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Daruma San: How to Play The Bath Game [Full Steps]

There are many games in which you play with ghost or spirit or you play to call them near you to get some answers and sometimes just for fun. Though they’re fun but at the same time dangerous too. People usually like to play such a game with their friends at night stay or so. They’re not safe of course but there’s no record of any mishappening.

Today we’re going to share one of those games i.e Daruma San and its technique with you. Read every step and instruction carefully and then decide wisely if you really want to play it!

What Is Daruma San?

Daruma San also is known as Bath game based on Japanese children’s game called Darumasan ga Koronda. One of the spookiest games played by many people for fun. The trick is simple, Daruma san will try her best to catch you but you should never let that happen. I repeat NEVER!

Daruma means “Good luck” but for this game, don’t go on the meaning. She is for sure not going to get good luck with you, She’ll be there just to catch you!

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How Many Players are  Needed to Play Bath Game?

Well, usually it’s only one player in this game.

Yes, this is one of the rare spirit games in which there should only be one player, which can be more spooky right? So yes, think before you start playing.

The Things Needed? (Requirements)

And again, this game is one of those rarest game in which there’s no need for many things. For this, you just need a Bathroom with a bathtub in it. Now, remember, Bathtub is very important, don’t try to compensate it with a shower. That doesn’t work.

How To Play Daruma San?

So, basically, this game has 3 phases.

Pre, Main and Post event. Every phase has some steps to follow which will take you towards the next step and end. Let’s see each phase one by one.

Pre Main Event

So this phase begins as well as ends at midnight only. Read all the steps properly before starting. Here it goes :

  • Begin at night, just before you sleep.
  • Remove your clothes.
  • Enter the bathroom.
  • Fill the bathtub with water and turn off the lights.
  • Climb and sit down into bathtub facing the taps.
  • Close your eyes and start washing your hair. Close your eyes, you read that right?
  • As you start washing your hair, start saying this phrase “Daruma-San fall down, Daruma-San fall down”
  • Do not stop repeating the phrase till you’re done with your hair wash and do not open your eyes.
  • Now, if you’re doing it properly you’ll get a mental image of Japanese woman standing in bathtub then she’ll fall badly and her face will be on tap with her right eye popping out.
  • There are chances that you may hear some voices or feel something in your tub itself, Do not turn back and do not open your eyes.
  • Now, Ask the question “Why did you fall into the bathtub?”
  • Leave that question there only. Keeping your eyes close stand carefully and step out of that bathtub.
  • Come out of that bathroom and close the door.
  • Open your eyes now, Do not turn on any lights and without thinking anything just go to sleep.
  • The first phase ends here!

Main Event

  • Wake up at your own usual time and the game starts again.
  • Start and go with a day like every day. You’ll constantly feel someone following you but when you’ll see back, there’ll be nothing. Though if you see on your right side, you’ll get her glimpse few times (She’ll be having black tangles hair and only one eye)
  • She may try to come really close to you sometimes. Whenever that happened, that she’s too close to handle. Just shout “TOMARE” Means “Stop” and run away fast. It’s important to maintain some distance between you and her. Don’t let her catch you.
  • While you’re in this phase, you should be little more conscious and focused. Keep your side eye on her always.

Post Main Event 

  • Do this before midnight.
  • Stare and as you get her glimpse shout “Kitta” i.e “I cut you loose” While swinging your arm in downward position as if you’re cutting something by your own hand. (Take your hand as a chopper)
  • If you’re successful in this part, She’ll leave and you’ll feel relax.
  • And if not, Run away fast!

Some Important Points To Remember

  • She is very fond of Dark places and also places with water. So that day avoids going to such places to prevent the mishappening. Try to be a little more attentive.
  • Don’t be much alone for that day
  • “Tomare” sound should not be used again and again as after some attempts it’ll stop working, So use it when you feel it’s the only option left with you.
  • You should always end this game before midnight otherwise she may catch you.
  • If you fail to end this game, she may come into your dream and scare you.
  • The ending is not that easy though, she’ll hide if she gets to know that you’re going to end the game. You should see her while saying the word “Kitta”

Bath Game Real Life Experiences and Videos

Before you try out this game, have a look at some of the videos that people shot while playing this game. Most of the videos done by Youtubers are fake but it is still a good watch.

So, what are your thoughts?

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Is Daruma San Safe To Play?

To be very clear, this kind of games do not come with any guarantee. Sometimes it may work sometimes don’t. All depends upon the player and the right techniques. Though the risk factor is always high in such games as they are very uncertain. Anything can go wrong at any time. If you want our advice, it would be better if you avoid playing this game.

So as you’ve read it completely, decide if you want to risk it or not. Because the consequences are completely unknown. Give it a thought. Don’t run into some hurry process. Enthusiasm can actually go wrong sometimes!

Have a safe play!