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Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing

Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing

Want to get a nose piercing and wondering if there is a spiritual meaning behind it? Well, it is important to fully understand the implication of this body modification beforehand.

Here, you can discover the full extent of the spiritual meaning of a nose piercing:

Is There a Spiritual Meaning Behind the Nose Piercing?

Every culture wears a nose piercing for a different meaning but in Indian culture, a woman with a nose piercing often has one as a sign of devotion to Parvati, the goddess of marriage – a more personal spiritual meaning could be independence.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Piercing Your Right Nostril?

At least in Indian culture, isn’t a special meaning for either nostril. Thus, women can choose to pierce their left or right one. It is more commonplace to pierce the right nostril, however.

In terms of spirituality, the right nostril is pierced when a woman attains marrying age. As such, it can be an indication of a girl becoming a woman. In some cases, it is done right before a woman gets married.

The piercing is a sign of commitment to Parvati – she is the goddess of marriage. However, she is more than that and is considered a representation of femininity, love, and devotion.

As such, having your right nostril pierced can be a spiritual sign to take on the qualities that are most important to Parvati. It could be a symbol of how you choose to make love and commitment a major focus in your life.

It should also be noted that some religious texts presume that Parvati took on the form of the warrior goddess Durga to defeat her enemies. Thus, a nose piercing as a sign of devotion to Parvati could also indicate accessing all elements of yourself as a woman.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Piercing Your Left Nostril?

The left nostril is typically associated with the female reproductive system. Many women will get this nostril pierce to get rid of menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, and to even reduce the pain of childbirth.

Although there is no specific spiritual symbolism behind piercing the left side of your nose,it can be used as a way to signify sexuality, commitment to motherhood, or something similar that is related to reproduction.

What Religions are Nose Piercings Associated With?

It is presumed that this practice began in Africa or in a region that is now known as the Middle East. Even today, you can find warriors with such piercings.

Even thousands of years ago, though, the nose ring was associated with marriage. One of the earliest texts to mention nose rings is the bible. It was given as a betrothal gift. Due to this, it does have spiritual significance in Christianity, although only mentioned in the Old Testament.

As mentioned, it continues to have a strong link in Hinduism which is why you will find quite so many women in the country with one.

You may even see women in Nepal with a nose piercing, although it is a largely Buddhist country. There doesn’t appear to be any spiritual link between Buddhism and nose piercings.

The Western Spiritual Meaning of a Nose Piercing

With the rise of the Bohemian culture in the west, there was also an increase in the number of people who began wearing nose rings.

Many of these individuals don’t have a direct tie to Hinduism and has such don’t have a spiritual connection in this sense. They may be devoted followers of yoga or certain Indian principles. Their nose ring may be a symbol of that.

There are also those that may live their life according to Hindu principles, allow they may not identify themselves as being proper practitioners. Once again, the nose ring may be a symbol of their devotion to even a small portion of the religion.

For those who make up their own spiritual rules, nose piercings may be about a sense of freedom. Although they can be considered mainstream by today’s standards, they can still be frowned upon.

As such, some people may wear them in defiance of social norms.

Is There a Special Spiritual Meaning for Men with Nose Piercings?

When it comes to the spiritual element of nose piercings, these are typically associated with women. This is especially true for a piercing in the left nostril.

It is possible for men to wear a nose ring in their right nostril as a sign of love or devotion, however. More often than not, men wear nose rings as a fashion statement or as a sign of a more liberated lifestyle.

Should You Get a Nose Piercing as a Sign of Spirituality?

This is an entirely personal decision. I you feel like a nose piercing helps you to either remember or depict a certain element of your spirituality, then you should certainly get a piercing.

Even if you don’t associate with spirituality, though, you can still get this type of piercing.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Nose Piercing?

The most common spiritual meaning associated with a nose piercing is that of love, devotion, and marriage  although it can also indicate fertility or feminine divinity in some instances – in Western cultures it is associated with independence.

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