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Top 4 Spring Hair Extension Hairstyles

You are right to think that the fashion world has opened up tons of hair extension hairstyles for everyone. But since hair extensions aren’t for everyone, and not every style is in coherence with it.

Yes, you can play with the beach waves and the curls, but did you know that using hair extensions can change your look for the season?

If done right, you will need little to no accessories for uplifting your personality.

Today, the spring hair extension hairstyles are all over the place and will make you look your best. Here’s what you need to know about a few of them:

1. Mermaid Waves

Under the water, let the heart of the ocean rest.

spring hairstyles

But what if you bring out the energy and try it on your hair? Yes, we’re recommending you to get the majestic mermaid waves and let them do the talking. And, if you’ve got thin hair, you can borrow the early 2000s hairstyle for the perfect look.

Plus, if you manage to get the clip in human hair extensions, working with a protective spray and putting on the right quantity will complete your look.

2. Twists

Versatile, cute, and effortless, twists are a signature for some reason.

Unlike the conventional spring hair extension hairstyles, you don’t have to twist to get the look. Placing the extension in the right position, depending on the mood of your hair. And once done, take the midsection of your hair near the face and twist them backward.

They can be fashioned in the shape of a small ponytail, too, thus, giving you a look that you’ve been willing to get.

3. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail has had a strong impact on the fashion world in the last few years. But, there’s a thin line between looking fashionable and looking like a scout.

It all depends on how you want the look to be. For example, if you’ve got thin hair, try to keep your hands on medium-sized extensions, as they won’t weigh heavily on your head.

Remember to leave an inch of the wider section to be wrapped around the pony base to put elastic in place. Lastly, you can add some texturizing spray to wrap up the scene.

4. Dutch Braid

Braids are highly intolerant to any hair extension that exists. But, they’re not impossible to achieve either.

Again, with thin hair, braids might appear to look less stylish. So depending on your hair length, the extension will vary too. From fishtails to Dutch, the options for braided hair extension hairstyles are endless.

They are often chanted for speaking the love language, so most people go gaga over them.

5. High Ponytail

While ponytails might sound cliché, their charm and warmth are. Also chanted as an ever-green hairstyle, the high ponytail has gone through several revolutionary trends in the last few years. Styling your hair with hair extensions has never been better.

Divide your hair in two and tie both sections with a small high ponytail. Push the pin through the process to complete the look.

High ponytail hair extensions are thriving since they’re easy to make and require from little to no effort.

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