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What Do Two Lines and Three Lines Tattoos Mean?

What Do Two Lines and Three Lines Tattoos Mean?

Tattoos consisting of two lines or three lines are fairly common – so much so that you will have probably wondered about their meaning. It is especially important to learn the significant of a tattoo before getting one yourself.

Check out all that these tattoos can possibly mean:

What Do Tattoos with Two Lines and Three Lines Signify?

Tattoos with two lines tend to signify loss and grief, while tattoos with three lines can have a more versatile meaning, often to do with symmetry, uniformity, or even as a representation of people or events – the location of the tattoos can alter their meaning.

What is the Main Meaning Behind a Tattoo with Two Lines?

The meaning behind this tattoo is fairly universal – it is typically a depiction of grief. People will usually get this tattoo to denote the loss of a loved one or even a pet.

It is believed that this trend comes from the Victorian era. For funerals back then, people wore black armbands. It was a sign of mourning. In many cases, the armbands stayed on for the entire mourning period.

The tattoo, naturally, is a more permanent sign of grief. This is why it is usually inked on when someone has experienced a particularly devastating loss. It is meant to be a constant reminder of what is no more.

In some instances, the double lines can be used to indicate any kind of grief. It could be a difficult period in someone’s life or a tough trial that they had to overcome. It doesn’t always have to do with loss.

It is important to remember that as with any tattoo, it is possible to place your own significance or meaning on a symbol. As such, in reality, the two lines tattoo can mean anything that you want it to.

Are Tattoos with Lines Always Black?

Technically, these tattoos can be any color at all – it depends on the person who is getting inked. As such, it can be any color of the rainbow.

However, as stated, the double line tattoo is usually meant to indicate grief or trial and tribulations. Due to this, black is a pretty appropriate color. Opting for a lighter or brighter shade may take away from the heavy meaning associated with this tattoo.

When it comes to the three lines tattoo, though, the rules aren’t as set in stone. Since this tattoo can have a wide variety of meanings, they can be any color, although black is a pretty common color for this tattoo. The hue can actually be used to alter or add meaning to the tattoo.

Does the Thickness Matter with Two Line Tattoos?

In some instances, both lines in the two line tattoo may be of the same thickness. In some cases, one is thicker than the other – one line may be considerably thicker than the other. So, what does this signify?

Well, in this case, the thicker line may be dealing with darker or heavy period in life. This could be to show that the loss or the grief was significant, something that was very difficult to overcome.

By contrast, the thinner line could denote the period after the darkness. This could be to show that there was some lighter to be seen. It is also possible that the thinner line could simply mean a smaller or lesser issue, but one that was still important.

Does the Location of the Two Line Tattoo Change Its Meaning?

Yes, it is possible that the location of this tattoo can alter its meaning. For instance, with most people, the tattoo is lower down the arm and is often found on the forearm. Here, it most often means grief.

If the tattoo is found higher up, around the bicep, for instance, it can indicate strength. This could mean strength of spirit, but especially with muscular men or women, being wrapped around a prominent muscle may indicate physical strength or fitness.

It is also possible that if someone has the tattoo on their dominant hand or foot that it is of greater importance to them. You are more likely to see or take note of the tattoo this way and, as such, it will serve as a greater reminder.

What are the Meanings Behind the Three Line Tattoo?

One of the reasons that the three line tattoo is so versatile is because of the multiple meanings behind the number three.

For some it signifies a completeness, balance, or symmetry. As such, having it as a tattoo on your body can be a way to promote a sense of balance in your life. It could be a symbol of you striving to reach these sense of balance as well.

For others, the three lines are symbols of the past, present, and the future. Due to this, they may be a depiction of the roads taken and the roads that you have yet to take. Or, it could simply mean that you accept that there is a certain lack of control regarding these periods of your life.

Similar to this, these lines can also represent the beginning, middle, or the end. Thus, the tattoo can be a representation of a particular event or can be a symbol for life in general.

The number three may also represent confidence, self-driven motivations, and even creativity. In this case, it could be an indication of someone’s belief or trust in themselves or could be a symbol of their drive in life.

Are The Three Lines Always the Same Thickness?

Unlike with the two lines tattoo, with the three lines artwork, the tattoos often tend to be the same thickness. This can be because the tattoo is used to depict uniformity and symmetry.

This an entirely personal option, however, and the lines can be of varying thickness. This is especially true if each line is meant to be a symbol of a particular time in someone’s life. Depending on the level of importance, some of the lines may be thicker or thinner than the other.

Is the Three Lines Tattoo Always Completed?

No, the three lines aren’t always completed as a circle. Whether or not it is whole or not depends on the meaning behind the tattoo.

It is possible that the two outer lines may be whole and the one in the middle is either not completed or intercepted by some other form of imagery. Or, all three lines may be incomplete, just one, or more.

What do incomplete lines mean? Well, in this instance, the symbolism isn’t as clear. This is because the break tends to have a personal and independent meaning. It could mean that something has been left undone or signifies a part of someone’s life that feels incomplete.

In some cases, the lines may be interrupted by names, phrases, or even images. Here, these will often give a clearer idea as to what the lines are supposed to mean. The image or word will denote what the lines are supposed to represent.

Does the Location Matter?

Unlike with the two lines tattoo, location doesn’t appear to be as important here. Nevertheless, it is often around the lower part of the arm and can be found around calves as well.

Some people may choose to shield the meaning of their tattoo, however, by having images or words interrupting the line towards the inside of their arm and leg. This may especially be in the case of names. This suggests a more intimate tattoo.

Is a Two Lines or Three Lines Tattoo Right for You?

Naturally, this decision is entirely up to you, but it is a good idea to think long and hard about whether this is the right tattoo for you.

This is especially true for the two lines tattoo. As it deals with grief, this is quite a powerful tattoo. You should only get it if you are sure that you want to be reminded of a person or event day in and day out. This is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

You should also be aware that due to its popularity that most people are aware of what this tattoo can mean. As such, you should know that you are sending out a strong and powerful statement.

There is less commitment with the three lines tattoo as the meaning behind it can change according to your preferences.

What Do the Two Lines and Three Lines Tattoos Signify?

If you see someone with two lines tattooed on their body, it’s not just some random fashion statement. It’s actually a symbol of loss and grief. So, before you go asking about the cool meaning behind it, maybe think twice.

Now, the three lines tattoo is a bit more complex. It can mean a variety of things, like balance, uniformity, or even representing an event that can be broken down into three parts. But let’s be real, when it comes to tattoos, there’s always a deeper meaning than what’s on the surface.

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