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9 Best Music Making Apps for Android

9 Best Music Making Apps for Android

This article will help you find some of the Top, Best and Free Music Making Apps for Android. You can use these Music Production Apps to make new Music, Beats or Remix other songs. The list of apps is big and we recommend you to check all of them. 

Music is a very prominent form of art. Everyone is familiar with it. Everyone has their own taste for music. Music is very soothing for our heart and mind. It helps us to relieve our stress and forget our problems for a fleeting moment. There is no doubt that music is a very powerful weapon.So it is natural that some people chose to involve themselves with the music industry. While some of them are directly involved in creating music, others help them in their task. Such people are musicians, singers, and even includes the music industry. Usually, they have formal training in this field.

It may happen that you are also interested in making music. However, in absence of formal training or some other reason, this usually becomes difficult. Music related theory is also vast. It is not possible to amass it all in a small time period.

In such cases, android apps can help you to create a tune that you like. Also, these apps can help in being a good pass time. They are also known as “music making apps”. In this article, I have made a list of such music prodouction apps. Please read on to find out more.

Best Music Making Apps

I have made a list of the best music making apps. You can get these apps directly from the Google PlayStore.

Ninja Jamm

Ninja Jamm is a product of Coldcut, who has also made Ninja Tunes. IT is one of the most powerful music making apps that you can find in the google play store.

You can use it to create a very good combination of music and software. Simple touches can help you to mash clips, trigger and capture one-shot, and apply radical FX. After you are done with your creation you can share it by various means.

Click here to download Ninja Jamm.

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Music Maker JAM

This app is among the best music production apps that you can get in the google play store. It lets you choose any sample rate in between 8 to 48 kHz. Making your tune, you can also release it in Spotify or iTunes.

This app also allows you to include your own voice in the track you make. Also, another feature is that this app has a large community base where you can share your creations.

Click here to download Music Maker JAM.

DubStep Music Maker

With an 8×4 beat pad, this app makes music making on Android very easy for you. The user-friendly interface also makes using this app very fun. This app allows you to control various aspects of your creation like bass, treble, reverb and distortion.

The range provided is also quite impressible. The bass can vary from 10 to 300. You can also choose from different visualizers like bass height, treble sensibility etc. It is available for free in the play store.

Here is the download link for Dubstep Music Maker.

SPC Music Drumpad

This app is a very good music production and editing app. Other than creating your own music, you can also record your own music and edit it in this app. This app can record 5 different sample rates. They are 11025, 16000, 22050, 44100, and 48000.

However, this app functions fully in Android Jelly Bean or higher only. You can download the demo version and buy the original later of you like it.

Click here to download SPC Music Drumpad.

Drum Pads24 Music Maker

With more than 2500 sounds, this app is one of the easiest and powerful apps for creating music on android. You can use this app to create your own music soundtracks.

You can include and create music in various genres like beats, electro, chill, trap, big room house and neuro funk. This app is a bit different from the music apps you can generally find in the store. Also, this easy and powerful production app is free for download from the google play store.

Here is the download link for Drum Pads24 Music Maker.


This app is a powerful music-making app. With this app, you can connect MIDI controllers to android via OTG cables. This app is available for both Android and PC.

The demo version does not allow you to save or export your creations. For those features, you have to download the premium version.

Here is the download link for Caustic.

n Track Studio Music DRAW

n Track Studio Music Draw functions on music beats. Choose among different buffer sizes and different recording format. Share your creation with your family and friends after exporting them. However, the app is not available for free. You have to buy the standard or pro subscription to enjoy its features

Click here to download n Track Studio Music DRAW.

REMX: Music Maker

REMX is also among the best and easily used music making apps. Now with this app, you can create music in various genres like EDM, RnB, House, Hip Hop, etc. This is just the app for you if you are bored with the daily music you listen and want to create something new of your own.

Here is the download link for REMX: Music Maker.


This app is very popular among music lovers. Other than the normal features a music app provides, this app also hoists competitions and contests. You can compete in these with your own music creations. The best creations can win various prizes. Share your creations with your family and friends.

Click here to download Songtree.

List of  Top 9 Music Production apps for Android

Based on the above heading, here is a list of the best music making apps in the store.

  1. Ninja Jamm
  2. Music Maker JAM
  3. DubStep Music Maker
  4. SPC Music Drumpad
  5. Drum Pads24 Music Maker
  6. Caustic
  7. n Track Studio Music DRAW
  8. REMX: Music Maker
  9. Songtree

So these are the 9 Best Music Making and Production apps that you can download for free.


Thus we see there are a lot of music making apps in the store. You can use these apps to create some really good tunes. Most of these apps also help you to include music form musical instruments without knowing the theory of music.

This is a good thing if you are too busy to understand the basics. On the other hand, understanding the basics help you to create a better tune.

I hope you found this article useful. Please let us know what you think or which apps we missed in the comment section below.

Extra Section: Best Music Production Apps for Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking to start making music there are several user-friendly music production apps that can help you get started.

Garageband available on iOS devices is a great option with a wide range of instruments and loops to choose from.

Another popular choice is Soundtrap created by Spotify which offers features like AutoTune and automation for easy and quick music production.

Reason Compact is also worth considering as it is a portable music studio with ready-made beats and sounds.

For Android users FL Studio Mobile is a powerful and feature-packed app that allows you to create and save multi-track projects.

These apps provide a simplified and intuitive interface making it easier for beginners to learn and experiment with music production.

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