the mishappening. Try to be a little more attentive.
  • Don’t be much alone for that day
  • “Tomare” sound should not be used again and again as after some attempts it’ll stop working, So use it when you feel it’s the only option left with you.
  • You should always end this game before midnight otherwise she may catch you.
  • If you fail to end this game, she may come into your dream and scare you.
  • The ending is not that easy though, she’ll hide if she gets to know that you’re going to end the game. You should see her while saying the word “Kitta”

Bath Game Real Life Experiences and Videos

Before you try out this game, have a look at some of the videos that people shot while playing this game. Most of the videos done by Youtubers are fake but it is still a good watch.

So, what are your thoughts?

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Is Daruma San Safe To Play?

To be very clear, this kind of games do not come with any guarantee. Sometimes it may work sometimes don’t. All depends upon the player and the right techniques. Though the risk factor is always high in such games as they are very uncertain. Anything can go wrong at any time. If you want our advice, it would be better if you avoid playing this game.

So as you’ve read it completely, decide if you want to risk it or not. Because the consequences are completely unknown. Give it a thought. Don’t run into some hurry process. Enthusiasm can actually go wrong sometimes!

Have a safe play!

One Man Hide and Seek aka Hitori Kakurenbo [Don’t Play]

Remembering your childhood, answer just one question. Have you ever played hide and seek? If your answer is yes, you must be knowing that this game is one of those games in which you can’t play alone. And that’s contrary to our heading, One man hide and seek (or Hitori Kakurenbo). Because in this game you won’t be having any of your friends with you but a ghost.

Yes, a ghost! Seems funny or dangerous?

What is One Man Hide and Seek Game?

First of all, this game is known as Hitori Kakurenbo which literally means One Man Hide and Seek. The game is same, it’s just you’ll be playing this time with one ghost. You’ll invite them by yourself and also give them farewell. Without wasting any more time, Let’s get into it and see the right technique to play this spooky game.

Requirements to Play this Ritual/Game

You will some items to play this game. Make sure to have them all as it really important to use the exact same items listed below;

  • A stuffed doll with limbs (Limbs are necessary)
  • Pair of nail cutters
  • A needle
  • A red thread
  • A knife
  • A bathroom (Should have a bathtub in it)
  • A glass of salt water
  • A television
  • A hiding place
  • One sack of uncooked rice
  • Some cleaning agent


You have to be alone for the game!

How to Play One Man Hide and Seek Game?

Now, unlike other games, Hitori Kakurenbo is divided into 3 parts. Pre, Main, and Post.

1. Pre-game

Here are the steps you need to follow before playing this game.

  • Using a knife, cut the doll from the midpoint.
  • There must be stuffing of cotton inside, remove that.
  • Stuff that with uncooked rice you have and cut your piece of nail and keep that into it with rice.
  • You have a needle and red thread too, remember?
  • Using that, stitch the doll to keep that uncooked rice intact, after stitching properly, do not cut the remaining thread.
  • Roll the remaining thread around doll only and then tie both the ends.
  • Fill water in the bathtub.
  • Time to search for a place to hide. (Just search don’t hide yet)
  • Now as you have a place, clean that with any cleaning agent.
  • Once purification is done, set the television in that room only.
  • Place the knife and a cup or glass of salt water in the area you’re going to hide.
  • Time to name the doll. (Don’t keep your name)

2. Main game


  • As other ghost games, this game too starts at 3 am.
  • You have to repeat a phrase 3 times “ (Your name) is first” (Fill your name there)
  • Go to the bathroom and submerge the doll in the bathtub.
  • Turn off all the lights, not only of the bathroom but the whole house.
  • Turn on the television and go to your hiding place.
  • Close your eyes and count to ten.
  • After you finish counting. Hold your knife in hand and go to the bathroom.
  • Remove the doll from the tub and say the following phrase: I have found you (Doll’s name), by using your knife cut the red thread binding the doll.
  • And say the following phrase to doll “You are next (Doll’s name)” and again submerge the doll in the bathtub.
  • Go back to your hiding place. Remain silent.
  • Now fill your mouth with that salt water in the cup, do not swallow that. And keep the cup with remaining water in your hand.
  • Start looking for the doll. (The doll may not be there in the bathtub now)
  • When you find the doll, pour the remaining water you have on that doll. Throw the water of your mouth on that doll too.
  • Say this phrase 3 times to the doll “I win.”

Scary as hell!!!

3. Post-main game

  • Now the last but most important part, after completing the game, allow the doll to dry, burn it and discard it properly! Game over!

Now the game is over.

Important Rules to Follow

Read these rules carefully as it can be dangerous otherwise.

  • The Rice you put in the doll is considered as organs of the doll.
  • The Red thread represents the blood vessels and when you snipped the thread, you release the spirit you attracted in it at the first place.
  • While naming the doll, do not name it by your name or someone you know.
  • Do not turn the lights on in middle.
  • Do not lock the doors.
  • Do not shout, keep silent.
  • Do not leave your house.
  • Do not ever leave your hiding space without salt water in your mouth and hand (That is in a way protecting you)
  • Television is only there to make you feel when there is some new energy in the room, do not turn off the TV in between and also do not shout while seeing changes in television.
  • This game is a little dangerous of course, so try not to stretch it for more than 2 hours.
  • Before starting the game, think about it carefully and only start if you’re ready, because leaving this game in between can lead to some unknown consequences.

Real Life Experiences of One Man Hide and Seek Game

Before you start playing, here is a compilation of some really horror experiences of people who played Hitori Kakurenbo game.

Note that the following experiences are what people shared on the internet. We cannot be sure of what is true and what is false, all I can say is, some of them sounds real.

Another user on Reddit reports her experience with the game here. She had faced a lot of problems after playing the game. What’s more freaking is that the user posted an update to the experience which she claims that she didn’t post. Here is a part of her experience;

Isn’t this scary as hell.

And finally, here’s a video of a Youtuber who tried to play this game.

Well, yes the video can be staged as we know how well Youtubers are posting fake stuff to gain attention. They should rather look for unique Video Ideas that actually help them grow.

Is it Really Safe to Play Hitori Kakurenbo?

You know the game, rules and also all the important points. So sit and think if you really want to play the game?

As it can be very scary and dangerous too. Like we don’t know how spooky it can be right? Especially if you’re someone who is easily scared by small things, this can be huge for you!

If you have some heart problem, you should also to avoid the game as it can increase your anxiety. So overall, play if you want to but taking all the aspects in your mind seriously.

Play safe and have fun!

Real-Life Experiences of Hitori Kakurenbo

Before you start playing Hitori Kakurenbo it’s important to consider the experiences of those who have played the game before.

While these experiences are shared online and may not be entirely true they still provide a glimpse into the potential dangers of the game.

One Reddit user reported encountering strange phenomena after playing including hearing footsteps seeing objects move on their own and even being physically harmed.

Another user shared a chilling experience of their host sister getting injured and losing vision in one eye after playing the game.

These stories serve as a reminder that Hitori Kakurenbo is not a game to be taken lightly and that the potential consequences can be severe.

It’s advisable to think carefully before embarking on this dangerous ritual and to prioritize your safety above all else.