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What is an Austin Bar Piercing?

What is an Austin Bar Piercing?

Are you learning about all the different types of nasal and nostril piercings and trying to figure out which one is for you? If so, you may have heard of the unusual Austin bar piercing and wondering what it is all about.

You can discover just what to expect with this type of piercing here:

What Does an Austin Bar Piercing Look Like?

This is a piercing that goes through the tip of the nose – unlike other nose piercings, this one doesn’t go through the nostrils or the septum but rather is placed through the nasal cap – a barbell is used for this type of piercing.

How is the Austin Bar Piercing Performed?

Despite the fact that this piercing is quite unusual, it is performed with a standard piercing needle. The piercing will make a note of the entry and exit holes. They will ensure that they are level to one another.

The artist will double check the position and placement with you. I you are satisfied, then they will proceed with the piercing.

How Long Does the Austin Bar Take to Heal?

On average, it can between three and six months for this type of piercing to heal. It is unusual for it to take longer than this to heal.

As with any other piercing, after care is important. You will likely need to use some kind of cleaning or disinfecting product for the first few weeks. Until the piercing is fully healed, you will also need to wash your hands before touching or handling the site.

Austin Bar vs. Nasallang – What is the Difference?

It is quite easy to mistake an Austin bar piercing for a nasallang and vice versa. At a glance, they can look quite similar to one another.

The main difference, though, is that a nasallang sits higher up on the bridge of the nose. Here, the piercing goes through the septum and sits inside the nasal cavities.

How Common is the Austin Bar?

This is one of the rarer forms of nasal piercings and it is quite difficult to find people with it. This probably has to do with the unusual positioning of the piercing. Due to how uncommon it is, it can be difficult to find piercers who are willing to undertake this procedure.

How Much Does the Austin Bar Piercing Hurt?

If you go to a professional, then the pain should be minimal. However, you should be aware that there is a great deal of skin and flesh at the site of this piercing. Thus, the needle has to push through a thicker surface. This can cause the piercing to hurt more.

Of course, piercing pain is subjective. Some individuals may feel a great deal while others will not notice the sensation as much.

Are There Any Risks Associated with an Austin Bar Piercing?

Due to the placement of the piercing, there may be a higher chance of rejection or migration. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee but if you have previously experienced either rejection or migration, it is something that you are going to need to watch out for.

It is important to keep a close eye on your piercing – it can take weeks or even longer to notice whether or not the piercing is migrating.

If you do notice any changes in the placement, then it is best to speak to your piercer and have the barbell removed. This is because there isn’t anything that you can really do about migration.

An experienced piercer will hopefully be able to situate the piercing so that this will not happen, but such movement is still a possibility. If you do remove the piercing, make sure it is fully healed before talking about whether you should attempt the piercing again.

If you are prone to such migration, though, your piercer may warn you off this type of piercing.

Will an Austin Bar Piercing Suit You?

At the end of the day, it is important to choose a piercing that you really like rather than just choosing a piercing that will suit you.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that the positioning of the Austin bar piercing can call attention to your nose. Thus, you should be confident about the shape and size of your nose.

Some people have also noted that it can make the tip of your nose look wider. As such, it may be a better option for someone with a more pointed tip.

How Can You Find a Piercer for an Austin Bar Piercing?

As this is a rather unusual piercing, it can be difficult to find someone with experience with it. However, always use a pierce who has a lot of skill with nose piercings and has performed similar procedures to the Austin bar piercing. At least find someone who has worked with nasallang piercings as there are similarities between the two.

What is an Austin Bar Piercing?

An Austin bar piercing is one that runs through the nasal cap and avoids both the septum and nasal cavities unlike other nasal piercings – this is a rather unusual piercing and it can be difficult to find piercers who know how to get it just right.

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