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25 Best Drinking Game Apps for Extreme Fun

Every one of us wishes to have a special way of conducting our parties and to do so we try to find countless other ways which might be a lot costlier than we think. Today I present before you people the best drinking game apps which are easy to download and will help you keep the mood of your party light.

These Drinking Game apps are free to download and super easy to operate.

Drinking Game Apps – But Why??

You might be wondering, why specifically drinking game apps, that’s because these apps are one of the cheapest fun to liven up your party. With prior instructions on the usage of these apps, you would not have to waste time entertaining other options, when you can lighten up the party with drinking game apps.

10 Fantastic Drinking Game Apps for Parties

Since I have talked so much about drinking game apps, I would also like to show you some of the best examples of drinking games. Have a look down below:-

1. 5 Second Rule – Drinking Game

Want some game, which will help you see your friend’s reaction under pressure, then download the 5 Second Rule- Drinking game app. This game operates on a single rule, you have to answer the specific question within a limited amount of time and if you are unable to do so then you drink instead.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. Rated for 12+
  3. 13 MB
  4. 50 K+ downloads

2. Charades!

Act and guess weird scenarios, movies, people, etc. with your friends in Charades. It is a simple drinking game which is all about guessing clues on the cards, playing one on one with each other and put out different punishments when your friend is unable to give the right answer. Download Charades to enjoy this wonderful game.

  1. 4.4 Ratings
  2. 16 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 5 M+ downloads

3. Drink4FUN – Drinking Game

Drink4FUN is an all in one game, which is a combination of different drinking games, like How much can you drink? or choose between three exciting variations and design your own drinking game. With all these applications, the game is going to be a winner.

  1. 4.7 Ratings
  2. Rated for 12+
  3. 4.2 MB
  4. 50 K+ downloads

4. iPuke: Drinking game

iPuke, as its name suggests, is all about if you dare to drink or dare to complete the challenge issued out for you. This interactive game is for people who want to have the best of time in their parties. Download this game to have a good time.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 16+
  3. 5.8 MB
  4. 1 M+ download

5. Game of Shots (Drinking Game)

Game of shots is my personal favorite, it sets the mood in the parties. Games like King’s cup, Truth or False, Never have I ever, Roulette, etc. are a part of this drinking game app. There are options like dices and cards that won’t make you feel bored anytime soon.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. Ratings for 16+
  3. 11 MB
  4. 500 K+ download

6. Picolo drinking game

Picolo claims to be one of the best drinking apps which will light up the mood of your party. All you have to do is enter your friends’ names, and follow the instructions given, no matter how crazy they might sound and enjoy the hilarious outcomes.

  1. 4.4 Ratings
  2. Rated for 16+
  3. 14 MB
  4. 1 M+ downloads

7. Never Have I Ever – Drinking Game

Never have I ever drinking game is the app that will make you reveal all your secrets. The question Never have I Ever according to me is the most anticipated and dreaded question for people and when you aren’t able to answer the question, you take a shot, making the party a lot livelier.

  1. 4.3 MB
  2. Rated for 16+
  3. 5.5 MB
  4. 50 K+ downloads

8. Heads UP!

Tilt your phone and get a cue card and fulfill the instructions on that to see hilarious situations unfold in front of your eyes. Heads Up! is exactly that game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show and you can also play it in your parties that for free. Ranked as the Sensation by the New York Times, this app will blow your minds.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 65 MB
  4. 10 M+ Downloads

9. TrickOrDrink: drinking games

TrickOrDrink app gives you the perfect entertainment for your parties. With its spicy and smutty questions, truth or dares, a lot of never have I ever questions will set the mood high and enjoyment level would rise up to its heights. It is truly one of the Best drinking game apps for a drunken night or even for people who want to have fun with sobriety.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. 4.4 MB
  3. Rated for 16+
  4. 100 K+ downloads

10. Drink! The Drinking Game

Want an app which is just perfect for your party, then Drink! the drinking game is perfect for that cause. It has not only the classic drinking games but it also contains several different activities and mini-games which will not let you switch to any other app anytime soon.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 12+
  3. 33 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

11. Circle of Death

Circle of Death is not at all gruesome as the name sounds. All you might lose is a bit of the secret you hide and maybe the shyness in you. Play this game of 52 cards with bonus cards also known as bomb cards which will make the person who draws it do a ridiculous challenge for the whole game. This game will definitely spice up your party.

  1. 4.0 Ratings
  2. Rated for 16+
  3. 16 MB
  4. 100 K+ Download

This is my list of best drinking games which will keep your guests entertained and your parties might just become the best.

25 Best Drinking games Apps for Android

The aforementioned apps were my personal favorites when we talk about drinking games and now I have a list of some other drinking games app that might interest you.

  1. Drink Cocktail Real Sim
  2. Drink or Doom
  3. The King’s Cup
  4. Cocktail Flow
  5. Astro Party
  6. Shot Roulette
  7. King of Booze
  8. Heads UP
  9. Seven Drinking Game
  10. iPike
  11. Drink-O-Ton
  12. Drunk Potato
  13. Culture Chupistica
  14. Drink & Smiles
  15. Drinkaholic
  16. Game of Shots
  17. Tomanji drinking
  18. Lets get WASTED!
  19. Drinking Game- Taboo
  20. Do or Drink
  21. Shots Drinking
  22. TrickOrDrinking
  23. Would you Rather
  24. Never have I ever
  25. Circle of death

I hope you find these games up to your expectations.


Everyone needs a little entertainment to spice up their parties, creating the best mood needs to be a priority. My list of drinking games is the way you will achieve in making your parties a success. View and install the games you like and see the magic unfold.

Most Likely To: Drinking Games

Most Likely To: Drinking Games is another great addition to the world of drinking game apps.

This app is perfect for house parties and gatherings providing a fun and entertaining experience.

The gameplay is simple yet hilarious – players pass the phone around and read statements out loud then point to the person they think the statement suits best.

The person with the most fingers pointed at them takes a drink.

With different categories for the statements/challenges players can customize their gaming experience and avoid certain topics if desired.

Just be sure to remember that this game is meant for adults and may contain adult content so it may not be suitable for younger or easily offended individuals.

And if you want even more fun the app offers a subscription model that gives users instant access to all existing and future cards and removes ads.

So grab your friends download Most Likely To: Drinking Games and get ready for a night of laughter and good times.

Best 15 MB Games for Android

Many of us rely on games to relieve our stress but are often confused about which game we should install. There are many small and decent games that can help you pass your time or keep you away from stress. Today, we will be talking about 15 MB Games.

Not everyone likes playing big games on smartphones. For the same reason, a lot of companies are regularly coming up with some really interesting small yet addicting games. In this article, I will be listing out the Best Android Games under 15 MB.

What exactly are 15 MB Android Games?

You must be thinking why specifically 15 MB games? Because good things come in small packages. All of us need a little escape from our hectic lifestyle and these games might be a good choice. We always hear rumors that your phone or games will not teach you any good stuff but that isn’t entirely true. There are games which help you increase specific skills as well.

Also, the amount of space these games require is close to none and almost every smartphone model can support such games.

If you are still looking for more smaller games, then check out 2 MB Games here, 5MB Games here, or 10 MB Games here.

Now, let us check out the most trending free 15 MB Games for Android.

15 MB Games for Android

You must be wondering about what games I have that can really cure your boredom. Well, worry not because I have listed down 13 of my absolute favorite 15 MB games.

1. Modern Sniper

If you are someone who takes great joy in fighting and shooting aims then Modern Sniper is perfect for you. This game will take you on a journey to the underworld. With its 3 D graphics and 50+ crime shooter missions, you will surely love this game.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. 10 MB
  3. Rated for 16+
  4. 50 M+ downloads

2. Break the prison

Love breaking the rules and protocol, well here’s a way to break the rules without suffering any punishment. Break the prison game, as the name suggests is a game all about escaping the prison. This sure is interesting.

  1. 4.0 Ratings
  2. 11 MB
  3. Rated for 7+
  4. 10 M+ downloads

3. Ultimate Soccer – Football

For all the football fans in the world, I am sure that you are going to adore Ultimate Soccer – Football. This realistic football game app is absolutely addictive and immersive. With 3 D graphics and high-quality sound experience, you are going to have the best of time.

  1. 4.0 Ratings
  2. 14 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 50 M+ downloads

4. Fun Math Games

If you wish your child to love the subject mathematics then Fun math games seem to be a near-perfect option to complete your wish. With 200 mini-games covering the basic knowledge of math and other subjects, this 15 MB Android game will make your kids love the particular subject.

  1. 3.6 Ratings
  2. 4.6 MB
  3. Rated for 12+
  4. 50 K+ downloads

5. Flight Simulator RC Plane 3 D

If you ever wished to fly a plane but lack the courage to do so, then this Android game will fulfill that wish of yours. Flight Simulator RC Plane 3 D is a 3 D reality game where you have the ultimate control of your flight. So grab your phones and hop in this game.

  1. 3.7 Ratings
  2. 12 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 1 M+ downloads

6. Crazy Racer 3 D – Endless Race

Love competing for the first position then Crazy Racer 3 D- Endless Race game is the best choice. Satisfy your competitive streak by playing this 3D car racing game.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. 12 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 10 M+ downloads

7. Annelids

Annelids is an absolutely adorable game under 15MB that will win your heart with its characters. This battle game is set between worms, with a fully destructible world the worms set out to destroy their enemy and you are to help these creatures by playing in their favor.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. 15 MB
  3. Rated for 7+
  4. 10 M+ downloads


Claimed to be the most realistic anti-terrorist game, SWAT will make you feel as if you are erasing the enemies of humanity from this earth. This game will give an almost real experience of using weapons, combat, and guns. Download this game to play the game to your heart’s content.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. 11 MB
  3. Rated for 12+
  4. 10 M+ downloads

9. Bottle Shoot

Bottle shoot game is a stress buster, it relieves you of anxiety and helps you relieve your frustration without having adverse effects. Its all about shooting as many bottles as you can and I swear this game helps lower anger in you. Download this asap and enjoy it.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. 4.0 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 10 M+ downloads

10. Knock Down

Just like angry birds the game Knock Down presents you angry balls. All you have to do is sling the balls and knock down all the boxes standing. Aim your trajectory well and level up, and all you need is a bit of logic to get to another level. With its 60 unique and strategic levels, the game will keep you entertained for long.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. 4.2 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 50 M+ downloads

11. Millionaire quiz – Fun Trivia Quiz Game

Millionaire quiz is not a game about money but it is all about knowledge. We’ve all heard the saying that ‘ one can steal everything but others knowledge’ this game works on that saying. The extensive general knowledge will help you out someday or another, plus its a game so it won’t be boring.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. 12 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 100 K+ downloads

12. Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice is a game that is easy to download and works almost on every platform. All you got to do is slice the fruit by your finger and then enjoy the juice. This easy-to-play game is of a high quality that will not disappoint you in the slightest.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. 5.1 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 10 M+ download

13. Bullet Train Driving Simulator

Bullet Train Driving Simulator is a real driving experience in 3D. This simple game is all about being responsible passengers and bringing them to safety on time. Enjoy this game equipped with its 3 D view.

  1. 3.6 Rating
  2. 7.6 MB
  3. Rated for 3+
  4. 1 M+ downloads

This is my list of the best 15 MB games, I hope you enjoy them.

20 Games under 15 MB

I have some more interesting 15 MB games for you people to enjoy. Check out the list and enjoy.

  1. Speed Moto Racing
  2. Annelids
  3. SWAT
  4. Cooking Master
  5. Cake Maker Shop – Cooking Game
  6. Bike Xtreme
  7. Sniper Shoot Strike 3 D
  8. Go Tractor
  9. Bottle Shoot
  10. Gun & Blood
  11. Train Driving Simulator 3 D
  12. Car Parking Simulator 2019
  13. Stickman Fight
  14. Mountain Car Racing
  15. Cricket Cup
  16. 3 D Bus Simulator
  17. Street Fighting2:K.O Fighters
  18. Fruit Cut 3 D
  19. Space Racing 3 D – Star Race
  20. Mountain Car : Offroad Legends

Hope you find the game of your liking.


This was my list of the best 15 mb games. This will help you relieve your stress and let your kids enjoy games and keep them busy. Download these stress buster games and get rid of the frustration in your lives.

18 Best 2MB Games for Android [Free Download]

Who here doesn’t love a good game? We all know we do, but sometimes those battery-draining, data-sucking games are just too much to handle. Like, seriously, how are we supposed to destress when our phones die in the middle of a game?

And don’t even get me started on kids and their obsession with games.

It’s like they’re glued to their screens! But instead of letting them play those gory games, why not introduce them to some classic 2MB games? Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll also be developing their skills and abilities. It’s a win-win situation.

But wait, there’s more! In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the 18 BEST 2MB games that you can download and play FOR FREE. Yes, you read that right. So go ahead, indulge yourself in some light-hearted fun and let’s game on!

What Exactly Are 2MB Games?

2 MB games are what you call the mini dozes of refreshment. They are relaxing, simple and addictive at the same time. These games are easy to download and are very effective in making the user hooked to it. These games are practically a blessing on your phone. They not only help you save a lot of space but they can also be used without the internet.

12 Best 2MB Games to Play Now

Listed below are 12 fantastic 2 mb games that you might fancy. These games are very easy to play and I assure you that it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult these games are made for all.

1. Bubble Shoot


This game has all what it takes to bring your stress down. Bubble shoot is one of those games which are simply classic. When a person says old is gold then this game might just prove him right. With 1860 levels at its disposal you are not going to be bored anytime soon with this game.

  1. 4.0 rating.
  2. Rated for age 3+
  3. 1.7 MB
  4. 10 M+ downloads

2. Line color linking

Want to increase your child’s knowledge about color and develop his skills in matching lines? Well, here we have the Line color linking game. Even you won’t escape the allure of this game. With its 500 levels, its all set to keep you and your child interested for a long time.

  1. 4.4 rating
  2. 1.2 MB
  3. Rated fro age 3+
  4. 5 K+ downloads

3. Racing Games

If what you want is to compete with others then this game is all up your ally. Racing games presents you with wonderful 3 D graphics and different categories of racing you will be interested in the game. May it be ally racing, truck Racing, bike racing or even parking games they have it.

  1. 3.2 rating
  2. 1.7 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 5 M+ downloads

4. Play 100 in 1 Game

Bored with a single game and wish to have more than one game to play, well here we have the Play 100 in-1 game which gives you 100 options in one app. With so many options available, who would have the time to check out other options.

  1. 3.3 rating
  2. 0.97 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 100 k+ downloads

5. Torpedo Attack 3 D

Torpedo Attack 3 D is one of those games which cannot bore a person no matter how much they try. This game is all about aim and in this all you have to do is destroy the passing ships using Torpedoes. I suggest you to release your frustration by playing this game.

  1. 3.5 rating.
  2. 1.5 MB
  3. Rated for age 7+
  4. 1 M+ downloads

6. The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter

The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter a game for people with an aim and even if you think you are bad at aiming don’t worry your pretty little heads because I am sure that this game wouldn’t mind your poor archery skills.

  1. 3.7 rating
  2. 1.7 MB
  3. Rated for age 12+
  4. 100 K+ downloads

7. Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket brings you an adorable version of cricket. A shout out to all the cricket fans, this is a game you make sure you try. And even if you aren’t a cricket fan then just for the sake of watching the cute doodle try this game once.

  1. 4.3 rating.
  2. 321 KB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 1 M+ Downloads

8. Stickman and Shotgun

Zombies is a genre which is both funny and gruesome but the newest game that I have tried has animated zombies with a lone survivor in the apocalypse. Stickman and Shotgun is a game which does not show blood bath but you can relieve your frustration by killing the zombies.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. 2.0 MB
  3. Rated for age 12+
  4. 500 K+ downloads

9. Crazy Colors: Bubble Matching

Crazy Colors: Bubble Matching is a tiny game which can be easily downloaded on your phones and is very easy to play as well. This game is all about bursting bubbles by matching them according to their colors.

  1. 4.4 Rating
  2. 1.5 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 100 K+ downloads

10. Cube Game

Sharpen your minds by playing Cube Game . This virtual Rubik’s Cube is all set to help your child learn how to solve puzzles in a very creative manner. Even you would love playing this game as it helps you increase your problem solving skills.

  1. 4.0 Rating
  2. 1.4 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 1 M+ downloads

11. MotoXtreme


If what you want is a simple yet interesting game then this will surely MotoXtreme will surely win you over. This free Motocross game is very easy to understand and extremely addicting when played. Download this now and enjoy this simple game.

  1. 3.5 Rating
  2. 1.9 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 1 M+ downloads

12. Chess for Android

It is said that war are won with minds and what better than chess to sharpen your minds. So I present before you Chess for Android, a game which is very small but at the same time when played diligently, it will help you sharpen your skill set.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. 0.96 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 10 M+ downloads

13. GK Games

If you are preparing for IAS, IPS, IRS,or any other UPSC examinations then this game is perfect for you. GK Games is not just a game but it is also a fun way of learning about the current affairs of the world. This is a perfect game for every age group.

  1. 3.5 Ratings.
  2. 1.4 MB
  3. Rated for age 3+
  4. 50 K+ downloads

These are 12 Mind Blowing 2 MB games that you can easily download and play on your phone, PC or laptop.

List of 2 mb games for Android

Want to see more of such games, well here is a list of games that you will surely love.

  1. Play 100 in 1 game
  2. Racing games
  3. Free Girl Games
  4. TANKS
  5. Play +101 Online Games 2019
  6. Crazy colors: Bubble Matching
  7. Tic Tac Toe Free
  8. Chess for Android
  9. The Avengers- destroyers
  10. Cube game
  11. MotoXtreme
  12. Stickman and Shotgun
  13. Escape: The Room
  14. Line Color Linking
  15. Bubble Shoot
  16. StunkSki
  17. GK Games
  18. Torpedo Attack 3D


With this list I present you the best 2 mb games for Android, that will lighten up your mood and relax your mind. Now hurry and download these games and start your journey of getting unwind.

15 Games to Play over Facetime or Skype Video Calls

There are many games that can be played face to face. But what if you want to have some fun over a video call or Facetime? Because we all can understand that if talking to someone over a video call is something regular, soon it gets boring and ordinary. And to stop that boredom you can actually initiate some fun. Yes! To your surprise, there are many games to play over Facetime or Skype or any random video call.

We are here to share 15 such video call games to enjoy with your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend,  crush or anyone. So let’s proceed.

15 Best Games to Play over Facetime

So, here are the best games to play over skype or Facetime calls.

1.Truth or Dare

Now on a video call, you can’t spin any bottle. So, it’s better to go one by one. You can either ask them any question or else give them any dare. It all depends on the player. So, what are you thinking now? You must be having some spy questions and naughty dares in your mind. Time to play this game!

2. Complete A Story – Game to Play with your other Half

Are you a story person? Someone who just love to create a story in their mind.

So why to create it in just your mind and not in reality with someone!  So it starts with some random line anyone of you can say and then one by one, both of you will say just one-one line and complete the story. This way you can learn a lot about the thought process of the person playing with you. So what are you waiting for?

3. Kiss, Marry or Kill?

Okay, so who doesn’t love such a tricky game?

Just give 3 names to your friend and they have to choose each one of them for the given choice which are Kiss, marry or kill. This can be a really exciting game.

4. Would you Rather?

Another interesting game to play on a video call. If you want to know someone’s choices more, you can play this game. You can know their choices. You just have to be ready with questions like Would you rather have chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream every day? Simple right?

5. Guess the Object in 20 Questions

This game is easy but really fun to play. You just have to choose an object and your friend will ask you 20 questions about the same and try to guess the object. You can’t directly say the answers but you have to answer the questions correctly.

This video call game is really fun to play.

6. Read my Lips

If your internet connection is good and the video quality is clear then this game is a lovely game to play over Facetime or Skype or WhatsApp video Call.

As the name suggests, this game is simple and need the proper focus of your partner. You will say something about them, they just have to read your lips and guess the correct words you’re saying. (Just saying but you can also confess your love here, Just saying!)

7. Charades

The most famous game. But how can you play this over facetime? It’s simple. Just select any movie name or any object and just mimic that over a video call and your friend will guess by seeing. This can be more fun over a video call, Just try it out once!

8. I have Never Ever

This game is really interesting and can open many secrets too. Both the players should have some drink in their hand and each one will say one – one statement. For eg- I have never ever bunked my college. And if other person did that thing in his/her past. He/She will take the sip from their drink. Simple and easy, but really fun to play!

9. Word Game

This one is from your childhood. Choose any category like animals, countries or anything.

Say the first word, the second person must say the second word beginning with the last letter of the first word.


  1. Tiger
  2. Rat
  3. Tortoise

10. What If?

Do you love creating some random situations and thinking what will happen next? If your answer is yes! This game is for you.

Both the person will give each other some random situation like What if i die? (Well, don’t give this one.. It’s very dramatic) This way you can actually ask anything stupid and expect some crispy answer.

This game is really popular among couples in a Long Distance Relationship.  

11. Word After Word

Now this one is the really nice and important game we all should play, so have you watched Kuch kuch hota hai or Zindagi na milegi dobara. Remember the word game they played. One player will say one word and the second one will answer in one word only without taking more than a second.

Eg- You said Clouds, your friend replied rain, you said summer, your friend replied ice cream.

Like this, it continues. On any word, if second player fumbles that means that thing is somehow bothering him/her.

Try it if you want to know some inner feelings!

12. Personality Quiz

There are many good personality quizzes available online. You can choose one of them (You can also add some of your questions in that). This can be very interesting and helpful game.

13. Exhaustion Game

Well, In this game each player will give an opponent a question like a name 5 Bollywood actors whose name starts with letter ‘S’ etc. (As you’re on the video call, you can see them not taking help from google)

You can give any question but there should be 5 in it. The one who stuck first loses.

14. Compatibility Test

Well, time to test your friend. In this game, one player will ask questions about their own self to the second player and test how much the other person knows about them and their liking. This way you can know a lot about other person and vice versa.

15. Are you an “X” or a “Y”?

This is really easy and thought-provoking game. Both the players will ask each other a question one by one and questions will be like Are you a horse or tiger? Are you strong minded or soft-hearted? Means Questions with two options. This way you can understand how they perceive themselves. Don’t wait just play this one right now!

And that’s all!

Final Words

We all know that long distance friendship or relationship can turn into some boring lengthy relation. So to keep the charm alive, these games are the best option. Don’t wait for another person to bring the spark back, you can do it too! Our list of Games are the best to play over Facetime or video call. So, have fun playing these games.

One Man Hide and Seek aka Hitori Kakurenbo [Don’t Play]

Remembering your childhood, answer just one question. Have you ever played hide and seek? If your answer is yes, you must be knowing that this game is one of those games in which you can’t play alone. And that’s contrary to our heading, One man hide and seek (or Hitori Kakurenbo). Because in this game you won’t be having any of your friends with you but a ghost.

Yes, a ghost! Seems funny or dangerous?

What is One Man Hide and Seek Game?

First of all, this game is known as Hitori Kakurenbo which literally means One Man Hide and Seek. The game is same, it’s just you’ll be playing this time with one ghost. You’ll invite them by yourself and also give them farewell. Without wasting any more time, Let’s get into it and see the right technique to play this spooky game.

Requirements to Play this Ritual/Game

You will some items to play this game. Make sure to have them all as it really important to use the exact same items listed below;

  • A stuffed doll with limbs (Limbs are necessary)
  • Pair of nail cutters
  • A needle
  • A red thread
  • A knife
  • A bathroom (Should have a bathtub in it)
  • A glass of salt water
  • A television
  • A hiding place
  • One sack of uncooked rice
  • Some cleaning agent


You have to be alone for the game!

How to Play One Man Hide and Seek Game?

Now, unlike other games, Hitori Kakurenbo is divided into 3 parts. Pre, Main, and Post.

1. Pre-game

Here are the steps you need to follow before playing this game.

  • Using a knife, cut the doll from the midpoint.
  • There must be stuffing of cotton inside, remove that.
  • Stuff that with uncooked rice you have and cut your piece of nail and keep that into it with rice.
  • You have a needle and red thread too, remember?
  • Using that, stitch the doll to keep that uncooked rice intact, after stitching properly, do not cut the remaining thread.
  • Roll the remaining thread around doll only and then tie both the ends.
  • Fill water in the bathtub.
  • Time to search for a place to hide. (Just search don’t hide yet)
  • Now as you have a place, clean that with any cleaning agent.
  • Once purification is done, set the television in that room only.
  • Place the knife and a cup or glass of salt water in the area you’re going to hide.
  • Time to name the doll. (Don’t keep your name)

2. Main game


  • As other ghost games, this game too starts at 3 am.
  • You have to repeat a phrase 3 times “ (Your name) is first” (Fill your name there)
  • Go to the bathroom and submerge the doll in the bathtub.
  • Turn off all the lights, not only of the bathroom but the whole house.
  • Turn on the television and go to your hiding place.
  • Close your eyes and count to ten.
  • After you finish counting. Hold your knife in hand and go to the bathroom.
  • Remove the doll from the tub and say the following phrase: I have found you (Doll’s name), by using your knife cut the red thread binding the doll.
  • And say the following phrase to doll “You are next (Doll’s name)” and again submerge the doll in the bathtub.
  • Go back to your hiding place. Remain silent.
  • Now fill your mouth with that salt water in the cup, do not swallow that. And keep the cup with remaining water in your hand.
  • Start looking for the doll. (The doll may not be there in the bathtub now)
  • When you find the doll, pour the remaining water you have on that doll. Throw the water of your mouth on that doll too.
  • Say this phrase 3 times to the doll “I win.”

Scary as hell!!!

3. Post-main game

  • Now the last but most important part, after completing the game, allow the doll to dry, burn it and discard it properly! Game over!

Now the game is over.

Important Rules to Follow

Read these rules carefully as it can be dangerous otherwise.

  • The Rice you put in the doll is considered as organs of the doll.
  • The Red thread represents the blood vessels and when you snipped the thread, you release the spirit you attracted in it at the first place.
  • While naming the doll, do not name it by your name or someone you know.
  • Do not turn the lights on in middle.
  • Do not lock the doors.
  • Do not shout, keep silent.
  • Do not leave your house.
  • Do not ever leave your hiding space without salt water in your mouth and hand (That is in a way protecting you)
  • Television is only there to make you feel when there is some new energy in the room, do not turn off the TV in between and also do not shout while seeing changes in television.
  • This game is a little dangerous of course, so try not to stretch it for more than 2 hours.
  • Before starting the game, think about it carefully and only start if you’re ready, because leaving this game in between can lead to some unknown consequences.

Real Life Experiences of One Man Hide and Seek Game

Before you start playing, here is a compilation of some really horror experiences of people who played Hitori Kakurenbo game.

Note that the following experiences are what people shared on the internet. We cannot be sure of what is true and what is false, all I can say is, some of them sounds real.

Another user on Reddit reports her experience with the game here. She had faced a lot of problems after playing the game. What’s more freaking is that the user posted an update to the experience which she claims that she didn’t post. Here is a part of her experience;

Isn’t this scary as hell.

And finally, here’s a video of a Youtuber who tried to play this game.

Well, yes the video can be staged as we know how well Youtubers are posting fake stuff to gain attention. They should rather look for unique Video Ideas that actually help them grow.

Is it Really Safe to Play Hitori Kakurenbo?

You know the game, rules and also all the important points. So sit and think if you really want to play the game?

As it can be very scary and dangerous too. Like we don’t know how spooky it can be right? Especially if you’re someone who is easily scared by small things, this can be huge for you!

If you have some heart problem, you should also to avoid the game as it can increase your anxiety. So overall, play if you want to but taking all the aspects in your mind seriously.

Play safe and have fun!

Real-Life Experiences of Hitori Kakurenbo

Before you start playing Hitori Kakurenbo it’s important to consider the experiences of those who have played the game before.

While these experiences are shared online and may not be entirely true they still provide a glimpse into the potential dangers of the game.

One Reddit user reported encountering strange phenomena after playing including hearing footsteps seeing objects move on their own and even being physically harmed.

Another user shared a chilling experience of their host sister getting injured and losing vision in one eye after playing the game.

These stories serve as a reminder that Hitori Kakurenbo is not a game to be taken lightly and that the potential consequences can be severe.

It’s advisable to think carefully before embarking on this dangerous ritual and to prioritize your safety above all else.