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Apps Like AddChat

If AddChat just isn’t doing it for you anymore, then you don’t have to stick with it. There are loads of other apps that can help you make friends online.

Here are the top options to get you chatting with strangers right away:


If you are looking for a fun and simple way to make new friends, then this is the app to use! Once you have signed in, you get to choose which gender you want to talk to. This is a great option for women, in particular, as you get to control who you meet.

Once you are matched with someone, a timer starts and you can talk for that duration of time. If you want, you can add more time to that conversation or simply move on to the next one. It is as easy as that and a lot of fun to use!

Swiping: Make Friends

You are probably used to swiping through profiles on dating apps – well, Swiping takes this technique and uses it to help you find friends. The great thing about this app is that you get to narrow down profiles according to country. So, you can find locals or people in other countries.

You can filter through gender, age, etc. This way, it is a lot easier to find like-minded people or those in the same demographic as you. The matchup process is pretty simple. If you both Like each other then it is a match and you can start messaging each other.


The cool thing about Chatspin is that although you can technically chat with anyone, you also get some say in who you are faced with. For one thing, you can choose your preferred gender or choose everyone if you don’t mind. At the same time, you get to select your desired location.

If you aren’t really feeling the person that you are paired with, then go ahead and skip them. You can continue to do this until you meet the right individual. To make your chats a bit more fun, there are lots of filters and effects that you can use to spice things up.


MeetMe offers a different way of meeting new people. You can choose to watch people’s live streams and set up your own. This is a great way to build a following or a community while also getting a glimpse into other people’s lives.

At the same time, you have the option of scrolling through profiles and seeing who might fit your likes, hobbies, etc., and interacting with them. MeetMe has a pretty big audience and this gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. You can also discover people who live close to you and actually meet up in real life!


It doesn’t matter if you want to meet people close by to you or halfway around the world – ShowMe can help you to make friends anywhere. If you are a bit more discerning about who you want to meet, though, then you can choose the location, gender, and age of the people that you would like to match with.

Of course, video chatting with strangers can be a bit daunting. If you want to maintain some privacy, then you can blur the frame. Or, you can choose to text via chat until you are comfortable enough to move to a more intimate method of chatting. In any case, it is all down to what you feel best about.


If you want to go all in with meeting new people, then this is the app to do it with. You can match with people via video chat and get the ball rolling from there. Now, who you match with doesn’t have to be a complete surprise. You do have the option of choosing the gender and you can also decide if you only want to see people from certain regions.

Want to make your video chat a little bit more interesting? Then choose from various filters and effects and help get the conversation started. With lots of people to select from, the options are endless.


These are all the chats just like AddChat that should be downloaded on your phone. These will help you meet people from all around the world – your next friend could be a swipe away!

Apps for Waiting in Line

It is estimated that throughout your entire life you can spend months waiting in line! If this sounds like a waste of time to you, then you should get an app that makes this a more streamlined process.

Here is a list of the apps that can take the pressure and frustration out of waiting in line:


With Spotblaze, you are able to directly engage a line sitter. This is someone who will wait in line instead of you. When it is time for you to replace them in the line, you will be notified. One of the great things about Spotblaze is that you can make several appointments at various locations and have people sit in for you. Then, you can complete these tasks as the line opens up to you.

The Spotblaze app is very easy to use. You can keep track of all of your spots at the same time. You also have access to your line sitters contact details, and location. You will also be able to monitor their movement through the line, giving you plenty of time to show up right when you need to.

You also get to approve the line sitter. Only if they meet your approval will the action be initiated. Payment can also be conducted over the app, ensuring that the entire process can take place quickly and smoothly.


InLine4You is another direct service app. All you have to do is find a line sitter (known as a spotter on the app) and then you discuss the price. The price is typically dependent on how long you expect the sitter or spotter to wait in line. Once you decide on a price, the sitter will take your spot.

One of the perks of using InLine4You is that it is a pretty well known and reputable service. Thus, you can use it to have someone stand in line for you for many important occasions. This includes job interviews, casting calls, etc.

You can also get creative with how you use the InLine4You app. People have been known to book spotters for Black Friday, concerts with General Admissions tickets, etc. The options are endless!


Skiplino has a different take on helping you wait in line. This app works with service providers. As a result, you are able to make a booking ahead of time. Then, the app technically holds your spot for you.

You are provided with access for the average wait time for that particular line, you can also see how the virtual line is progressing so that you know precisely when to show up. Do you need a bit more time? Well, you can contact the service provider directly and ask them for it! Your place in the queue will be adjusted accordingly.

The Skiplino app is a great option for frequent travelers to use. This is because the app will automatically update itself and re-orient to suit your new location. This makes it ideal for both business trips as well as vacations. The services are also available in multiple languages, making it a breeze for virtually anyone to use.

Wait in Line

Like many people, you may not want to spend money on a line sitter. If so, Wait in Line may be the more appropriate app for you. Here, the app taps into the business or center that you are currently at. Using the data available to it, the app calculates how long the waiting time will be.

This lets you know if you should stick around or come back at another time when the waiting time will be shorter. The app uses crowd sourced information based on the location and time of day to give you fairly accurate results.


QLess works in tandem with all kinds of services, centers, and businesses. As a result, you are able to coordinate with the businesses to virtually stand in line. You will be able to monitor your position and the rate at which you are moving closer to the front of the line.

If you need more time because you are too far away, then you can request a later time. One of the great things about QLess is that the app works with thousands of businesses across the country. This includes DMVs, government offices, stores, hospitals, and a whole lot more.

Thus, it offers you a great way to organize your day and life so that you spend almost no time of it waiting in line!


The QueueS app is a bit of a jack of all trades app. To begin with, when you enable your location and access the app, you are shown the top 20 options around you. This allows you to organize your tasks and errands so that they can be completed more efficiently.

You can find anything from banks and supermarkets to restaurants and hospitals on the app. As such, you can discover the overall waiting time of any of the spots included on the map. To take things up a notch, the app will inform you which branch of those businesses has the lowest waiting time as well.


TaskRabbit has a special category just to have someone wait in line for you! All you have to do is to let the line sitter know where you want them to stand in line and how long the process may take. Based off of this, you can set a price. The sitter can negotiate with a higher or lower offer. You can also search for other sitters until you find the right one.

As you will be estimating how long you will need to wait in line for, you may have to pay for other charges that the sitter may incur during the process. The upside is that TaskRabbit vets all of the people using their app so there is a higher guarantee of finding a good sitter for important events.


Each of these apps has their own benefits and uses. All you have to do is to determine which one is right for you and you can start saving time right away!

How Tall is Jack Skellington?

How Tall is Jack Skellington

There is no denying that Jack Skellington has the sort of physical appearance that catches one’s eye. In particular, you will notice that this character is very tall… but how tall is he?

Here, you will learn all that you need to know about estimating Jack Skellington’s height:

What is Jack Skellington’s Height?

It is assumed that Jack Skellington is between 6 feet and 8.5 feet tall – the movie never mentions the exact height of the character but instead it has to be estimated based on his height compared to the other characters and structures in the movie.

Where Does the Theory of Jack Skellington’s Height Come From?

As mentioned, Skellington’s height is never mentioned in the movie. It also doesn’t come up in any trivia related to the movie or the character. Instead, it is simply known that Jack is very tall.

All of the theories about Jack’s height are fan estimates. People postulate his height based on various factors. Some estimate that his rangy physique as well as the fact that he is taller than most people and some structures in the movie that he must be over eight feet tall.

Then, there are others who counteract that Jack simply appears to be so tall as he is simply drawn that way. Rather, he is a lot closer to a tall human.

The Case for Human Height

Despite his very long physique, it is possible that Jack Skellington is closer to the height of the average tall human. Thus, it may well be that is less than seven feet tall.

The reasoning behind this theory is that Jack mentions that he used to be human once. As such, it stands to reason that his height was that of a regular person, if not on the tall side. By this logic, he will be closer to a more normal height in death as well.

That being said, there were supernatural forces at work in creating Jack as he is now. Due to this, it is equally as possible that Jack’s height was extended quite a bit during the process.

Which Theory is Closer to the Truth?

Well, this is difficult to say as you are dealing with an animated character. You also have to appreciate that Jack is featured against an animated background so the houses, trees, lampposts, etc. are far from being designed to size.

When Skellington is standing close to other tall structures such as doorways and lampposts, you can see that he is quite tall but perhaps not unnaturally so. Due to this, it may be accurate to estimate that his height is closer to that of a human’s.

Jack Skellington and the Life Size Doll

To make matters even more confusing, a toy company released a “life sized” Jack Skellington doll. He measured at around six and a half feet. So, is this Jack Skellington’s “real” height?

Well, this is possible. For one thing, the life sized Sally doll that is also available is around five feet and ten inches. If you were to take a look at the movie, you would assume that the height difference is quite possible.

Of course, considering that this is supposed to be a toy or house décor, one would assume that the creators have taken some liberties with the true dimensions of Jack and his wife. After all, few people would want a seven foot tall or even taller animatronic object in their house.

Does Jack Skellington Have a Real Height?

This is the clincher – it is quite possible that the creators of Jack Skellington never actually came up with a height for him. They probably had a physical description of what he should look like, but it is likely that his height in feet and inches was never discussed.

Still, they would require some frame of reference when drawing Jack Skellington. The animators would have to know how tall to draw him in relation to other characters or structures. In this case, it is possible that theymay be following a set of dimensions for him.

Is It Possible to Calculate the Height of Jack Skellington?

Well, if you were so inclined to spend the time and effort, then you may be able to estimate the average height of Jack Skellington.

To do this, you would need to measure the height of Jack, as well as other structures such as houses and lampposts. You will then need to determine the ratio of these heights, based on the dimensions of your laptop or TV screen.

Once you do this, you will then need to do some research on the average height of houses, lampposts, etc. This will allow you to determine the ratio between the cartoon structures and real world ones. This can then be applied to Jack and his dimensions.

You should bear in mind that even with all this hard work that you may still not be able to determine precisely how tall Jack Skellington is. As with any cartoon, the animators may have taken liberties with how tall the houses and other structures are.

Still, all of this effort may bring you one step closer to figuring out how tall Jack Skellington really is. Considering all the theories out there, this may be quite the achievement!

What is the Height of Jack Skellington?

There is no official statement about how tall Jack Skellington is but he is presumed to be between 6 and 8.5 feet tall – many of these estimates are based on fan theories and assumptions as well as merchandise released by the animation company.

Can You Buy Alcohol on Your 21st Birthday?

Can You Buy Alcohol on Your 21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is getting closer and you would love to buy a legal drink – however, is it possible for you to do this on your birthday? Or, do you have to wait a few days before the law is on your side?

Here, you can discover the answers to your burning question and more!

Is It Legal for You to Buy Alcohol on Your 21st Birthday?

As long as it is past midnight on the day of your birthday, you should be able to legally purchase alcohol –but it will depend on the liquor store or bar in question whether or not you will be served alcohol on that day.

What Does the Law Have to Say?

According to US law, the legal minimum drinking age is 21 years old. Therefore, as long as you can prove that you are legally 21, then you will be able to buy alcohol.

If you look at any form of identification that you own, will notice that only your day of birth, month, and year are included in the details. At a minute past midnight on the day and month of your birth, you are considered a whole year older.

Due to this, if you were to visit a liquor shop, bar, night club etc., at any point past midnight on your birthday, you would be considered 21 years old and thus, of legal drinking age.

Are There Exceptions to the Rule?

No, there should be no exceptions to this law. As long as your identification proves that you have technically turned 21, you should be able to purchase alcohol.

Keep in mind, the government can’t keep track of the exact time that you were born. This is why they instituted the law that only focuses on the day and month of your birth. As a result, you can’t get into trouble for buying alcohol on your 21st birthday, even if you just turned 21.

Can the Store or Bar Prevent You From Buying Alcohol?

This is where things can get a little complicated. Any store or bar can refuse you service and this includes preventing you from buying alcohol from their establishment. This is their right, even though you aren’t breaking the law.

The good news is that few bars or stores will refuse you as they all want to make a sale. Only a few places may be hesitant about serving you if they are unsure of the law. Of course, there are some establishment that may not allow you to buy alcohol if they suspect their ID is fake.

Can You Buy Alcohol One Day Before Your 21st Birthday?

It is only natural to wonder what difference a mere twenty four hours can make. After all, not much will have changed in this period of time. Despite this, you are not legally able to purchase alcohol in any state. You have to wait until you are legally 21 years old.

Considering how close you are to being of legal age, it may be tempting to lie and try to purchase alcohol this way. The first thing that you should consider is that most establishment will require to verify your age in the form of legal identification.

The other thing that you should know is that lying about your age to purchase alcohol is considered a crime. Due to this, if you are reported, you may incur punishment. The severity will depend on your age as well as which state you are currently in.

In some states, if you are in the presence of a parent or legal guardian – who is over the age of 21 – then you may be allowed to drink on the premises. Keep in mind that you will not be able to purchase the alcohol, simply consume it.

This law doesn’t apply to every state, however. Thus, you will need to check on this beforehand. You should also be aware that not every bar or establishment will allow this. As such, it is best to speak with every establishment individually.

Can You Buy Alcohol Before Midnight?

Legally, no you can’t buy alcohol before midnight. Technically, you would be breaking the law even if you tried to buy alcohol at 11.59 or even midnight.

Once again, though, you are at the mercy of the establishment that you are buying from. If the bar or store is understanding of your position or if you are preparing n hanging around after midnight to legitimize the sale, then they may let you buy alcohol.

If they do this, though, they are technically serving an underage individual. In case they are reported, they may face repercussions. You, too, may be on the hook for certain consequences.

How Can You Guarantee That You will Be Served on Your 21st Birthday?

If you want to celebrate your 21st birthday at a bar, restaurant, or night club and want to guarantee thatthere is no hassle, you may want to speak to the management ahead of time.

You may want to visit during the day and talk to a manager about your situation. This way, you will know where they stand on the issue and whether or not they will consider you legal a few minutes after midnight.

Take your ID and even a copy of it to give to the manager. This way, they can pass it onto the person who will be on duty later on that evening. If the proper people have been informed, then there is less likely to be an issue.

You should also make sure that everyone in your party is either 21 years or older. You may be refused service if anyone is underage, regardless of whether or not you are legal.

Can You Buy Alcohol on the Day of Your 21st Birthday?

Yes, you can buy alcohol on your 21st birthday as long as it past midnight – this will guarantee that you are legally 21 years old and this should be good enough for most bars and stores, although individual rules may apply.

Woman Was God’s Second Mistake

Woman Was God’s Second Mistake

You may be familiar with some of the philosopher, Nietzsche’s, quotes and his influence on modern philosophy. Many of his assertions were shocking at the time, and indeed, continue to be controversial to this day.

There are several perspectives as to what Nietzsche meant by stating that woman was god’s second mistake. It’s an interesting question which will be examined more closely below.

What Did Nietzsche Mean, “Woman Was God’s Second Mistake?”

As with many of Nietzsche’s writings, this statement can be interpreted multiple ways. Interpreting it fairly literally, this mostly shows that Nietzsche meant that: 1) God makes mistakes; 2) Creating Woman (and femininity) was high among those mistakes. Of course, he also wrote that creating man was God’s “greatest blunder.”

Was Nietzsche a Misogynist?

People who have studied Nietzsche’s writings point out that Nietzsche questioned everything, he was a provocateur, and he also frequently utilized irony and metaphors.

His writings generally display extreme misogyny, though not always. Furthermore, his use of irony and metaphors leads some to interpret these passages non-literally, and at the very least, make it difficult to discern his true intent.

Based on his writings overall, however, the common consensus is that Nietzsche did despise most feminine qualities, believing instead that the ideal human was an “uber-mensch,” someone who embodied the qualities that were, overall, even more masculine than any living man.

It follows that this hero “uber-mensch” was not only hyper-masculine, but the complete opposite (in Nietzsche’s view, apparently) of a woman.

Nietzsche’s Praise of Women

Nietzsche also wrote in Human, All Too Human, that “the perfect woman is a higher type of human than the perfect man, and also something much more rare.” This is both, seemingly, a compliment to some women while, at the same time, still a criticism of most women in general.

Nietzsche seems to be asserting here that if a woman were very perfect (by his definition) then that specific woman would be superior to even the most perfect man.

Of course, however, by adding in “also something much more rare” he seems to be claiming that, by far, most women are not, in his view, perfect and therefore most women are still inferior to men.

What Was God’s First Mistake?

To really understand what Nietzsche might have meant by “Woman was God’s Second Mistake,” it’s crucial to realize that he also wrote, “Man had himself become God’s greatest blunder.”

(This should not be conflated with man being the first mistake. God’s first mistake, in chronological order according to Nietzsche, appears to be God creating animals in a failed attempt to cure man’s boredom.)

The context in which he wrote these statements was his work titled The Antichrist. In this passage, he also writes of man, “God had created for himself a rival, science makes equal to God […] Science is the first sin, the germ of all sins, the original sin.”

It’s doubtful that Nietzsche himself genuinely believed science to be a sin, but was stating this in an ironic way perhaps to show the way in which he believed science was viewed by God and by people who accepted traditional thinking.
What Was the Context for “Woman Was God’s Second Mistake?”

Taking into account both his use of metaphors and irony, as well as his overall body of work, it’s interesting to consider the sentences that immediately follow Nietzsche’s claim that woman was God’s second mistake:

“’Woman is in her essence serpent, Heva’ – every priest knows that; ‘every evil comes into the world through woman’ – every priest knows that likewise. ‘Consequently, science too comes into the world through her’….Only through woman did man learn to taste the tree of knowledge. – What had happened? A mortal terror seized on the old God.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (The Antichrist)

As stated earlier, in this passage it is also explained that in Nietzsche’s view, God created animals in a failed attempt to alleviate man’s boredom, and that this was his first mistake.

Nietzsche continued to assert that God created woman in another attempt to alleviate man’s boredom. It succeeded in alleviating his boredom, however – apparently due to the evils described in the same passage – Nietzsche proclaimed that creating woman was God’s second mistake.

But was he being ironic here, as well? Was he perhaps again describing how he thought women were viewed by God and the establishment rather than how he viewed women? Or was he, in fact, actually communicating his own opinions?

Was Nietzsche Effeminate or Masculine?

Speaking of irony, despite his apparent extreme contempt for femininity, some who knew Nietzsche noted that he himself possessed a rather feminine nature. A female friend also described him as “tender” with women he knew in person.

Although in his writings he wrote disparagingly of women being often sick and weak, Nietzsche himself often suffered from poor health. Due to illness, in his 30s, he had to take a leave of absence from work and then resign his professorship.

He moved residences frequently in an effort to find a climate that might help him feel better, until one day, when he was only 45, he collapsed. After that, he was too weak and ill to take care of himself, and so he was instead taken care of by women – his mother and then after her passing, his sister.

It’s reasonable to speculate, when he criticized women’s weakness and sickness, and proclaimed that they were “God’s second mistake,” was he really describing a loathing of certain characteristics that he may have actually detested in himself?

Nietzsche’s Relationships with Women

The woman who described Nietzsche as feminine in person was Lou Andreas-Salomé. She wrote in her memoir that Nietzsche had proposed to her, but she declined his proposal. She was the one who noted that he had a feminine nature to him.

As mentioned earlier, despite the extreme contempt and disdain for women that Nietzsche expressed in many of his writings, he actually depended upon their care for much of his life.

His father died when he was very young, leaving him to be raised in a family of all females. He grew up in a household made up of his mother, his younger sister, their grandmother, and two aunts.

When he fell ill in mid-life, it was his mother who cared for him until her death. After that, his sister took care of him until he, himself, passed away.

As is the case for many famous individuals, rumors abound about his more personal activities, as well.

Interpreting Nietzsche’s “Woman Was God’s Second Mistake”

Nietzsche’s statement “woman was God’s second mistake,” can be interpreted in different and even conflicting ways. Literally, Nietzsche asserted that: 1) God makes mistakes; 2) Creating Woman, i.e. femininity, was one of the biggest mistakes. Interestingly, however, he also wrote that God’s “greatest blunder” was creating man.

Advice And Tips On How To Be A Good Landlord

Being a good landlord means more than just building healthy relationships with your tenants. It also has a lot of sites that can help you retain the occupants even with an increase in the rent. A good landlord has more positive implications than you think, their presence can bring out the best in a rental property. Many qualities can make you a good landlord without compromising the real aim of earning a profit. The responsibilities of a landlord include having open channels of communication with their tenants, maintaining records, and providing total property maintenance on time. That said, being a good landlord can tremendously increase your chances of realizing profit and success in your rental property business. Here are a few tips and advice on how to be a good landlord.

good landlord

Maintain Your Rental Property

As the landlord of the property, you must ensure regular maintenance and respond to the requests made by tenants for occasional repairs. You need to be thorough and quick in carrying out the maintenance work so that it doesn’t affect the habitability of your space or cause inconvenience to the tenants. You must ensure that the maintenance is not procrastinated for any reason. If you avoid the requests made by your tenants for maintenance work, the small problems can turn into big issues which can be difficult to handle later on. To be a good landlord, you must help out your tenants by regularly checking in on them. The tenants may overlook some issues that can potentially develop into bigger problems. By being proactive in the maintenance of your rental property, you can avoid most of the problems related to maintenance.

Maintain Professionalism

To be a good landlord, you must strike a balance between being a professional and being a friend to the tenants. However, you must be careful to not overindulge yourself with the occupants. A landlord must maintain professionalism, as this will allow the tenants to feel comfortable in approaching you while also ensuring that they abide by the rules. If you wish to stress less and earn more being a landlord, you can go URL finding, as carried out by rental experts, where you can get a free rental analysis. It is always a good habit to keep your tenants at an arm’s distance so that they don’t misjudge your friendliness as permission to act as they like. You need to be firm but fair to become a good landlord. You must loosen up a little from time to time but you should never compromise on the rules that you’ve set for the tenants.

Be Approachable

Being a landlord of rental property means that you need to be available whenever required. From the beginning of your lease, you must establish channels of communication with your tenants. The more available and approachable you are, the fewer conflicts you will face with your tenants. However, certain issues are bound to arise from time to time. If you are not available to take a call at any given moment, make it a habit to return the call, send a text, or email within two days. A good landlord will always respond to their tenant’s requests no matter how small the issue may be. In case a conflict can’t be solved immediately, it’s a good habit to inform and update your tenants with the progress.

good landlord 2

Learn to Predict Issues

Almost all good landlords can sense issues and potential problems early on. Usually, it is the small issues that lead to big conflict between the tenant and the landlord. For example, if your tenant is always late in paying the rent, it can indicate that you may face bigger issues with them in the future which may even lead to eviction. A good landlord makes sure to find the root of a budding problem and solve it before it turns into something problematic. To avoid long-term issues, you should not underestimate the severity of problems that may seem small at the moment. If you try to avoid a problem, eventually it will come up again to haunt you. It is best to solve the problems, no matter how big or small they are, as you spot them.

To sum it up, a good landlord is always ready to act on the issues faced by the tenants. They must ensure regular maintenance and upkeep of the property. In addition, the landlord must be available at all times and be approachable. With that said, a good landlord must also be an expert in spotting and resolving a potential problem for them to have a better rental property and relationship with their tenants.

12 Best Adult Dating Sites That Are Worth Your Time

dating sites

12 Best Adult Dating Sites That Are Worth Your Time

Dating can be a tricky field to navigate, especially since the start of this pandemic, because it’s changed so many things. More and more of us are turning to adult online dating to meet someone, whether it’s for friendship, a casual hook-up, or something more long-term. It seems the dating arena is suddenly moving with the times as it’s no longer seen as weird to meet a prospective partner online. 

We’re now able to bypass a lot of people with characteristics or personality traits we’re not attracted to, for those we think would be a good match for us. So how do you navigate through online dating? To begin with, you can read this article as we’ve sifted out 12 adult sites to include something for everyone. They won’t disappoint you and, if you’re seriously considering joining an adult dating site, you’ll find one worth investing your time in. 

1. OkCupid

Before you’re allowed to view other profiles to find a potential suitor, you have to answer 15 questions to access 22 genders and 23 orientations. Don’t let this put you off because this will form the basis of your matches. This is why we suggest you take your time and answer them truthfully because it’s ultimately your responses that will be what’s used to meet someone. Plus, you’ll only have to do this once, and then you’re free to browse OkCupid. 

There are loads of users on this dating site, meaning you’re bound to find a potential date. However, there are a lot of fake profiles on there, so you’ll need to be cautious in your approach when initiating contact and meeting people. Also, if you do want full access to the site, you’ll need to pay, but it’s still worth a look nonetheless.

2. Ashley Madison

For married people looking for a no-strings-attached hookup, this discreet dating service may be for you. As discovered by the dallasobserver, you’re able to find people in a variety of ways, including their zip code or neighborhood. 

With an app that doesn’t link to your social media and messages that disappear soon after being sent, Ashley Madison has a good reputation for protecting its members. But it has an even ratio of female and male members, meaning it may be harder to stand out from the crowd. Female visitors don’t have to pay, but male members do if they want to connect with a woman and get to know them through their profile. The good part about paying for using this app is that payment transactions are anonymous, meaning total privacy.

3. Blendr

With over 300 million members and catering for over a variety of different types of relationships, from casual hook-ups to something more long-term, you’ll be spoilt for choice finding a person to meet your needs. 

As with standard dating apps, you can access profile pictures, rate users’ pages, and send/receive messages here, but for more premium grade material, you’ll be expected to pay a fee. If you think answering 15 questions is a lot, you may also find this application process time-consuming, so think whether what Blendr can offer you is worth the time before completing this section properly and truthfully if you’re serious about finding someone.

4. Fetlife

For those of you that have certain kinks or fetishes, this online dating service may be the one for you. You’re able to meet like-minded people on an easy-to-navigate website. All you need to do is post a sex ad, detailing the kink you’re into and wait for someone to respond. 

With a huge customer base and selection of kinks to match, you’re able to sign up and message anyone in its community for free. However, there’s no free browsing, and you can only register by invite or phone number.

5. eHarmony

Perhaps one of the best dating sites to join, if you’re serious about finding someone to settle down with. eHarmony has a relationship questionnaire that took approximately 35 years to develop to help you achieve this goal. With a focus on personality matching, they will sift through their database to find compatible partners for you to consider, which get delivered straight to your inbox.

There is a monthly fee, but you can join for free. eHarmony will provide you with top-quality prospective relationship material to consider.

6. Grindr

Ideal for gay individuals, this dating site has over 6 million users, all looking for different things. It’s free to sign up and anonymous too, meaning there’s no need for having strings attached if that’s what you’d prefer, whilst also giving you the chance to find something a bit more long-term. Unfortunately, this may take a bit of time to find something lasting, although it’s not impossible – hard, but not impossible.

You’re able to see who’s viewed your profile, yet have the option of going incognito if you want to remain anonymous when checking out potential hook-ups. The Grindr app is used a lot in cities, with up to 90% of users looking for one-night stands and local meets.

7. AdultFriendFinder

One of the most liberal dating sites where anything goes, with a good reputation for hooking people up, AdultFriendFinder has a huge membership. Although It’s free to join via email, there are a lot of ads and it will be a bit more difficult to find a long-term relationship on here. But, like Fetlife, pretty much anything goes, meaning you’re likely to find someone who can meet your needs. 

You can also pay a fee to unlock more features by becoming a member. You’ll gain access to advanced searches, messaging and a lot more to help you find that special friend.

8. Feeld

With a totally inclusive community that doesn’t exclude, you’ll find someone on here that will satisfy you. You’re even able to create a couples account, as its goal is to connect like-minded people together. 

They value your privacy, allowing you to go incognito to check out other profiles, like Grindr. However, there are no real photos and there are restrictions on photo sharing too. But you can chat in groups, which is a great start to meeting others.

9. CougarLife

For those who like older women or those older women who like younger men, this dating site is for you. With over 7 million subscribers and more men than women who are all searching for the same thing, you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time. 

Registration is quick and easy to complete, although there are unfortunately a lot of fake profiles, perhaps for this very reason. Cougars are able to find partners for various types of relationships, whether a casual hook-up or something long-term. The best way to do this would be to pay to unlock extra features on the site itself, especially if you’re serious about finding someone as a cougar or cub.

10. Doingsomething

We’ve all dreaded that first date and this dating service aims to bypass this awkwardness. Focusing on the first date, you select a match based on what they suggest doing on it. This is a great way to break the ice and avoid silences as you get to know one another, and it costs approximately $15.

If you’re looking for someone that potentially has the same interests as you, this site may be a good one to try. With a quick and easy signup process, all you need to really think about is what you’d like to do on a first date and wait to see what like-minded people want to do the same.

11. Plenty of Fish

A free to join a dating site that’s considered a great one for people new to online dating. You begin by answering some questions, so the site can match you to those it feels you’re most compatible with. If you like what you use, you may want to pay the fee to unlock more of its features.

Like eHarmony, they’ve developed their own questionnaire to discover your levels of self-confidence, self-control, dependency, and family orientation, amongst other things. With only 40% of members being female, it can be difficult to find the ideal one to date. Fake profiles can also add to this, but it’s easy to find a local hook-up due to the number of users.

12. BeautifulPeople.com

This one may not be for everyone as it’s the most exclusive of the sites we’ve featured. You can only become a member of members of the opposite sex who consider you beautiful in 48 hours. As a result, this website claims to have no ugly members. If you decide to attend events and don’t match up to your profile picture, you’re as good as gone.

As surprising as this may sound, we all judge people on their looks and this site is just being upfront about it. By removing this aspect of finding a partner, you’re better able to focus on their personality. If you pay for a 6-month membership, you’ll also gain access to exclusive events not available to the average Joe or Josephine.

dating sites 2

These 12 adult dating sites are varied enough to get you going to find that special someone. Despite it being a fun time, which is what it should be, please also take the necessary safety precautions when meeting someone for the first few times. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment that you don’t think of protecting yourself in case something doesn’t go right. Follow your instincts and don’t feel pressured into rushing things or doing anything you’re not comfortable with. 

271+ Cute & Creative Bakery Names (The Largest List)

Best Bakery Names

Bakeries are the sweetest shops right? We can treat all our cravings there, but how do you convince people to stop by who have never been? With a cute bakery name obviously!

Yes, the name and ambiance of a place either convince us to check it out or not. So, if you plan on opening a bakery you should have a cute name to attract customers to your shop. Here’s our list of cute and creative bakery names

We know it’s really hard to think of a good name quickly. But don’t worry, we are here for your rescue. We’ve compiled a list of the sweetest and best bakery names. Go through the full article and use the names we’ve compiled as your own, or at least for inspiration. Let’s get started!

Creative Bakery Names

Cute Bakery Names
Cute Bakery Names
  • All Your Cake
  • Bake Off
  • Boardwalk Bakery
  • Cake Monkey Bakery
  • Cake O’Clock
  • Cakey Bakey
  • Cookie Crumble
  • Crummiest Cakes
  • Disco Danish
  • Euphorium Bakery
  • Flour Bakery & Cafe
  • Grandma’s Kitchen
  • Knead to Know Bread
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • New York Cupcakes
  • Pinecrest Bakery
  • Red Velvet Bakery
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Sweet Cheeks Baking Company
  • The Cake Corner
  • The Cooling Rack
  • The Good Stuff Cookie
  • The Sweet Spot
  • True Loaf Bakery

Cute Bakery Names

If your shop is famous for sweets it should have a sweet name too. We’ve put together the following list of the sweetest bakery names that we think would make for a perfect new bakery. If you want your new customers to like your bakery, better pick our the perfect name for it! Let’s dive in.

Cute Bakery Names
Cute Bakery Names
  • Bootstrap Bakery
  • Butternut Bakehouse
  • Cake and Spoon
  • Cake House
  • Cakes of Paradise
  • Cotton Cakery
  • Crumble & Flake
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies
  • Delectable Desires Pastries
  • Drive-By Pies
  • Flying Apron
  • Humble Pie Desserts
  • Make It Sweet
  • Me Myself & Pie
  • Mousse Boutique
  • Pie Bar
  • Pieous
  • Sugar Shaker Bakery
  • Sweet Tooth
  • ThoroughBread
  • Upper Crust Bakery
  • Breaking Bread
  • Piece of Cake
  • We Knead Dough
  • Cake Superior
  • Tiers of Joy
  • Just Cakes
  • Cakewalkers
  • Earth Quake Cakes
  • Coffee Break Cakes
  • United Cakes of America
  • The Cake Lair
  • All Your Cake
  • Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!
  • The Cake Bake
  • The Cake Whisperer
  • Cake a Diem
  • Nothing Batter Cakes
  • Cake Lake
  • The Great EsCake
  • Stairway to Leaven
  • Grateful Bread
  • The Rolling Scones
  • You Knead This Cake
  • Led Zeppoli
  • Absolutely Muffin
  • The Donut Hole
  • Knead to Know Bread
  • Take the Cake
  • Knead Bread?
  • The Bun Also Rises
  • Chief Bread Maker
  • Cake, Battle and Roll
  • Cake me up, before you go-go
  • Born and Bread in CITY NAME
  • Bread & Butter
  • Sweets
  • Confection Connection
  • Plentiful Pastries
  • Doughy Delights
  • Sweet Sensations
  • Snack Rack
  • Crummiest Cakes
  • In Your Face Cakes
  • Cake n Bake
  • The Vanilla Bean
  • Sprinkles
  • Sweetie Pies
  • Love + Flour
  • Crumbs
  • Better Batter Bakery
  • Fluffy Buns
  • Sticky Buns
  • Muffin Top
  • Wake & Bake
  • The Cakesmith
  • Stop and Smell the Flours
  • The Breadline
  • I bake it you take it
  • Monster Cookies
  • The Cookie Jar
  • The Bread Box
  • Cookie Monster
  • Sugar Momma
  • Sugar Daddy
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Fresh Bread and More
  • Warm Delight
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Sugary Treats
  • Heavenly Donuts
  • Lip-Smacking Cakes
  • Luscious Cakes and Pastries
  • Fruity Bread and Cakes
  • Sensational Goodies
  • Devilishly Sweet Bakery
  • -Sweet and Small- Sinful Temptations
  • Savory Things
  • Irresistibly Warm
  • For Goodness Cakes
  • We Sell F*cking Cakes
  • Torte Reform
  • Pretty Baked
  • Cake My Day
  • Sweet Cheeks Bakery
  • Buns of Steel
  • Do You Know the Muffin Man?
  • Top of the Muffin To Ya
  • Off The Wheaten Path
  • Gluten Free Gluttony
  • Forgot the Flour
  • No-Wheat Treats
  • Outside the Bread Box

Cool Bakery Names

Nowadays everything is cool – why not select a cool name for your bakery? After all, if you can convince kids to come to your bakery they will inevitably spend their parent’s money there. The name of your shop should be different with a flavor of coolness as this is what catches younger people’s attention. Here are some fresh ideas for a cool bakery name. Try them out!

Creative Bakery Names
Creative Bakery Names
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • The Wheatless Wonder
  • Waive the Grain
  • A Cupcake Queen
  • Bake Away
  • Bread & Butter
  • Cake Lounge
  • Cake n Bake
  • Colonial Bakery
  • Crumbs
  • Donut Bar
  • Amazin’ Glazin’
  • Bakeology
  • Bread & Salt Workshop
  • Cake My Day
  • Charlotte Bakery
  • Cookie Encounter
  • Cupcake Nation
  • Dolly Madison Bakery
  • Donut Panic
  • Evans Bake Shop
  • Granier Bakery
  • Jake’s Cakes
  • Kona Kakes
  • Manhattan Cupcakes
  • Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe
  • Pink Frosting Bakery
  • Rico Bakery
  • Sticky Buns
  • Sweet Indulgence
  • The Cake Fairy
  • The Crusty Croissant
  • The Great EsCake
  • The Twisted Churro
  • Valley Bakery
  • Finest Donuts
  • Goldstar Bakery
  • It’s a Piece a Cake
  • Just Cakes
  • Mad Batter
  • My Cupcake World
  • Piece of Cake
  • Sprinkles
  • Sunrise Bakery
  • Super Buffet
  • Sweetie Pies
  • The Baker’s Table
  • The Cake Bake
  • The Milk Bar
  • The Sweet Room
  • Warm Delights
  • Cakes and Creams
  • The Pastry Corner
  • Pies and Breads
  • Cupcakes on the Go
  • Breads and Bagels
  • Chocolaty Swirls
  • The Muffin House
  • The Thing with Cheesecakes
  • Chocolate Bonanza
  • Gooey Macaroons ‘n More
  • Assorted Pastries
  • The World of Caramel
  • Butterscotch Delights
  • The Brownie Club
  • The Apricot and Walnut Crunch
  • The Gingerbread Room
  • Flour Power
  • Wake and Bake
  • We Make Cake
  • Easy as Cake
  • A Bun in the Oven
  • Absolutely Muffin
  • Bake n’ Flake
  • Bread Lounge
  • Cake Lake
  • Cakewalkers
  • Confection Connection
  • Crispy’s Donuts
  • Diamond Bakery
  • Flavorish Bakery
  • Imperial Bakery
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • Knead Bread?
  • Muffin Top
  • Nothing Batter Cakes
  • Prime Baguette
  • Starry Lane Bakery
  • Sugarbloom Bakery
  • Sweet Sensations
  • The Baking Room
  • The Bun Also Rises
  • The Cookie Jar
  • The Mix-Up
  • Treat Confectionery
  • We Knead Dough
  • The Cookie Sheet
  • Fresh from the Oven
  • The Bread Bowl
  • Puffs on the Pan
  • The Cooling Rack
  • The Magic Blender
  • Steaming Mugs
  • Loaves on Pans
  • The Balloon Beater’s Corner
  • The Pastry Sheet
  • Cups and Cakes
  • The Elegant Spatula
  • Scones and Spoons
  • The Rolling Pin
  • The Hypnotic Cookie Cutter
  • Flour and Raisins
  • Artsy Tartsy
  • Bliss Bakery
  • Breaking Bread
  • Cake Superior
  • Cherry on Top
  • Crafted Baked Goods
  • Delicious Arts
  • Dudley’s Famous Bakery
  • Frost Goddess
  • House of Bread
  • La Central Bakery
  • Molly’s Cupcakes
  • Pastry Emporium
  • PURE Cupcakes
  • She Bee
  • Sugar Daddy
  • Take the Cake
  • The Cake Whisperer
  • The Dreamy Danish
  • The Gingerbread House
  • The Pie Chart
  • Todo Dulce
  • Zak the Baker


That’s it! We hope providing you with so many choices hasn’t confused you from choosing just one name. Bakeries are like medicine for the soul – the sugar rush is what we all need sometimes. But to make your bakery stand apart from all others in your area, you should have a unique name that people will remember and like. We hope that this list of best bakery names has helped you do just that!

Choosing a good name is very tough sometimes because too many people give you their opinions. The best way is to go by whatever your heart says. Whatever you feel is gonna be best for your bakery, go with that. Keep spreading sweetness and best of luck with your new bakery!


124 Names That Means Death [Complete List]

Sometimes life starts with a death. Nowadays, it’s in a trend to choose a name that means death, people believe that there’s nothing negative in that. It’s a mark to show that life can take place after a death, it’s a cycle after all. Now, this idea is very rare and the same goes for names, Names that mean death are also not easy to think.

So we are here to help you with that, we have collected some beautiful names and their meaning is death. So just go through the list and choose the best one for anyone you’re choosing for.’

Top Names that Mean Death or Destruction

Here are some of the most famous baby names that mean death. The list contains death meaning names for both boys and girls.

  1. Ambrogio
  2. Carmilla
  3. Dracula
  4. Lestat
  5. Lillith
  6. Reinhardt
  7. Selene
  8. Strahd
  9. Willow
  10. Anpu
  11. Jair
  12. Nemanja
  13. Thanatos
  14. Orion
  15. Markandeya
  16. Gordon
  17. Khaalida
  18. Khalida
  19. Kritanta
  20. Lawliet
  21. Libitina
  22. Loralai
  23. Loralie
  24. Lorelai
  25. Aghanashini
  26. Bacia
  27. Morana
  28. Iris
  29. Sage
  30. Rowan
  31. Forrest
  32. Rose
  33. Wind
  34. Rain
  35. Raven
  36. Wolf
  37. Mountain
  38. River
  39. Star
  40. Moon
  41. Sun
  42. Rainbow
  43. Aurora
  44. Topaz
  45. Emerald
  46. Ruby
  47. Opal
  48. Pan
  49. Singer
  50. Dancer
  51. Weaver
  52. Odin
  53. Lilith
  54. Ernest
  55. Ah Puch
  56. Om
  57. Lefu
  58. Nathan
  59. Edwin
  60. Oswin
  61. Menahem
  62. Anubis
  63. Hasan
  64. Stephen
  65. Merripen
  66. Khentimentiu
  67. Enoch
  68. Loreley
  69. Menahem
  70. Methuselah
  71. Morana
  72. Morrigan
  73. Mrithun
  74. Mritunjay
  75. Mritunjoy
  76. Mrityuanjaya
  77. Mrityunjai
  78. Nirnasha
  79. Odon
  80. Omisha
  81. Persefoni
  82. Ajal
  83. Thanatos
  84. Than
  85. Nirnasha
  86. Mritunjay
  87. Mrithun
  88. Amara
  89. Kalaraja
  90. Kalabhiti
  91. Jeevak
  92. Javaraya
  93. Janardan
  94. Gifflet
  95. Earnesh
  96. CLay
  97. Claeg
  98. Bhishak
  99. Azrail
  100. Arius
  101. Anpu
  102. Azvameth
  103. Kek
  104. Mabuz
  105. Blanche
  106. Ernesta
  107. Kritanta
  108. Khalida
  109. Agrona
  110. Selima
  111. Freya
  112. Lefu
  113. Chiwa
  114. Ariadne
  115. Persephone
  116. Eleanor
  117. Barbara
  118. Angerona
  119. Hala
  120. Shivani
  121. Eartha
  122. Libitina
  123. Athanasia
  124. Loralie

That’s it, These names are very rare so that’s also the good reason to select one of these. The idea behind this is unique too, So why to go with ordinary when you can actually go for something rare and good.

The beauty of all these names is exceptionally different. Don’t be confused, choose the one you like the most and go for it without any second thought.

The Ghost Paper Challenge: Rules, Steps & Videos

We all have played many games like truth and dare,hide and seek etc but have you ever thought of playing some ghost game? Yes! You read it right. A ghost game, we’ll be telling you about this super excited ghost paper challenge today! Many YouTubers explained even played this game for their audiences. But before playing any game it’s crucial to know all the rules and correct techniques to play.

In this article, I will be explaining the Ghost Paper Challenge and will give you full set of rules on How to play this scary game.

So, without any second thought. Let’s get started!

Ghost paper challenge

What is Ghost Paper Challenge Game?

This game is basically to know the answers of all the questions in your mind, but remind you the answer will be coming from spirit (Ghost). At for one night, you can only ask 3 questions only. Neither less nor more!

Ghost paper challenge


You just need some basic things and an atmosphere to play this game. Moto to play can be just for fun or you really want to know answers of some question

The number of players needed?

For maximum, there can be many but minimum, one player also works.

Things needed to play?

So, the things used basically are things famous for such ghost game. Make sure you have all of these things with you before starting the game. Here’s the list for you to prepare :

  • Blank paper
  • Pen
  • Candles
  • Matchbox/Lighter
  • A room (Door should be there)
  • Any device in which you can track the time.
  • Also door of the room should have little space under it so that you can slide the paper from below.
  • Set three questions in your mind. (Only three)

(Neither less nor more)

Steps to Play Ghost Paper Challenge (Rules)

Now, as you’re ready with all the things needed. Think once before playing and then start. Though it is not that unsafe still, play it on your own risk!

Here are the quick instructions for you to follow :

  • Start the game little early from 3 am (Like around 2:15/2:30 am)
  • Turn off all the lights (Full house should be dark)
  • Go in your selective room with all the material.
  • So Close the door of that room from inside.
  • Keep the white page in front of the door and light one candle just next to that.
  • Watch the time continuously.
  • At exactly 3 am, knock on the door 3 times.
  • And Repeat this phrase 3 times “Spirit of the door, I welcome you: make yourself present and come through.”
  • Now using the pen or whatever you have, write your first question and keep that pen on the piece of paper and slide that to another side of the door from the bottom space under the door.
  • Now, wait.
  • If paper remained there itself. That means that didn’t work. Do not take it further. Extinguish the candle and try some other time.
  • If paper pulled from other side and didn’t come back. Wait! Apologize politely and thank spirit for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not ask for answers if the paper is not coming back, Never ever!)
  • If paper came back with something written like Go away, why are you troubling me or leave me alone. Just apologize politely and say thank you for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not open the door immediately after that, try to open it after some natural daylight only)
  • Remember that apology should always be a little loud.
  • Now when you’re done with your first question. Proceed to the second one.
  • Write that on the piece of paper with pen and keep that pen on that paper and slide it to the next part of the door.
  • If paper remained there itself. That means that didn’t work. Do not take it further. Extinguish the candle and try some other time.
  • If paper pulled from other side and didn’t come back. Wait! Apologize politely and thank spirit for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not ask for answers if the paper is not coming back, Never ever!)
  • If paper came back with something written like Go away, why are you troubling me or leave me alone. Just apologize politely and say thankyou for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not open the door immediately after that, try to open it after some natural daylight only)
  • Now after the second question. Proceed to the third question itself. (Even if you’re getting good answers you should never go for more than this, Remember third is last)
  • Write third and last question on the piece of paper with pen and keep that pen on paper and slide it to another side of the door.
  • Now, wait!
  • If paper remained there itself. That means that didn’t work. Do not take it further. Extinguish the candle and try some other time.
  • If paper pulled from other side and didn’t come back. Wait! Apologize politely and thank spirit for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not ask for answers if the paper is not coming back, Never ever!)
  • If paper came back with something written like Go away, why are you troubling me or leave me alone. Just apologize politely and say thank you for their time. Extinguish the candle and try some other time. (Do not open the door immediately after that, try to open it after some natural daylight only)
  • If the paper slides back to you, just read the response.
  • Remember Apology should be loud always.

And now, the last but most important part. Whether you got any answer or not, never leave this part of the game incomplete. This is about time to say bye!

Thank the spirit for its time and apologize if in any way you troubled them. Extinguish the candle and just sleep. Do not open the door before sunlight.



  • Do not ask more than three questions (Even if there are multiple players)
  • You can ask anything but be respectful. (Don’t raise your tone)
  • There should be just candle light during the game and no other source of light.
  • Do not open the door till sunlight.
  • If something happens, Start apologizing respectfully and try to give farewell by saying Thanks and all. (That can help)
  • Try to play it with one person at least (Playing alone can be scary )

Is it Really Scary or Dangerous to Play Ghost Paper Challenge?

All depends upon the ghost you’re attracting. Try to keep yourself positive so that you can attract less negative spirit. Other than that, think before your play and if you start playing, do not leave the game abruptly in between!

Though this game can help you get some good answers from spirits itself but for that you need to be patient and play the game with the correct technique.

Hope this article helps you to understand this super excited “The ghost word challenge”.

Also, enjoy some videos of ghost paper challenge;

Have a safe play!