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15 Games to Play over Facetime or Skype Video Calls

There are many games that can be played face to face. But what if you want to have some fun over a video call or Facetime? Because we all can understand that if talking to someone over a video call is something regular, soon it gets boring and ordinary. And to stop that boredom you can actually initiate some fun. Yes! To your surprise, there are many games to play over Facetime or Skype or any random video call.

We are here to share 15 such video call games to enjoy with your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend,  crush or anyone. So let’s proceed.

15 Best Games to Play over Facetime

So, here are the best games to play over skype or Facetime calls.

1.Truth or Dare

Now on a video call, you can’t spin any bottle. So, it’s better to go one by one. You can either ask them any question or else give them any dare. It all depends on the player. So, what are you thinking now? You must be having some spy questions and naughty dares in your mind. Time to play this game!

2. Complete A Story – Game to Play with your other Half

Are you a story person? Someone who just love to create a story in their mind.

So why to create it in just your mind and not in reality with someone!  So it starts with some random line anyone of you can say and then one by one, both of you will say just one-one line and complete the story. This way you can learn a lot about the thought process of the person playing with you. So what are you waiting for?

3. Kiss, Marry or Kill?

Okay, so who doesn’t love such a tricky game?

Just give 3 names to your friend and they have to choose each one of them for the given choice which are Kiss, marry or kill. This can be a really exciting game.

4. Would you Rather?

Another interesting game to play on a video call. If you want to know someone’s choices more, you can play this game. You can know their choices. You just have to be ready with questions like Would you rather have chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream every day? Simple right?

5. Guess the Object in 20 Questions

This game is easy but really fun to play. You just have to choose an object and your friend will ask you 20 questions about the same and try to guess the object. You can’t directly say the answers but you have to answer the questions correctly.

This video call game is really fun to play.

6. Read my Lips

If your internet connection is good and the video quality is clear then this game is a lovely game to play over Facetime or Skype or WhatsApp video Call.

As the name suggests, this game is simple and need the proper focus of your partner. You will say something about them, they just have to read your lips and guess the correct words you’re saying. (Just saying but you can also confess your love here, Just saying!)

7. Charades

The most famous game. But how can you play this over facetime? It’s simple. Just select any movie name or any object and just mimic that over a video call and your friend will guess by seeing. This can be more fun over a video call, Just try it out once!

8. I have Never Ever

This game is really interesting and can open many secrets too. Both the players should have some drink in their hand and each one will say one – one statement. For eg- I have never ever bunked my college. And if other person did that thing in his/her past. He/She will take the sip from their drink. Simple and easy, but really fun to play!

9. Word Game

This one is from your childhood. Choose any category like animals, countries or anything.

Say the first word, the second person must say the second word beginning with the last letter of the first word.


  1. Tiger
  2. Rat
  3. Tortoise

10. What If?

Do you love creating some random situations and thinking what will happen next? If your answer is yes! This game is for you.

Both the person will give each other some random situation like What if i die? (Well, don’t give this one.. It’s very dramatic) This way you can actually ask anything stupid and expect some crispy answer.

This game is really popular among couples in a Long Distance Relationship.  

11. Word After Word

Now this one is the really nice and important game we all should play, so have you watched Kuch kuch hota hai or Zindagi na milegi dobara. Remember the word game they played. One player will say one word and the second one will answer in one word only without taking more than a second.

Eg- You said Clouds, your friend replied rain, you said summer, your friend replied ice cream.

Like this, it continues. On any word, if second player fumbles that means that thing is somehow bothering him/her.

Try it if you want to know some inner feelings!

12. Personality Quiz

There are many good personality quizzes available online. You can choose one of them (You can also add some of your questions in that). This can be very interesting and helpful game.

13. Exhaustion Game

Well, In this game each player will give an opponent a question like a name 5 Bollywood actors whose name starts with letter ‘S’ etc. (As you’re on the video call, you can see them not taking help from google)

You can give any question but there should be 5 in it. The one who stuck first loses.

14. Compatibility Test

Well, time to test your friend. In this game, one player will ask questions about their own self to the second player and test how much the other person knows about them and their liking. This way you can know a lot about other person and vice versa.

15. Are you an “X” or a “Y”?

This is really easy and thought-provoking game. Both the players will ask each other a question one by one and questions will be like Are you a horse or tiger? Are you strong minded or soft-hearted? Means Questions with two options. This way you can understand how they perceive themselves. Don’t wait just play this one right now!

And that’s all!

Final Words

We all know that long distance friendship or relationship can turn into some boring lengthy relation. So to keep the charm alive, these games are the best option. Don’t wait for another person to bring the spark back, you can do it too! Our list of Games are the best to play over Facetime or video call. So, have fun playing these games.