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How to Ask Ushers to Be in Your Wedding?

Asking people to be ushers in your wedding can be pretty tricky as there are no set guidelines unlike with other positions. So, what are you meant to do?

Here is your guide on how to ask ushers to be in your wedding:

How to Ask Ushers to Be a Part of Your Wedding?

It is best to make a big deal out of asking your friends or family members to be your ushers – as this isn’t always an esteemed or liked position, you should make them feel like you are asking them to play an important role in your ceremony.

What is the Best Way to Ask Ushers to Be in Your Wedding?

Perhaps the best way to ask someone to be an usher is to use an usher proposal – a tactic that is typically used for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

If you are getting one of these for other members of your wedding party, then it is a good idea to get some made for your ushers as well.

wedding ceremony against decor arch

The most common way for a bridesmaid proposal is via a proposal box. This is essentially a gift box filled with things like candles, sweets, etc. along with a note asking that person to be a member of a wedding party. Do something similar for your usher.

To make this even more meaningful, write the person a letter detailing why they were chosen as an usher. Use complimentary language referring to their warm personality, bright smile, etc. that is sure to add love and brightness to the day.

It is a good idea to use this method for a friend or family member who is close to you but can’t be a part of the wedding party.

The last thing that you want to do is downplay their role or make them feel as though they are an important part of your special day.

Making such an effort is also a great way to ensure that people don’t feel like being an usher is a throw away job. It also increases the likelihood of them saying yes!

What are Some Other Ideas to Ask People to Be Ushers?

If you don’t want to do something quite so extravagant, then invite each usher to an intimate meal with you and your future spouse.

Once again, make sure to mention that this is an important role and that you would be honored to have them help you celebrate your big day.

In case you don’t want to do a one-on-one meeting, invite all the potential ushers off for a fun evening at your place. Make sure that there are plenty of drinks, foods, games, and that your ushers have fun.

In this instance, you may want to consider getting each person a token of some kind. It doesn’t have to be big but including something like this is a nice way to add some importance to the event.

Another thing that you could do is to write each person a letter – it is even better if it is handwritten or if you can get someone to write it for you.

Talk about what that person means to you or your partner and detail why you are asking them to be an usher. You can post it in the mail or hand deliver it to them.

When Should You Ask Someone to Be an Usher?

Interestingly enough, when you ask someone to be an usher is just as important as how you are going to ask them.

It is a good idea to do this at around the same time that you are talking to bridesmaids and groomsmen. In any case, make sure that it is as early as possible.

Wedding Party

For one thing, the people you are inviting for this position don’t feel like an afterthought. For another, this gives them plenty of time to plan ahead and free up their schedule.

If possible, try asking them at your engagement party. Make sure that your partner is with you and prepare a short speech. All of this effort will make your request more meaningful to them.

A Reminder to Treat Ushers Like the Wedding Party

Never take the ushers in your wedding for granted. This can often be a thankless job and it is certainly not as glamorous as being a bridesmaid or a groomsman.

This means that they should be invited to the same things as your bridesmaids and your groomsmen. This includes pre-wedding dinners or parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and definitely the rehearsal dinner.

Once again, remember that it is easy for ushers to feel left out as they will not be spending as much time with you during the ceremony. Not to mention, they actually have to put in the work – show people to their seats, deal with elderly people, etc. – not just stand for pictures.

As such, you should work to make them feel included. This includes anything that happens after the ceremony as well. For instance, if there is a photoshoot of the wedding party, then make sure they are in it.

If you are handing out presents, they should have one as well.

How Do You Ask Ushers to Be in Your Wedding?

Always try to make an effort with the moment and to make it as meaningful as possible – you should also ask people to be ushers as soon as possible so that they are not an afterthought – finally, ensure that they are included in all activities too.

What is the Average Marriage Length by State? Here’s Everything to Know

If you are wondering what the average marriage length is state by state, this ultimate guide has got you covered. It runs through what you need to know, and takes a look at how long marriages last outside the country in regions such as Europe and Asia.

While at it, we have touched on some additional related information, such as the divorce rate in the United States, how it has changed throughout the years, and what the marriage rate in the country is like as well.

Read ahead to find out more about the topic.

What is the Average Marriage Length by State?

Research has shown that couples in West Virginia and Maine tend to stay married for the longest time, and stay together for around 22.3 years. On the flip side, Washington has the shortest average length – marriages here usually only last 10 years.

South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont and Wisconsin also have quite high averages. It is 21.2, 21.3, 22.0, and 22.3 years for them respectively. Along with Washington, Alaska and Nevada have lower marriage lengths compared to the rest of the country. It is 16 and 17.2 years for them respectively.

In the United States as a whole, the average marriage length is 19.9 years. Here’s some additional information that you may like: Quite a few married couples in the states have moved to Hawaii. Data shows that 57% of couples do this, which is much higher than any other place in the country.


What is the Divorce Rate in America?

According to the CDC, the divorce rate was 2.3 percent per 1,000 for 2020. This equals to around 630,000 divorce cases in the US that year. Although this number may seem large, the truth is that the divorce rate has significantly reduced compared to how high it was in the 70s and 80s.

It was 3.5 percent per 1,000 in 1970, and 5.1 percent per 1,000 by the end of the decade. From 5.1 percent, the rate declined to 2 percent in 1990, and then gradually moved to the 2.3 percent that was mentioned in 2020.

There are many reasons why divorce rates have reduced – some couples may decide to try to make amends and make things work. It’s also because more people go to therapy and try the different resources that are now available to fix their marriages.

What is the Divorce Rate in The World?

As we touched on the divorce rate in the United States, it is only right that we take a look at it internationally. First, let’s talk about Europe. The rate drastically depends on which part of Europe that you look at. However, Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Portugal have the highest numbers in the region.

Russia has 65.7 divorces per 100 marriages, Ukraine has 67.4 divorces per 100 marriages, Spain has 57.5 divorces per 100 marriages, and Portugal has 58.7 divorces per 100 marriages. Malta is known for having the least number of divorces in Europe. From a population of 1000, only 0.8 percent of married couples decide to end things here.

Meanwhile in Asia, China and Japan have the highest number of divorces. Just to give you an idea, there are annually over 1.2 million divorces from China, and around 250,000 from Japan too. In turn, Sri Lanka is known to have the lowest number of divorces in the world, coming in at around 0.15 percent per 1000 people.

Of course, we have to talk about Canada too. It has a pretty low rate, as only 2.1 percent out of 1000 marriages end up in divorce.

What is the Biggest Cause of Divorce?

The answer depends on which part of the world you’re looking at. But a lot of the time, conflict is the biggest cause. Couples may fight a lot as they just don’t have the connection that they had anymore, which could be due to drastically different work schedules and other differences that they can’t resolve.

Also, a lack of commitment results in divorce. One of the two even may have committed adultery as a result. And of course, lack of physical intimacy is another major cause. This could be due to the couple being too busy to be intimate, or a lack of sexual relations, as the couple doesn’t find each other attractive anymore. This could be due to hurt or tension caused by arguments and disagreements.

Money also tends to be a major factor which leads to a break up. Usually, the woman may leave the man if they have to deal with poor finances as the man is the breadwinner of the family. If one partner tends to overspend, this may have a negative effect on the couple’s finances in the long term.


What is the Marriage Rate in the United States?

The marriage rate has declined throughout the years. In 1990, it was 9.9 percent per 1000 people in the population. However, it fell to 7.5 percent in 2005, 6.1 percent in 2019, and more recently, 5.1 percent in 2020.

The fall in marriage rate could be due to a number of reasons, but the main one would be that more people realize that getting married is not the ultimate goal in life anymore. Plus, couples have become more comfortable being in a relationship than committing to tying the knot.

How Can You Make a Marriage Work?

There are a number of ways that you can make a marriage work, and they include the following.

1.      Communication is Key

Probably the best way to keep your marriage going is by always communicating how you feel to your partner. You and your partner would be able to talk things out and avoid unnecessary arguments. You also would be able to avoid doing anything that would make them unhappy.

2.      Make Time for Your Significant Other

You can keep your relationship happy and going by always making time for your spouse.  You don’t have to worry about the flame that you two have ever dying out.

3.      Build Trust

Remember to also build the trust in your relationship. You would be able to spend time away from your partner without worrying about them cheating. And this would be true vice versa too.

4.      Learn to Forgive

If you have been married for years, then there is a chance that your partner has hurt you a couple of times. To have a successful marriage, you need to learn to learn to forgive and let go. If this something that you struggle with, a counsellor can help. I advise you to take your partner with you as you would be able to talk about your feelings and resolve things.

5.      Make Some Personal Time

In line with you two should not spend more time together, remember that it is also important that you make some personal time for yourself. You need time to be your own person without living in your partner’s shadow.

6.      Be Thankful for Your Significant Other

Last but not least, show your spouse that you are thankful for them. You don’t have to go out of your way to do this, as simply just telling them how much they mean to you will suffice.

How Do You Know if Your Marriage is Headed to Divorce?

If you’re unhappy and are wondering whether your marriage should last, this section has got you covered. It touches on a couple of tell-tell signs that mean you should end things.

Let’s talk about them.

You’re Unhappy

Definitely consider ending things if you’re unhappy in your marriage. There is no reason for you to waste your time and energy with your partner when you can find love again. Yes, filing for divorce would be a bold move if you’re the only one that’s unhappy, as your partner may still be in love with you.

But there’s nothing you can do if even counseling and communication have not worked. You should also consider filing for divorce if you are in a situation where your partner is unhappy too. This is especially true if the two of you don’t have kids, as ending things will become substantially easier.

Your Instincts are Kicking In

If your instincts are telling you that it’s time to end the marriage, you probably should listen to them. Talk with friends and family about how you are feeling. They may reassure you and tell you that you and your significant other are not right for each other.

It is a Toxic Relationship

There is no reason for you to stay in a relationship with someone that is toxic or abusive. Things can end badly, with you even getting hurt. If you are toxic when you’re around each other, this does not necessarily mean that you physically hurt each other. Instead, it could mean that you are emotionally and mentally abusive.

Everything is Hard

Of course, it would be time to end your marriage if you find maintaining it too hard. It doesn’t have to be full of unhappiness, but the two of you may just have very different schedules so trying to make things work is not feasible.

How Do You File for Divorce?

If you are planning on filing for divorce, you will find this section useful. It runs through all the best tips and tricks around.

Let’s get to it.


Find & Hire a Good Lawyer

The first thing that you need to do is find a good lawyer. Divorces can get pretty messy, especially if there are kids and property involved. You would need someone that will ensure that you get custody of the kids, as well as a share of whatever wealth you and your partner may have.

Think About Your Kids

If you have children, you definitely need to keep in mind how the divorce would affect them. You should sit down with them with your partner and explain that the two of you are parting ways. Try and emphasize how this would be for the better. Be sure to keep things amicable to make it easier for them too.

Save Enough Money (At Least 3 Months’ Worth)

Make sure that you have enough cash after you file for divorce. If you are financially dependent on your partner, they would probably cut you off right after you file the papers. You need to make sure that you have enough cash saved up to survive in case this happens. I would recommend that you save for at least 3 months beforehand.

Have a Safety Plan for You & the Kids

If there is a history of domestic violence, you need a safety plan to keep yourself and your little ones safe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as leaving your partner may push them off the edge.

Surround Yourself with Your Loved Ones

Going through a divorce is definitely one of the hardest things you could experience. I advise you to surround yourself with friends and family during this period.

Get Separated First

Also, you don’t have to file for divorce immediately. The shift will probably be difficult for both you and your spouse, so I would recommend that you be separated for a while first. This will let you test the waters and decide whether getting a divorce would in fact be a good idea.

In case you have kids, this would be a good route to take, as you would ease them into the idea of you and spouse being divorced.

Final Thoughts

As discussed, the average rate of marriage differs quite a bit per state. West Virginia and Maine tend to have the highest average rates, coming in at around 22.3 years. On the other hand, Washington has the lowest marriage length, at 10 years. We also took a look at some related information, like what the divorce rate in the United States is like – how it has changed throughout the years, and the marriage rate across the country.

Hopefully you found all the points discussed useful.

What is the Average Wedding Guest Count? Everything to Know

If you’re wondering what the average wedding guest count is, it depends on how big the wedding is. For smaller ceremonies, the average count is around 20, while you can expect larger ones to have well over 200 guests.

I not only answered this question, but some additional information that you may like, and some useful statistics too.

What is the Average Wedding Guest Cost?

As mentioned, the answer depends on how big the wedding is. I’ve taken a look at small, medium and larger weddings more in-depth later on in this article. Smaller weddings usually come with around 60 guests max, and if you are going for an especially small micro ceremony, you will usually see around 20 guests.

In case it is a medium wedding that you are planning, you can expect around 150 guests maximum. Most weddings these days fall into this category. Any wedding that has around 200-300 guests is a large wedding. Some super large weddings have around 1000 guests, but they are not as common, as you can imagine.

How Big Are Small Weddings?

You can divide small weddings into micro-weddings. They are very intimate and are usually the couple and just the witnesses needed for the wedding registration. Many people confuse micro-weddings for elopements but they are not the same – elopements are done in secret, while micro-weddings are just very cozy and minimal ceremonies.


With the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdown, small and micro weddings have been becoming more popular. Most small weddings average with around 30-60 guests. If it’s a particularly small venue that you’re having the ceremony in, then you are better off going with the lower end of the average and inviting 20-30 people.

How Big Are Medium Weddings?

You will usually find around 60-150 guests in medium-sized weddings. Most weddings these days fall into this category as they are not too expensive to have. They are also great as you will be able to invite quite a bit of friends and extended family even. Although they range between 60 and 150, medium-sized weddings have around 80-100 guests on average.

How Big Are Large Weddings?

Last but not least, we have large weddings. In most parts of the world, they consist of over 150 guests. They can be trickier to host, as hunting for venues that would be able to handle so many people is a bit of work. They can be more expensive too which is definitely something to keep in mind.

Most large venues are able to hold around 300 guests at maximum. Some large ceremonies have been known to cross the 1000 guest mark.

How Do I Decide What Size Wedding Is Right for Me?

This depends on a number of factors, like how big your family is, what your budget is, and how feasible it would be to have so many people in one room. I’ve taken a look at all the factors to consider in the section below.

Let’s get to it.

1.      Your Budget Size

Probably the biggest factor that will consider how many guests that you can invite would be your budget. You would need to pay for each guest per head at your reception, so you may not be able to invite that many guests if you are tight on cash. You might be able to save a bit if you want to invite many people but are on a budget by cutting corners. For instance, you can choose a less luxurious venue, or not go to town with your decorations.

2.      Size of the Venue

Even if you have enough cash to invite many guests, you should consider whether you would be able to find venues that are large enough to accommodate all the people that you want. If you’re planning on inviting over 300 people this may be especially hard, as most large venues are only able to handle 300 max. As you can imagine, large venues cost more. So, this would eat quite a bit into your budget as well.

3.      How Many Loved Ones Do You Have?

Of course, your family and friend group will play a major role in how many people you will be able to invite. Even if you have all the money in the world and are able to book a large enough venue, it would be no point if you don’t have that many people to invite. I suggest that you do not invite distant relatives or friends of friends if you are tight on cash. Simply stick to all the people that you care about.

4.      Location of the Ceremony

The location you have the wedding in would affect how many guests you can invite. If it’s out of town, you probably will not be able to invite that many guests – they may not be able to visit.

5.      What Are You Comfortable With?

Last but not least, we have to talk about your personal preferences. If you just don’t want to invite that many people, then you don’t have to do this. Remember that this is your big day so whatever you want is important.


How Many Guests Should You Expect to Come to Your Wedding?

A general rule of thumb is that you can expect around 70-80% of the guests that you have invited to show up. If you are planning a large wedding and are inviting around 300 guests, you will be able to see around 240 people at the ceremony.

Let’s talk about all the factors that will affect how many guests show up.

1.      Types of Guests

One of the biggest factors that will affect how many guests would attend is the location that you have the ceremony in. With this in mind, there are generally three types of wedding guests that you can classify.

2.      Local Guests

Most guests are local guests. They are people who live in or around the city where you will be getting married. No surprise, it is easier for them to come to your wedding.

3.      Out of town guests

Along with the above, we also have out of town guests. They may have to spend a couple of nights in order to attend your wedding as they live in another city, state or province. You can usually expect 55 percent of your out-of-town guests to be at your wedding.

4.      Destination Guests

Although not all weddings are destination weddings, quite a few ends up going this route. Your guests would be abroad and would need to book a flight and plan an extended stay to make it to your ceremony. If this is the route you are taking, you can expect around 35 percent of your guests to attend the ceremony.

You will be able to increase the numbers of people that show up by paying for your guests’ accommodation. This will also be true for out-of-town weddings and not just ones that are in other countries.

5.      Did You Send Save the Dates?

You can increase the chances of guests showing up by sending save the dates. They are simply heads up that you would send to the people that you want to invite, saying that your wedding is in the works. In general, you have to include the names of the couple, as well as the city where the ceremony will be in, as well as the exact date and time that it would be in.

You should send them out at least 8 months before the wedding date. Sending this notice months in advance helps you get guests as it easily lets them plan their schedule.

6.      When Were Invitations Sent?

Although you send save the date months in advance, you send invitations on the other hand around 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding. They should include an RSVP card. And remember to also include the exact location, time of the ceremony, and reception information onto the card.

I advise you to send the invites out earlier than required as this would give your guests a good chance to plan their schedule. This is something that you should especially consider if you are having a wedding out of town or in a country abroad, as your guests may need extra time to move things around.

Just don’t send them out too early either, as your guests may forget that they have a wedding coming. Instead of 6-8 weeks before, sending the invitations around 10 weeks beforehand is the best.

Who Do You Invite to Your Wedding?

With all of the above points in mind, I decided to conclude this article by touching on who to include into your guest list.

Let’s get into everything you should know.

Immediate Family

Of course, you need to invite your immediate family. These would include parents, siblings, and in-laws. You need to look at your family carefully when inviting guests, as immediate family members would be hurt if they do not get invited.

I recommend running to your draft list with your parents or siblings. They will give you advice, and inform you whether you have missed any close relatives.

Wedding Party Members

Along with inviting immediate family members, also remember to invite everyone to your wedding party. This includes your best man, maid of honor, as well as man of honor too. If you’re wondering how big your wedding party should be, it usually is no bigger than 10 members.

Extended Family

Along with your immediate family, also consider inviting extended family members. These would include your aunts, uncles, cousins, and even close family friends. This is what usually takes up a large portion of your guest list.


Next, you will have to keep in mind all the close and mutual friends that you have. I advise you and your fiancé to go through your individual lists to find any mutual friends. This would help you avoid sending out double-invites by accident.

You should also speak to your close friends to double-check whether you have missed anyone in your social circles out.


Co-workers and Colleagues

Next, we have coworkers. You should invite all of your close colleagues at work. But if you have a bigger budget, then inviting your whole department might be a good idea. Don’t forget to invite your boss too.

People You Used to Know

Last but not least, we have all the important people in your life that you used to know. You don’t have to invite them, especially if you don’t have a big budget – they are not in your life anymore after all. But it would be nice if you could. This would include all your old school friends, and old work colleagues and neighbors. If you want to include a couple of them onto your list, and are wondering how to invite them, you can try hunting them down on social media. Facebook is a good place to look.

What is the Marriage Rate?

Well, the answer depends drastically on the country you are looking at. But in the United States, it was around 5.1 percent in 2020. It used to higher, as it was 9.9 percent per 1000 in 1990.

Final Thoughts

We can come to the conclusion that the average wedding guest size differs on how big of a wedding that you want to have. If you are going to have a smaller wedding, the average guest count would be around 30-60 guests, but there are small micro-weddings which can be around 10 people.

On the other hand, we can have a medium wedding which will have an average guest count of around 60-150 guests, and large weddings which have around 300 guests maximum. This guide not only took a look at these statistics for you, but a range of additional information, such as how big your wedding should be, and what factors you need to consider when inviting guests.


Hopefully you found everything that was discussed useful.

Is 11 Too Old to Be a Flower Girl?

Planning your wedding and have an eleven year old girl who needs to play a role in your wedding? If so, you may be wondering if she is too old to be a flower girl.

Well, here is your answer to this question!

Can an 11 Year Old Be a Flower Girl?

There is no hard and fast rule for how old a flower girl should be – usually flower girls are under the age of 8 but it isn’t uncommon for older girls to be flower girls as well – you can also make an 11 year a junior bridesmaid, if you wish.

How Old is Too Old for a Flower Girl?

As mentioned, there are no exact rules regarding this.

The flower girl tradition all began in ancient Rome. Young girls preceded the bride down the aisle, throwing grain and herbs in front of them.

Bride with flower girl

These were meant to be symbols of prosperity for the happy couple. They were also supposed to represent fertility for the bride.

In the Elizabethan era, flower girls were meant to represent a younger and more innocent version of the bride, which is why young girls were used.

Of course, these days, flower girls are simply a form of following tradition without quite knowing what that tradition is.

Due to this, there are no age requirements or limits when it comes to flower girls. Yes, they are traditionally quite young but even then, it is up to you to decide whether someone can be a flower girl or not.

Are There Downsides to Having an Older Flower Girl?

There aren’t any obvious disadvantages to having an older flower girl. Of course, if the other flower girls are quite young, then the older girl may stand out.

Some may also find it a little unusual as the flower girls do tend to be a bit younger than this.

Are There Advantages to Having an Older Flower Girl?

Perhaps the biggest advantage to having an 11 year old flower girl is that she knows exactly what to do on your big day!

You don’t have to worry about her forgetting what to do, ignoring your instructions, or requiring an adult to walk with her. Instead, she will be able to confidently do her flower girl duties and set the right tone for the wedding.

Also, if she is paired up with younger flower girls, she can help to get them on the right track and show them what to do.

This is an especially good idea if your other flower girl is very young – under the age of 5. Kids this young either forget what they are meant to do or decide to go off script at the last moment.

Having somebody older to guide them can ensure that your ceremony goes as smoothly as possible.

As an increasing number of weddings are becoming child-free, some couples may not want very young children at their wedding. An eleven year old will mature enough to behave themselves during the festivities and so, can be included in your wedding party.

How to Have an 11 Year Old as a Flower Girl?

You may want to re-think a few aspects of the flower girl role with an older girl.

For instance, a traditional flower girl may not be the best option for an eleven year old. Flower girl dresses tend to be rather fluffy and frilly.

Flower Girl Picking Flowers

An eleven year old may be a little too old to pull off this look. As such, you may need to change the outfit a little. You could have a dress similar to that of the bridesmaid but that is more suited to a child.

Or, you can choose a dress similar to that of a flower girl but tone it down a little. Maybe a little lace and frill can help it to look better on the older child.

In some instances you may want to alter the role of your flower girl. As they are far better equipped to follow instructions, they can do something a bit more complex than simply throw petals down the aisle.

What Other Role Can an 11 Year Old Play in the Wedding?

If you do feel that eleven is just a little too old to be a flower girl, then you can have the young girl as a junior bridesmaid instead.

This is simply a title given to a bridesmaid that is a lot younger than the rest.

Now, the duties of the bridesmaid is going to depend on the kind of wedding you are going to have. For instance, if you are planning on have a more traditional affair, then the junior bridesmaid can have a similar role to that of the other bridesmaids.

If you want your bridesmaids to be a bit more involved in your wedding or to have special roles, then you may only want the junior bridesmaid to walk down the aisle and to stand at your wedding.

They can also be there for photographs but can join their parents for the rest of the wedding.

Keep in mind that while these kids are capable of carrying out various duties that they do get tired and bored easily. So, don’t expect them to have the same amount of energy or the same attention span as the rest of your bridesmaids.

Can You Have an 11 Year Old as a Flower Girl?

Yes, it is possible for you to have an eleven year old as a flower girl as there aren’t any rules about how age for this role – if you are looking for another role in your wedding, though, she can be a junior bridesmaid.

I Quit My Job and Ruined my Life – What Should I Do?

Quitting your job and regretting it is a pretty common problem. But you shouldn’t beat yourself about it so much, as there are many things that you can do to solve it.

First remember that you quit for a reason – you probably weren’t getting paid that well, or were working in a toxic work environment.

I’ve run through everything you can do to bounce back from this.

What Should You Do if You Regret Leaving Your Job?

There are three things you can do if you regret quitting your job. You can either try and make things work at the new company you join, get a new job, or get your old job back.  But of course, some of these are easier said than done.

I’ve taken a look at all of these, along with a much-needed action plan below.


What Should You Action Plan Be?

You have to remind yourself why you quit your job first. Once you’ve reminded yourself of this, you won’t regret leaving as much which will help you plan what you’re going to do next properly.

1.      Get Your Head in the Game

The first thing you should do is accept the current situation you are in. Remember that you didn’t just quit, and there was a reason that led you to it. This will help you get your head in the game.

2.      Weigh Your Options

There are a couple of options that you can take once you’ve made peace with the situation. You can either look for a new job, try and make things work at the place you are currently at, or get your old job back. Weight each of these options and decide which is the best for you.

In my opinion, the easiest would be to try and make things work at the current place you are at. Speak to your new colleagues and get close to them, and find things about your job that you enjoy.

You can of course talk to your supervisor about any changes that you want to make.

3.      Be Hopeful About the Future

Remind yourself that the future is uncertain. So, although this problem may seem like the end of the world right now, it is not in the grand scheme of things. You will get over it soon, especially with the tips and tricks in this article.

How Do You Get Your Old Job Back?

The best thing to do is reclaim any favors that you may have at the company. This might not get you your old job back, but at least you can get an interview.

If you don’t have any favors that you can cash in, that’s alright. Speak to your former supervisor and tell them about the situation that you are in.

If you mention how much your old job meant to you, getting it back might be easy. Try emailing them first, and then call them.

Remember to maintain your cool and remind them why you were so good at your job.

There is something to remember – they may let you return, but you may not be able to restart your contract from where you left off. You might have to go in for a new one. So, expect a lower salary than what you had.

What To Do If Going Back to Your Old Job Isn’t an Option?

If going back to your old job is not an option, you can do what I mentioned earlier and try and make things work in the new place you are in.

The first thing you should do is speak to your supervisor. Communicate with them how you’re feeling, and they hopefully would try and accommodate you.

For instance, if it’s a toxic work environment that you’re dealing with, you might be able to arrange working from home.

Getting closer to your colleagues will help adjust to the new work environment as well. You might just regret leaving as you are feeling the blues.

If you don’t want to work things out at the company you currently are in, your only choice would be to find a new job.

LinkedIn can help. Once you’ve made a profile, you will automatically be shown jobs that match what you do. You will also be able to network with others which improves your chances of getting hired.

Remember to look out of the box for job positions that you normally wouldn’t go for as well. There may be a couple that you’re actually great for that you didn’t realize.

Why Did You Quit Your Job

Why Did You Quit Your Job?

Understanding why you left your job can help you handle the regret better. This would remind you that you are perhaps better off somewhere else.

You might also realize that you’re overthinking the situation.

Let’s talk about this.

1.      You Were Underpaid and Made to Work Overtime

By far, the main reason people quit their jobs is because they are underpaid and overworked.

You are better off somewhere else if this is why you quit. There are countless jobs that pay better and don’t overwork their employees.

2.      There Was a Toxic Work Environment

Apart from the above, toxic work environments are another common reason why workers leave.

Toxic work environments can affect your mental health in the long term, so sticking with your old job could have been detrimental.

3.      You Wanted to Follow Your Dreams

It’s fine to quit your job to follow your dreams. Many people make a living by turning their passion into their main source of income.

There are several inspiration stories of people doing this. These ideas can be especially tempting if you work at a boring job.

4.      The Great Resignation Got to You

The pandemic brought about the Great Resignation. It all started in the spring of 2021 and is still going on.

Although it mostly involves US workers, it has also spread over the world.

Quarantining at home made many people change their outlook and priorities in life, which ultimately caused them to leave their jobs and change careers.

You might feel the same way. This ties in with leaving your job to pursue your passion, and getting tired of working in a toxic environment.

Why Do You Regret Leaving Your Job?

There is no reason for you to work somewhere that has a toxic work environment, or be employed for someone that underpays you.

You made the right move so we need to get into why you may regret it.

1.      You Left Too Soon

You may regret the decision as you didn’t take time to think it through. If the decision was rash, it’s natural for you to doubt it. But sometimes rash decisions are the best, as you wouldn’t have gone through with necessary change otherwise.

2.      You Didn’t Have a Back-Up Plan

Ideally you would have left with a backup plan, but life does not always work the way you want.

You may not have had a backup plan, and are finding the job market tough. The only piece of advice would be to keep your head held high and keep trying – you will eventually snag an interview.

Try and ask your family if they can support you during this period. You can also pawn or even sell a couple of things.

3.      You Don’t Feel Fulfilled in Your Current Position

You may have landed a well-paying job, and work in an environment that is not toxic. However, you may regret leaving your former job as you are not feeling fulfilled in your new one.

This could be due to a number of reasons, but the biggest culprits are that your work does not matter, and finding it hard to integrate into the new work environment.

All these reasons are legitimate but they could just be part of your new role.

4.      You Miss Your Old Job

Leaving your job if you were a part of it for years can be difficult. Replacing your former workplace colleagues may also seem impossible which can lead you to wanting your old job back.

5.      You Had a Backup Plan and It Failed

Even if you had a backup plan and thought the decision through, you may regret quitting your job because your plan backfired. But this is how life goes. It’s always smart to have a backup plan for your backup plan.


Should You Change Careers?

Last but not least, let’s talk about whether you should consider changing careers. You might be happier with your decision of leaving if you choose a more lucrative field that incorporates your passions in some way. Yes, it might be hard at first to narrow it down, but most job-finding sites have filters that will help you do this.

Plus, you can ask friends and family if they have any connections to get into the field that you want too.

Final Thoughts

There are a couple of things that you can do if you regret quitting your job. You should think about trying to make it work at your new workplace, find a new job, or get your old job back.

Whether you will be able to get your old job back of course depends on a number of different factors, such as if you left on good terms, and whether your position has been filled. Remember to speak to your old company and cash in any favors that you may have.

Websites like LinkedIn can help with finding a new job, if this is something you want to do.

Hopefully you found all of the points discussed useful.

Why Do I Always Want to Move Somewhere Else? A Detailed Guide

It’s perfectly normal to feel like you want to move somewhere else. You probably feel this way for many reasons. We have talked about whether you should do this, and what you will need to do before you decide to move.

Why Do I Always Want to Move Somewhere Else?

There are many reasons why you may feel this way, but the biggest is probably because you don’t feel like you have a good future in your current city or country. This could be due to personal reasons or just that the job opportunities in the area are not so good.

Top Reasons People Decide to Move Somewhere else

This section goes through the most common reasons why people decide to move, which should help you understand your feelings and make a decision.

1.      You Want a Fresh Start

If you want to make a much-needed change in your life, moving somewhere new may be exactly what you need. You will be able to start over and work on yourself. The fact that there won’t be people from your old life holding you back will also be ideal.

2.      You Want to Explore

Retirement is scary for most people. It can be especially daunting if there is nothing much to do where you live. So, wanting to move somewhere more exciting can seem like the right choice.

Instead of just moving somewhere new, think about spending time traveling the world but coming back home to where you currently live.


3.      Better Job Opportunities

There may be no future where you live, so although you might not necessarily want to leave, this may be something you have to do. There could be a couple of reasons that make living there a bad idea, but a lack of job prospects is possibly the biggest one.

4.      Fear of Being Trapped

You may be someone that can’t be held down. So, the feeling of wanting to move somewhere new won’t be a surprise. However, ask yourself whether this is the right decision, as you may have a very stable life where you currently are at.

Should You Move to Another Country or Town?

Whether you should actually move depends on a number of factors. For instance, you might have a great job already, so leaving could jeopardize your future.

You might also be leaving a lot of responsibilities behind that you probably shouldn’t be. If you can manage to have them taken care of, packing up and leaving may not be so bad.

You should also think about whether making the move at your age would be wise. You might have to start all over again.  If you end up regretting moving and want to come back, this would be a lot of time and money wasted.

And as mentioned, you may feel like leaving because you don’t like to feel trapped. However, you may have a good life where you currently are, and are just dealing with impulsiveness. The only way around this would be to understand your emotions and to see a therapist for help.

How Do You Save For Moving Somewhere New?

If you have made the decision to leave, you will need the money first. There are a couple of ways that you can do this.

This section runs through some of the best ways to raise funds.

1.      Tap Into Your Savings

Probably the best thing you can do is tap into your savings. You won’t have to worry about having to pay anyone back, or selling off any of your belongings.

You can think of tapping into your savings as an investment, as moving into the new town or country can better your life.

You don’t have to take out your entire savings. You can instead take out a portion, and use the below mentioned tips and tricks to find the rest.

2.      Start a Special Fund

You can start a special fund for moving instead of tapping into your savings. But you might have to start it months or even years in advance. This is one of my favorite suggestions from the list, however.

A pro-tip would be to get another job and supplement your income to make enough cash.

3.      Sell Your Assets

Selling any assets that you may have is a smart idea. You can get a lot of cash if you go this route.

The best asset to sell would be property. This can result in you gaining millions.

Depending on the valuables that you have, you may be able to pawn them as well, like gold and silver jewelry.

4.      Take Out a Personal Loan

You can also think about taking out a personal loan. Of course, there are a number of factors that will influence whether you would be able to do this. For example, your credit score and how much income you make.

You can take out a second mortgage instead of going with a personal loan. You will likely get more cash this way. Plus, they are easier to get approved for.


Where Should You Move to?

If you’ve made up your mind that you want to move, you will need to decide on a town or country, unless you already have your eyes set somewhere.

Let’s take a look at all the factors to consider when choosing a new spot to live in.

1.      The Type of Location

The first thing you need to consider is the type of location you would be moving into. For example, you may want to move to a tropical location that has a lot of beaches if you want to relax. This could be a welcome change in your life.

2.      Look at the Job Prospects

You should also move to a place that has good job opportunities. If it’s a tourist destination, there will be all kinds of industries there.

Remember to check the general pay scale in the area as well. You probably don’t want to live somewhere that has low pay.

3.      Safety and Crime Rates

You should also consider how safe the location is. Although it may seem beautiful and a good place to live, it may have a high crime rate.

If it’s a country that you want to live in but it’s not that safe, there may be specific towns that are safer than others.

4.      The Cost of Living

You need to consider how expensive it would be to live there.  To get the best idea about the cost of living, check out reviews on what expats and locals are saying. Forums like Reddit and Quora are ideal places to look.

Taxes are another point to consider when it comes to cost of living. Although the price of goods may be more affordable, there may be quite a bit of taxes you have to pay.

5.      Standard of Living

The standard of living is especially important if you will be moving with kids. Do your research on the schools in the area. You should want your children to get the best possible education. There should be a lot of entertainment and fun activities for them as well.

6.      Ease of Traveling

Last but not least, think about how easy it would be to see loved ones again once you move. Your new home might be far, or it might be expensive to travel back to your former home. So you could end up barely seeing your old friends and family again.

Also see how easy it would be easy for loved ones back home to visit you. There may not be that many flights or buses running through the area either.


Should You Move Abroad or to Another City?

This is a good question that I wanted to answer before concluding this article. Well, it depends on a couple of factors. It might be a good idea to move to another country if you’re really looking for a major change in your life – you would be exposed to a new culture that will help you transform yourself.

However, if you are on a budget, it might be a better idea to move to another town instead. If you want to change things up, think about moving to a location that is on the opposite end of the country. People from your past won’t easily be able to find you.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons why you may feel like moving. From these, the main reason is feeling like you don’t belong in your current location. This is perfectly normal, so moving to a new town or country can be the change that you need.

This guide also ran through whether moving is the right decision for you, as you will have to start from the top again. You would also need some money to do this. So, you may have to sell some assets.

Hopefully you found all the points discussed useful.

Do Guys Care About a Girl’s Height? A Complete Guide

If you’re wondering whether guys care about a girl’s height, the answer is that it depends. Most guys look for girls that are shorter than them. So how much shorter you are is not a big deal. This article not only looks at the specifics of this, but some additional information that you might like. For instance, what qualities guys look for, and what you can do about this.

Do Guys Care About Height?

Most guys just want a girl that is shorter than them. How much shorter you are is usually not a problem. At the end of the day, guys are genetically taller, so you have nothing to worry about. But if you are a pretty tall girl, you might want me to go into specifics about what heights are fine.

In my opinion, I would say that 5 foot 7 inches for a girl would be the perfect maximum height. This is as most guys are 5 foot 8 and taller.

What to Do If You’re Insecure About Your Height?

If you are a tall girl and are insecure about your height, know that you are not alone. This is an issue that many girls struggle with. You should know that there probably is a guy taller than you out there. Like I said, men are genetically taller, so the odds of no one being interested in you is low.

Plus, there are quite a few men that prefer taller women. You after all have a supermodel stature. You would especially look like a model if you start working on your physique. Even with the above in mind if you’re still insecure, know that this may all be in your head. You are just projecting your insecurities on other guys.


The only way around this would be to realize how destructive your thinking patterns are. This is a slow process, but once you realize that height doesn’t matter as much, you would begin to think clearly. Seeing a therapist might be able to help, but be mindful of the exact one that you see.

You should also find things about yourself that you really like and know that guys would love. There is no way a guy would want to date you if you don’t have a good personality, for example.

How Do You Make Yourself More Attractive to a Guy?

There are couple of things that you can do to make yourself seem more attractive. I’ve taken a look at them for you.

1.      Work On Your Confidence

Definitely one of the best tips is to work on your confidence. By oozing more confidence, you would be someone that the guy you are interested would want to be around. I know, this is easier said than done, especially if you struggle with insecurities. But always fake it till you make it.

Although you know you’re not the most confidence, acting like you are would fool others into thinking otherwise. Gradually, you might start to naturally feel confident too. Affirmations are a pro-tip that you can try. All you’d have to do is look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how great of a person that you are.

2.      Find His Interests

If there is a specific guy that you are into, you should find out what his interests are. You may draw his attention if he finds out that you like them too. This wouldn’t be too difficult if the two of you follow each other on social media, or have the same mutual friends.

Of course, try to not be too obvious with what you’re doing, as he might figure that you’ve been stalking his interests to get closer to him.

3.      Put a Smile On

Although you might not think it, smiling more often can make you seem more attractive. Smiling makes you seem warmer which would invite more people to get closer to you.

4.      Do Yourself Up

You should of course try and do yourself up if possible. This doesn’t have to be too much work as you could just hit the gym and work on your fitness. Now, if you know the type of girl that your crush is into, it wouldn’t hurt to try and emulate her. You could color your hair a darker color if you know this is what he likes.

5.      Flirt With Him

Even if he does not have feelings for you, constantly flirting with him would make him think of you in a romantic way – you would basically be telling him how you feel.


How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You?

You might not have to try so hard to get your crush to like you, as there is a chance that he already has feelings. If this is the case, there would probably be a lot of tell-tell signs to look out for.

Let’s talk about a couple.

1.      He Always Talks to You

You can tell if a guy likes you if he’s constantly trying to talk to you. It shouldn’t be a surprise because, as he is trying to get closer. He may not just try and talk to you more often, but he may also try to sit closer to you, and make more eye contact during conversations.

2.      Watch His Body Language

A guy constantly tilting his head when talking to you is another sign to look for. He’s trying to signal that he’s paying attention and wants to get closer. Along with him tilting his head, also look for whether he constantly makes eye contact.

3.      He Pays Attention

Pay attention to any small details that he has noticed. There is no way he would have spotted them, unless he has feelings for you. For instance, you may have said that you like a certain chocolate in the past and he may have bought it for you.

If you notice that he does not do this with anyone else, the chances of him liking you are very high.

4.      Speak to His Friends

Although this isn’t exactly a tell-tell sign, talking to mutual friends and asking whether he has mentioned anything about you is smart. They might confess that he’s been talking about you lately. Of course, be smart about who you approach. If you try and speak to someone that is especially close to your crush, they may not tell you. And they may also tell him about what you have been doing.

5.      He’s Flirtatious

You of course will know if someone likes you if they are constantly flirting with you. This may not seem obvious to you at first, as you may just think that they are being nice. But if they are overly complimenting you and being nice, there’s a chance that they’re flirting and you haven’t been catching it.

How Do You Tell a Guy, You Like Them?

If there is a guy that you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to tell him how you feel. This would get rid of the cat-and-mouse chase of you signaling that you are interested, while trying to figure out whether he likes you back.

There are several things that you need to prepare before you tell him how you feel, however.


1.      Say it In Person

I would suggest that you tell him how you feel in person, as you might not be able to convey your feelings that well through text message. Also, you would seem more confident confessing your feelings in person, which can sway the way he feels.

2.      Wait for the Right Time

Of course, figure when the right time to speak to him would be. Always look for good times to speak as how he responds to you depends on how he’s feeling. If the two of you have mutual friends, speak to them and plan things out.

3.      Prep

Always prep and practice what you want to say before you approach him. This would give you ample time to think about what you want to say, as well as figure out how you want to approach things. But of course, try and not over plan things. It can be off-putting if he realizes you’ve been practicing.

I once again would advise you to speak to any mutual friends to figure out what to say.

Final Thoughts

As you saw from my guide, guys don’t necessarily care about a girl’s height, as long as they are shorter than them. This most of the time is not an issue as most guys are much taller than guys.

But if you happen to be especially tall and are wondering what the best height would be, I would suggest around 5’7 feet.

Along with how guys view height, I also mentioned a range of other important information, like what you can do to make yourself seem more attractive to guys. Probably the best suggestion would be to come off more attractive.

The Importance of Height in Online Dating Preferences

In the world of online dating height can play a significant role in attracting potential partners.

While some men may not care about a woman’s height others may have specific preferences.

It is essential to understand that height is just one physical characteristic among many that people consider when seeking a partner.

According to a survey conducted by a dating app a majority of men (70%) stated that they preferred dating women who were shorter than them.

This preference could be attributed to societal norms and perceptions of femininity and attractiveness.

However it is important to note that height is not necessarily a deal-breaker for all men.

For taller women finding partners who meet their height preferences might be more challenging due to societal expectations.

It is crucial to remember that while height may play a role in initial attraction there are numerous other factors that contribute to the success of a relationship.

Ultimately it is important to embrace one’s height and focus on developing qualities that make a person attractive beyond physical attributes.

Confidence a genuine personality shared interests and a positive attitude can go a long way in attracting a partner who values you for who you are rather than your height.

Can My Son Walk Me Down the Aisle?

Want to buck tradition and have your son walk you down the aisle. In this case, you may not be sure if this is the right idea or not.

Here is what you need to know about your son walking you down the aisle:

Is It Possible for My Son Walk Me Down the Aisle

Yes, your son can walk you down the aisle – there are no rules about who can and can’t walk you down the aisle as the gesture is symbolic – there are no rules about how old your son has to be, either.

Should You Ask Your Son to Walk You Down the Aisle?

This is something that you should consider carefully.

You know your son better than anyone. So, before you ask him to take on this responsibility, make sure that he is up for it.

Think about your son’s personality. Does he enjoy being in front of a crowd or performing? How does he handle being the center of attention?

son walks her up the aisle

If your son is very shy, he may find it uncomfortable walking you down the aisle. However, he will feel obligated to do so if you ask him to.

Keep in mind that if your son is young, he may not be equipped to overcome his shyness to walk you down the aisle. As a result, he may freeze or break down in the moment.

This is why you should discuss your son walking you down the aisle first. Let him know that it is his decision and that you will not be unhappy with him either way.

It is also a good idea to tell him that he can change his mind at any time, even the day of the wedding. This way, if he isn’t feeling up to it, he won’t feel forced to go along with the plan.

Should Your Oldest Son Walk You Down the Aisle?

This does depend entirely on you. It can also depend on why you are choosing your son to walk you down the aisle.

For instance, if you have lost your father or aren’t close to him but want an appropriate alternative, then having your eldest son walk you down the aisle is a good idea. This is especially true if your son is an adult or near adult age.

This is also a good option for anyone who wants to maintain a sense of tradition to the procession.

On the other hand, if you have been a single mother for much of your sons’ lives, then it may not feel right to choose one son over the others. In this case, you may want all of your sons’ to walk you down the aisle.

Can Only One Son Walk You Down the Aisle?

No, you don’t have to have just one son walk you down the aisle. You can have all of your sons walk beside you.

In fact, you don’t have to stick with tradition about only men walking you down the aisle. If you have daughters, they can walk right beside you and your sons.

If you do want all of your children to walk you down the aisle, you do have to think about how you are going to arrange this.

If you have two or three children, they can walk on either side of you. In case you have more, though, you are going to have to consider the fashion in which you walk down the aisle a little more carefully.

How to Have More Than One Son Walk You Down the Aisle?

As mentioned, having more than one son or child is going to require some planning.

For three children you can have one taking the lead with the two others on each side of you. With more kids, have two people in each row leading the way. It is up to you to decide who you want by your side.

Father Walking Down The Aisle

This role may be the best for the youngest children, especially if they are very little. You can hold their hand to make this job a little easier for them.

Conversely, you can have the younger kids take the front while your oldest son walks you down the aisle. This works well for a more traditional procession.

A Note About Giving You Away

Now, traditionally a father walking down the aisle is seen as the father giving away the bride.

In fact, in some ceremonies, the priest or officiant will ask “who gives away this woman?” – the person walking the bride down the aisle is meant to respond.

In general, this practice isn’t as common as people are stepping away from the patriarchal idea of giving away women.

However, it is especially important to avoid this step with your son, particularly if he is quite young. Having your son ‘give you away’ can cause some anxiety on his part, even if he doesn’t vocalize it. This is particularly likely if you are getting married to someone who isn’t his biological father.

Keep in mind, the ceremony shouldn’t feel like your son is losing his mother but rather like he is gaining a new family.

One way to do this would be to drop you off at the altar and then stand with the groomsmen. This way he will not feel like he is being abandoned or left alone.

Can Your Son Walk You Down the Aisle?

Yes, this is absolutely possible – the rules around weddings and ceremony are getting increasingly fewer by the day – so, if you want your son to walk you down the aisle instead, this can be a cute and meaningful idea to include in the ceremony.

How Your Son Can Participate in Other Roles During the Ceremony

In addition to walking you down the aisle there are other ways you can involve your son in the wedding ceremony. For example you can consider having him participate in the sand ceremony where you your groom and your son each pour different colored sand into a container symbolizing the blending of your family. Another option is to have your son serve as the Best Man which would allow him to stand by your side throughout the ceremony and play a significant role in supporting you and your groom. You could also ask your son to give a hug or a kiss before passing you off to the groom symbolizing his love and support for your new chapter. Whatever role you choose for your son it’s important to make sure it aligns with his comfort level and desire to participate.

When to Start Calling Someone Babe? A Detailed Guide

If you’re wondering when to start calling someone babe, this depends on a couple of factors. The most important would be how long you and they have been seeing each other. I would advise you to wait for at least a month before calling them baby if you’ve just started dating.

Not only did I answer this question, but some additional information which you may like, such as what other names you can call them, and whether babe or baby would be the better choice.

When Should You Start Calling Your Partner Babe?

As mentioned, calling your partner who you’ve just started dating babe is not the best idea. They may think that you are taking things a little too fast and be scared.

However, if the two of you have been seeing each other for some time, then calling them babe would not be bad. You would show them that the bond between the two of you is growing, and that you think of them affectionately.

It might also be a good idea to call your loved one baby if they have been calling you this, as you would show them that you reciprocate their feelings. Of course, you can use the above advice on any affectionate term, and not just baby, like darling or sweetheart.


Should You Call Your Partner Babe or Baby?

The answer to this depends on who you ask, as well as your partner’s preference. I personally think that it would be better if you call them babe. It is less common, which you may like. But also, it is more informal which works great if the two of you are young.

You should also consider what your partner would like when coming to a decision. Although you may be all set to call them babe, they may prefer baby more. It naturally would be the better choice to use, then.

If you’re wondering how, you can tell which of the two, they like, you can of course ask them. It is not a life-or-death situation – they would find it cute that you are asking which they would prefer.

What Other Names Can You Call Your Significant Other?

Instead of babe or baby, a personal favorite that you can go with would be sweetheart. It is a classic that shows your partner that you have a tender spot for them. And also, it is not that common, as quite a few younger couples tend to swap it for other options.

On the same note, you can call them darling. I think it has a nice ring to it. I like the term ‘love’ too. It unfortunately is not that common, and it once again shows your significant other that you have a tender spot for them.

Of course, if you have a pet name for your loved one, then you can stick with calling them this. The pet name is something personal that the two of you share, so all the other terms of affection would pale in comparison.

How Do You Start Calling Your Partner Baby?

Instead of calling them baby, go with babe. It is more casual and would be easier for you to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend. The best way to use it would be to ask your loved one a question and exclude their name and use ‘babe’ instead.

Of course, you can do this with baby or any other nickname that you want to use too.

Be sure to first start calling them the name when it’s just the two of you around. You would feel more nervous if you do this with friends and family, plus you would give your partner a good chance to react to the word if they are alone.

If your partner has already been calling you baby or some other affectionate name, then you don’t have to worry too much about calling them this too. They probably have been waiting for you to say it and reciprocate this whole time.

How Can You Tell Your Partner Doesn’t Like Their Nickname?

This is easy to tell, as you most of the time would be able to get the answer from their body language. They might get tense and involuntarily raise their eyebrows when you call them the name.

And you would know that your partner does not like a nickname if they get shy around you when you use it. If it’s a name that is more embarrassing or immature, their behavior would not be a surprise.

As you can imagine, you can find out how your partner feels by asking friends and family what they think. They might tell you something that your partner has mentioned in passing to them. At the end of the day, they probably are not telling you how they feel as they do not want to upset you.


Should You Call Someone You’re Not Dating Babe?

If you like someone and are contemplating calling them babe, I would strongly advise against this. This is a term of endearment that many people reserve for their significant other. The person you like may be suspicious as to why you are calling them this. A lot of the time, they would find it weird too.

You should avoid calling someone babe if you are scared that you would lead them on. This is something that you can easily do if you are not careful.

If you know that the other person likes you too, then calling them babe may not be a bad idea. It can help you escalate things into an actual relationship.  They may bring up you calling them babe or baby in a conversation, and you can use it as an opener to confess your feelings.

How Can You Make Things More Romantic in A Relationship?

As mentioned, you can call your partner baby or babe to make things more intimate for the two of you. But if intimacy is something that you’re struggling with, there is actually a number of other things that you can do that will help.

Let’s talk about them.

1.      Have Pet-Names

Having special names for each other is a good way to rekindle the bond. You can go with baby or babe as discussed in this article, but some other good options that work well are darling, sweetheart and even love.

2.      Go On Trips

Another easy way to make things more intimate would be to go on trips together. It would just be the two of you in a possibly tropical destination, which would help you to unwind and bond.

3.      Spend More Time Together

You don’t have to go on a trip to spend more time together. You can just be mindful of how much time the two of you spend with each other and try and increase it. Going on dates more often would be a good first move.

If the two of you have mutual friends, then going out with them would also be smart. You would have added company in the room which would help with the chemistry. I would advise you to be mindful of the friends that you are going out if you are inviting them, as you need to handpick them.

4.      Get a Pet Together

Although you may not have thought about it, getting a dog together would be another easy way to make things more romantic in your relationship. It would be something that the two of you would spend time together and raise, almost like a kid of your own. But if you are not a dog person, that is alright. You can do this with any other pet too, like a cat or rabbit even.


5.      Get Some Counselling (Professional Help)

In case you two were close but you have lost the spark, the best thing that you can do is talk things out. You and your loved one may be able to figure out what happened and make your relationship work again.

Of course, you can see a professional to help you figure things out. Just do your research on the one that you pick as you want someone that is a pro at what they are doing. They unfortunately may do more damage than good otherwise.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors to consider when deciding when you should call someone baby. If you and your partner have been dating for a while, then it would be fine. However, if the two of you have just started seeing each other, then the move would not be the best as you may scare them off.

Instead of going with baby, you could call them some other name that means a lot, like darling, love, or even a special nickname that you may have. As mentioned, I personally prefer babe. It is more casual, and tends to not be that common.

Hopefully you found all of the points that were run through useful.

Sunday Weddings are the Worst

It isn’t easy to find the right Saturday for your wedding so Sunday may seem like the more feasible option. However, would it be a terrible day for a wedding?

Here is what you should know about hosting a wedding on a Sunday:

Are Sunday Weddings the Worst Time for a Wedding?

Although Saturdays may be the most popular time for a wedding, Sundays can be a close second, especially as you can save money on the wedding – you may need to change the time and the tempo of the wedding to accommodate the day, though.

What are the Pros of a Sunday Wedding?

One of the biggest advantages is that you have a bit more choice when it comes to when you want to hold your wedding.

If you want to have a Saturday wedding, you often have to book well in advance and even then the waitlist can be significant. This, of course, is because Saturdays are so popular.

Happy wedding photography

As Sundays aren’t nearly as popular, you may not have to wait as long to hold your wedding. What’s more, you may have more options as to which weekend that you want to hold your wedding.

The other benefit is that you may end up saving a lot of money. As venues don’t get a lot of business on Sundays, they may need to make up the sales by offering a discounted rate. This may be true for certain other wedding vendors as well.

To add to this, Sunday weddings are often shorter. This means that the wedding, in general, will be cheaper as you will not have to shell out quite so much.

What are the Cons of a Sunday Wedding?

One of the downsides is that not as many people will be able to attend your wedding, particularly if they have to travel to the destination. It is all the more likely that they will not come to the event if they have kids due to having school the next day.

You may have some trouble booking vendors. There are some that will simply not work on Sundays. As most weddings take place on Saturdays, Sunday is often the day of rest for most of the vendors after a busy few days.

As a result, you will have a smaller selection of vendors to choose from. Or, you may need to start planning for your wedding a bit earlier than anticipated.

It is also a bit difficult to have a more elaborate affair. On Saturdays, people are able to party well into the night and then recover the next day.

However, with a Sunday wedding, most people have to go to work the next day or take care of their children. Due to this, you will have to have a more toned down wedding or have a shorter one.

Is It a Good or Bad Idea to Have a Sunday Wedding?

Well, there is no right answer here. Instead, you should be asking if a Sunday wedding is right for you and your partner.

Start by doing some research for venues and vendors. If the venues are cheaper and more readily available and you can find vendors for your wedding, then you are off to a good start.

Wedding party running in garden

The other thing that you should is to tentatively reach out to your guests – at least the most important ones. Ask them how they feel about a Sunday wedding and if they would attend one.

If all of these things seem aligned, then you may want to go ahead and plan a Sunday wedding. However, if you find it tricky to do so, you should consider another day of the week, most likely a Saturday.

You should be prepared for people to leave early to ensure that they can get home. This is something that will happen even if you try to end the wedding as early as possible.

Therefore, don’t waste money on dragging on the wedding for any longer than absolutely necessary. People will appreciate you wrapping things up quickly.

How to Organize a Sunday Wedding?

Well, as mentioned, a Sunday wedding is going to have to be a bit different. For one thing, try to keep the venue local and as close as possible to the people who you would like to attend your ceremony.

This increases the chance of them showing up as they will not have to travel very far to get to your wedding.

It is also best to have the wedding during the day. Even if you do want to have a later ceremony, try to wrap things up by 9.30 at the latest. If there are children in attendance, though, it is best to end it by early evening.

To accommodate this new timeline, it is a good idea to have a Sunday brunch or lunch instead. This is also a great way to sneak in some cocktails and ensure that everyone has a good time at the party.

Of course, this means that you will need to have the ceremony in the late morning – have it too early and most people are going to be late.

You may also want to have a shorter ceremony so that you can move to the brunch or lunch immediately after, followed by dancing. Schedule speeches and other activities later on as well.

Can You Have a Sunday Wedding?

Yes, you can have a Sunday wedding – there are perks like lower costs and weddings not being delayed as long – as there are also downsides like lower attendance, you will need to plan your wedding to accommodate the limitations associated with a Sunday.