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Warhead Challenge: How to Play, Rules and Warnings

Warhead Challenge: How to Play, Rules and Warnings

Ever heard of Warhead challenge?? Well, its a famous challenge that is played among friends in parties mainly. In this article, I will explain what is the Warhead Challenge, How to play it, What are the rules, What if Warhead Challege goes wrong and a few more things that you should know before trying out this challenge.

Let’s get started

What is the Warhead Challenge?

Warhead Challenge is where you basically attempt to chow down 150 of the most face-scrunching, gut-twisting candies known to mankind – Warheads – in just 10 minutes.

Now, if you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting these bad boys, let me tell you, they’re like a flavor explosion in your mouth – a mix of lip-puckering malic acid (yeah, that stuff found in apples) and tangy citric acid (the same stuff in lemons). And smack dab in the middle of all that sour madness is a sweet, hard candy center.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you could even try to shove as many of these tongue-torturing treats into your mouth as possible (safely, of course!). So, are you up for the challenge? Or are you gonna chicken out like a scaredy-cat? Let’s find out!


So yeah, warhead challenge can have a lot of variations. As long as you involve warhead candies in it. ( Just a thought, the people over at warhead must have seen a sudden supply-demand problem and a sudden increase in sales. Which I am guessing might also occur after the end of your read!)

Warnings and Safety Precautions

I believe that the warnings should come before the challenge.

  • Do not try this challenge if you can not tolerate eating a raw mango.
  • And definitely do not try this, if you cannot suck on a lemon (yeah, this challenge involves sour stuff, like wickedly sour stuff)
  • Do not go beyond a certain limit where you feel a sensation of burning in your mouth.
  • You might lose the sense of taste for quite a while, and the same has also been mentioned on the candy packet itself. (I thought of adding in a few images of what it can do to your mouth, but several of them involved blood which kind of threw me off)

Make sure to play safe as this challenge can be dangerous as well.

Why though?

The internet is a big crazy place with big crazy ideas. Many people love being challenged. And these challenges are for those people. However, if they like to be challenged, they should also be smart enough to decide which challenge they should try and which they should not. Take the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. If you are reading this, I am pretty sure you are familiar with it. If not, this challenge if about trying to plump your lips up somehow using homemade (crazy!) techniques.

Many doctors advised against this and yet people tried it. The result? Really swollen lips, some of which even requiring medical attention. But there are some other, a wee bit more sensible challenges. Taking the ALS Ice Bucket challenge for example. This challenge helped raise awareness and money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease.

So which challenge to go for is totally up to you, just do not attempt a challenge you are going to end up regretting later.

Rules of Warhead Challenge Game

All right, so let us get down to the very specific rules because after all, what is fun without the rules right?

  • All them candies should be in your mouth for the same duration of time. That is, some of them should not be there in your mouth already before you stuff the others! (although a difference in microseconds wont matter :P)
  • And if you decide that you are going to hold them in for say 10 minutes, you have to keep ALL the candies INSIDE of your mouth. (OK, 10 minutes is a really long time, just see that till what time you can hold them in your mouth and voila, your challenge is ready!) 
  • If even one of those bloodily sour candies fall out of your mouth, you have failed the challenge! I repeat :YOU HAVE FAILED THE CHALLENGE! better luck next time snowflake!But of course do not push yourself too much just for the sake of this challenge. Definitely throw those devil balls out if you feel they are choking you or someone accidentally set your mouth on fire.  
  • If you have decided that rather than stuffing them all in (like kung fu panda and the dumplings), you decide to eat 150 of them in 10 minutes, make sure that you fully consume each candy for it to be counted. The centre of the candy is sweet, so yeah, you could say that all good things come to those who wait!

Requirements for the Challenge

So by now, I believe that you may be having an idea in your mind about the requirements of this challenge. This challenge is all about the warhead candies. But wait, for this challenge specifically, you have to get EXTREME SOUR WARHEADS. 

If you have ever sucked on too many lemons for too long (or if you are like me, even one lemon would be enough) you would have experienced that sort of sore feeling in your throat and this acidic feeling in your mouth. The culprit for that is citric acid. Which is what is coated on these candies. Which is what makes them deadly sour.

Warnings, yet again

In the start of this blog/article thing, I had listed out all of the warnings. (Some people tend to forget to read at the end, they just read the challenge and boom, they get down to do it)

So you might probably be bored of this by now, but just tolerate it one more time : Do not stuff more candies than you can, do not choke yourself, and do not keep the candies in your mouth for too long that your tongue starts to bleed. But of course, if your tongue gets discolored, not to worry. The candies contain artificial dyes which is what discolors (or more like colors ) your tongue. 

Your mouth might start to feel numb, your tongue may not be able to taste stuff anymore. Though they say that all will turn back to normal, but in some extreme cases it does not.

So please be really careful. A challenge remains enjoyable only as long as it is safe and does not cause harm.


We have seen what the warhead challenge is, we have seen how we have to proceed on with it, and we have also seen what we need for it. But the most important thing is what we need to be careful about. Keep all of the above in mind, and go do the challenge! 

Invite your friends to do it too, if you feel it was safe enough. That is it! Thank you for reading!

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