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King of Spades Tattoo Meaning

King of Spades Tattoo Meaning

A King of Spades tattoo looks really cool but is it just that – a cool tattoo or is there more than meets the eye. This tattoo can actually symbolize a variety of things.

You can discover all the possibilities of the meaning behind the King of Spades tattoo here:

What is the Meaning Behind a King of Spades Tattoo?

The meaning behind the King of Spades tattoo can vary based on the wearer’s intention, but it can be a symbol of power and supremacy – for those who believe in tarot and symbolism, it can be considered a sign of wisdom and spirituality.

When Does the King of Spades Tattoo Mean Power?

The first thing that you should know is that there is no set meaning to the King of Spades tattoo. It all depends on what the wearer wishes to signify. Due to this, the meaning can vary quite a bit.

More often than not, however, the King of Spades is seen as a symbol of power or status. This is because in a deck of cards, the Spades is the highest suit. And, the king signifies royalty and status. As such, it is commonly associated with a sign of supremacy.

The person with this tattoo could be referring to themselves as the king. And, because of the spades symbol, their status is elevated even further.

King and Queen of Spades – A Matching Pair

Couples or married individuals may have matching tattoos. One person will have a King of Spades tattoo while the other individual will have the Queen of Spades one.

These tattoos when paired together can often signify a power couple. The status or power is shared between the couple, putting them on equal footing with one another.

At the same time, it also shows the world that these two people belong together and are a matching pair.

When Does the King of Spades Symbolize Spirituality?

Not as many people have the King of Spades tattoo to symbolize spirituality and wisdom. This is because this meaning isn’t as well known.

It is only among tarot readers and other spiritualists that this symbol holds such a meaning. The King of Spades is typically associated with people who are born on the first day of the new year.

Due to this, someone whose birthday is on the 1st of January may get this tattoo in remembrance of their unusual birthday.

More so than wisdom, the King of Spades is an indication of unlimited potential – the ability to channel your energy into achieving your goals. Therefore, someone can use this tattoo to indicate their tendency towards hard work and succeeding in life or business.

The King of Spades and a Love of Cards

Of course, a King of Spades could also indicate a love of card games or even gambling. With many card games, the King of Spades holds sway and significance. As such, it could indicate a master of a particular card game.

For professional gamblers or card players, the tattoo could be a symbol of their chosen career. The tattoo may consist of just this card or include the other suits as well.

Does the Color Change the Meaning of the King of Spades Tattoo?

Some people do believe that the color can change the meaning of the symbol. For instance, an all-black tattoo may have a greater focus on power or purpose. As such, the wearer could be making a stronger statement.

On the contrary, a King of Spades tattoo that is in full color may be more for aesthetic purposes and less to indicate a particular meaning.

As with the imagery itself, though, the meaning of the color will depend on the wearer. If the individual prefers black or color, then this is what they are going to go with, regardless of what it may mean or not.

It should also be noted that people who want a tattoo of the King of Spades in card form may be more likely to get it in full color as it can increase how authentic it looks.

What Does the King of Spades Tattoo Mean?

The King of Spades tattoo can have various meanings, often dependent on the wearer’s preference – more often than not, it is consider a symbol of power and status although it may also be a symbol of wisdom, potential, and spirituality for those who believe in tarot symbolism.

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