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Baby Blue Game: How to Play? Is it Safe?

Baby Blue Game: How to Play? Is it Safe?

Have you heard of the Baby Blue Game? It’s not your typical game night with friends – this one involves ghosts.

Yeah, you heard me right, ghosts. And let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. But if you’re feeling brave and want to connect with the supernatural, then buckle up for one spooky ride.

The right technique is key to playing this game, and lucky for you, we’ve got the inside scoop.

What Is Baby Blue Game?

One of the most dangerous games I’ve ever heard of is “Baby blue game” or “Blue Baby Game”. Dangerous and spooky at the same time. But if you have a keen interest in spirits and feeling their presence, this one is for you! And we are here to tell about the right technique to play this game. So Let’s get started!


Blue baby game

But before starting the game or challenge, I want to know have you ever heard of bloody mary? There’s one game to call bloody mary in front too. Basically, this is being said that blue baby is the baby of bloody mary only. So, More than a game it’s a challenge. As you start doing it, there are chances that you’ll see a woman screaming in your mirror. And you have to escape before that, so more than a game this is about accepting a challenge and completing th at. Are you ready?

The game or challenge changes if a number of players change. Like it’s different if you’re playing alone or with someone else.

Baby blue challenge

How to Play Baby Blue Game?

So, the game is quiet easy. Though more than a game this is just a challenge that if you can complete it or not. And the requirements are also something you can get in your own house. There are two ways to play this game though as i’ve told you before. Let’s just start with One player technique.

One Player Technique

1. Requirements

  • Bathroom

Must have 3 things in it :

  • Toilet with flush
  • A mirror
  • A door that locks

Let’s begin!

2. Instructions :

  • Best time to begin can be 2:45 am or 3 am.
  • Turn off the lights of your room as well as the bathroom. It should be dark everywhere.
  • Enter the bathroom.
  • Lock the door from inside.
  • Look in the mirror.
  • Position your arms as if you’re carrying a baby in your hands.
  • And move them in back and forth motion.
  • Chant the phrase “Blue baby, Blue baby”
  • Chant this total 13 times.
  • During step 8, you may feel your arms getting heavy. Keep all your concentration to your hands.
  • It keeps getting heavier, so keep all your senses there only.
  • After a few seconds, you may feel scratching in your hands and that’s the exact time to stop.
  • Drop the Weight you’re feeling in the toilet and flush that.
  • Unlock, Come outside the bathroom and close the door.
  • If you’re out of the bathroom, You won! Wohooo!

3. But wait!

What’s the losing condition?

Failure may result in one of the two conditions. Either you’ll see a woman screaming in a mirror to get her baby back or else scratching of your hands will get unbearable. And In any of the situations, you lose! And you should run as fast as you can!

Two Players Technique

1. Requirements :

  • Bathroom

Must have 3 things in it :

  • Toilet with flush
  • A mirror.
  • A door that locks.

Let’s Begin!

2. Instructions :

  • Best night to begin can be 2:45 am or 3 am.
  • Turn off the lights of your room as well as the bathroom.
  • Enter the bathroom.
  • Lock the door from inside.
  • Fog up the mirror completely.
  • By using your finger, write on the fogged mirror “Baby blue”
  • After this, in the same way position your arms in a way that you’re holding a baby in your hands.
  • Do your hands back and forth.
  • After some seconds, you may start feeling something heavy on your arms.
  • Pass the weight to next person carefully, try not to drop the weight.
  • If you drop, you’ll get a scratch.
  • Then the next person after holding some time will feel something heavy and can pass again to the next person. if you do not drop, you can go further. Otherwise, you’ll get a scratch. Pick the weight and start back and forth movement of your arms.
  • One last chance. Pass the weight to the next person and you may continue this passing as much as you want.
  • But to end the game, you should erase the words from the mirror while holding the weight in your hands.
  • Soon you’ll feel weight getting lighter.
  • When the weight is gone completely, unlock and come out of the bathroom.
  • As you’re out of the bathroom, Congrats! You’ve won! 

3. What can be the losing condition now?

If you drop the weight of your hand more than twice, it’ll be a losing condition. In that situation, the mirror may get shattered completely. To save yourself, Just run out of the bathroom!

4. How can you create some fog?

You can either do that by your breath or else just on the hot shower before entering the washroom, that’ll work.

Baby blue game

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Is It Safe to Play Blue Baby Game?

Though the game seems fun. It’s better to do it with someone else and not alone. And do it if you think yourself as a really brave one to start and end it properly. People with weak heart are recommended to not try the game in first place. As it can increase your anxiety. Though there were no mishappening recorded as such. But as we say, it’s better to prevent than to cure!

Still, If you’re playing, be safe and have fun!

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