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10 Sites to Send Free SMS Without Registration

Hey fellas! Are you up to something? Is it a site that sends free SMS without registration? Congratulations! you have discovered the right place. Here we have listed some of the sites using which you can send free SMS without registration to anyone in the world.

These sites will help you in urgent situations to send a quick message to your friends, relatives when you don’t have your phone with you. Also, if you don’t do SMS pack recharges which in general case you don’t, these websites will help you to send unlimited anonymous SMS to any phone.

10 Sites to Send Free SMS Without Registration

Check out these top 10 sites that send free sms without registration.

  1. Ultoo
  2. Mysms India
  3.  sendanonymoussms
  4. 160by2
  5. sms country
  6. way2sms
  7. Slide SMS
  8. FullonSMS
  9. TxtEmNow
  10. AFreeSms

Let us now see some more details about these online SMS Websites.

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sites that send free sms without registration

Another site that send free sms without registration is Ultoo. You can start sending SMS online as soon as to reach the official website. It’s absolutely free. Apart from free messaging services this site offer you to do free online recharge by earning credits to play games at Ultoo and more.

Check ultoo here

MySMS India

sites that send free sms without registration

This app work well only in India. Mysms India let you send free bulk sms in India. You can send a message to anyone, anytime and as long as you want, since there is no character limit.

And the plus point is that there are no annoying advertisements that nag you every time. It is the best site that sends free SMS without registration to any mobile number. Well, you must give it a try for sure.

Check MySMS here


10 Sites to send free sms without registration

What about having some more fun? Sending free SMS to any number without registration that too anonymously! If you are in this then SendAnonymousSMS is a perfect choice. It can easily send an Online SMS without showing identity or your mobile number to the recipient.

This is also very trusted safe and international world largest send unlimited free SMS Without registration service provider to send free text messages online there no any registration.

Check out this site here.


10 Sites to send free sms without registration

16by2 is the 2nd best free SMS site and it has very few advertisements. This site can send a text message that has maximum 140 characters. Isn’t this amazing?. The messages are delivered at blazing fast speed. The messages sent through 160by2 won’t have any advertisements links or promotional content in it. This is yet another important feature of this free to use service.

160by2 enables users to defer SMS sending. It has a massive collection of free text messages which you can use while sending a greeting. This site lets you send SMS to 1+ person at the same time. It also allows you to create SMS alerts.

Visit 160by2

SMS Country

sites that send free sms without registration

SMS Country is just like any other site mentioned here. The ease of use, the simplicity of integration, zero start-up costs, feedback through delivery reports, customized bulk push etc are features that benefit our users immensely.

If you want to access this website click here


sites that send free sms without registration

It is very similar to 160by2, probably by the same company. So in case, you’re not able to access 160by2.com, you can use this website. However, you are required to create a separate account here. Additional to all this site allow you to send group SMS, choose popular sms from your dashboard to send out and more.

Check out here


sites that send free sms without registration

Slide SMS site offers you the opportunity to send unlimited international SMS free of charge. We are able to send SMS to over 200 countries across the globe.

We can send SMS with a maximum limit of 300 characters; as well as Slide SMS allows you to send image SMS for free. We can use without registration. Just we have to enter our mobile number.

If you want to use this app click here


sites that send free sms without registration

This site is amazing for you. In this site, you can easily send SMS free with maximum 440 Characters. You can send messages in other languages like Hindi and Tamil.

If you forgot your friend’s phone number then you can create a phonebook there and enter each of your friends and then start to send free messages to everyone. You can send group messages as well. Like if you want to wish everyone Happy New Year then you can send Group messages to your whole phone book.

Check out FullOnSMS site here


sites that send free sms without registration

So, friends, another site that sends free SMS online without registration for free. This site also supports International numbers. So you can also send anonymously SMS Without registration like you’re anonymous with the help of “Anonymous Texting app site”. You must need to Fill up the form to Send Free text messages to your friends.

Check out TxtEmNow


sites that send free sms without registration

AFreeSMS is another website to send free text messages. This free online service requires you to enter a captcha code before you send the SMS. This web portal can send SMS to any part of the world.

Once your message is sent, AFreeSMS will display a confirmation message. It will also show the text message ID, the mobile carrier of the receiving number, etc. If you’re receiving too many messages from a particular number from AFreeSMS, you should fill the form on the SMS blocker page of the site and submit it.

Check out AFreeSMS

That is the end of the 10 sites that send free SMS without registration list. Hope you enjoyed it. Let us know in the comments section below about your favorite site. Also in case, we had missed any of potential sites drop their names in the comment section. We will surely add them to the list. That’s it for now.

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