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100 Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas [Updated]

100 Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas [Updated]

Yo, my peeps! Guess what’s the latest buzzword that’s been circulating? It’s none other than the “7-second challenge”!

Basically, you’re given a task and you gotta do it within 7 seconds or less. It’s like a race against the clock. But hey, if you’re in the mood to kill some time and have some fun, why not give it a shot?

And, you can even drag your homies and fam to join in on the fun! So, I’ve got a list of over 100 crazy challenges that will make your day. Let’s dive in, shall we?

100+ 7 second Challenge Ideas

There can be many challenges that you can invent yourself, but here are some of the best 7 second challenge ideas that you should atleast try with your friends.

Many of these 7 second challenges can be even performed for a Youtube video.

Anyways, let’s start the list of best ideas!!!!

7-second challenge

  1. Take a perfect selfie.
  2. Post the funniest pic of yours online.
  3. Put “I LOVE YOU” on your WhatsApp story.
  4. Name all different breeds of dog you know.
  5. Mimic a famous dialogue of your favorite actor.
  6. Name all the chess pieces.
  7. Eat a whole medium sized hamburger.
  8. Do 10 standard pushups.
  9. Do 5 fingertip pushups.
  10. Do 10 skips.
  11. Run up and down the stairs.
  12. Draw a picture of a cartoon.
  13. Draw the picture of your pet dog
  14. Put eyeliner on your eyes.
  15. Do a perfect braiding of your hair.
  16. Apply lipstick to your lips.
  17. Tie your hair in a perfect ponytail.
  18. Add mascara to both eyes with no mistakes.
  19. Solve a riddle.
  20. Touch 3 objects of 3 different colours.
  21. Name 3 TV shows you have never watched.
  22. Apply nail polish to five fingers.
  23. Write down your name backwards.
  24. A get 50rs from someone.
  25. Call up your friend and make her laugh.
  26. Call up your friend and shout at her.
  27. Mention 5 states and their capitals.
  28. Name 7 continents.
  29. Name 5 countries from any one continent.
  30. Put on a jacket and button it up.
  31. Do a rap session in 7 seconds.
  32. Eat a raw egg.
  33. Eat an apple.
  34. Drink a glass of milk.
  35. Mention 3 good and bad quality of yours
  36. Reshape paper clip into an English alphabet.
  37. Say a line one had never heard.

7 second Challenges for Kids

Most often kids annoy you with non-stop questioning hours. But this time let you have a throne. Amaze your kids with these 7-second challenge ideas and discover the enthusiasm within them. Also, it is the best way to get rid of boredom. These sharp bullets kill your boredom from the origin and you enjoy spending a quality time with your kids.

7-second challenge

  1. Try a tongue twister.
  2. Make the sound of 5 different birds.
  3. Balance a book on your head.
  4. Touch all the wall of your house
  5. Say hello to every person in the room.
  6.  Drink 2 glass of water.
  7.  Name 2 capital cities.
  8. Knot your tie.
  9. Read 3 headlines from a newspaper.
  10. Shout “teacher” 10 times.
  11. Name 5 vegetables currently present in your home.
  12. Do backwards counting from 20.
  13. Brush your teeth.
  14. Touch your nose with your lips.
  15. Mention 5 letters not containing the letter ‘a’.
  16. Clap with your knees.
  17. Name 5 things on the human face.
  18. Burst 3 balloons without using your hand and feet.
  19. Make the sound of 5 different animals.
  20. Name 3 colours that are not in the rainbow.
  21. Roughen up your bed and remake it.
  22. Sing English alphabets in reverse order.
  23. Say the 7 days of the week in reverse order.

Interesting 7-second Challenges ideas

Are you enjoying this article? If yes, continue reading we have got you the best of all, the most thrilling and fun loving 7-second challenge ever. Down run a list of the most interesting 7-second challenge of 2019.

NOTE- These challenges are exclusively for the crazy one. Normal people think twice before performing one.

  1. Dance on your toes.
  2. Tie the lace of your shoes together and walk till the end of the room.
  3. Invent a 7-second challenge and perform it.
  4. Click a perfect pout selfie.
  5. Turn down your pants.
  6. Do a forward roll.
  7. Do a backward roll.
  8. Make a dog bark.
  9. Move your one eyebrow while other should remain still.
  10. Spell your full name in reverse.
  11. Lick the tip of your elbow.
  12. Stop your breath for 7 seconds.
  13. Put your head under water.
  14. Place your foot over your head.
  15. Make a yoga pose.
  16. Get a total of more than 15 from a die tossing it 3 times.
  17. Take a beautiful picture while standing on your head.
  18. Repeat “She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ with no mistakes.
  19. Make a total stranger laugh on the telephone.
  20. Chop a whole onion into nice pieces for cooking.
  21. Drink 5 shots of an alcohol beverage.
  22.  Summarise your life so far in 5 words.
  23. Close your eyes and try to walk in a straight path.
  24.  Tuck all your shirt buttons.
  25. Try clapping your knees.
  26. Bite someone.
  27. Touch your nose with your lips.
  28. Sing aloud a rock song.
  29. Do a Michael Jackson impersonation.
  30. Go to the fridge and eat something.
  31. Let someone tickle you for seven seconds.
  32. Make another player laugh.
  33. Tug on your shirt.
  34. Run from one end of your house to another.
  35. Draw a cartoon.
  36. Pretend that you are swimming.
  37. Breathe out of your nose 10 times.
  38.  Try to draw a rectangle with one hand and circle with another simultaneously.
  39. Let you be slapped by the person nearest to you.
  40. Take ice bucket challenge.

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So guys, I hope you like it these 100+ 7 second challenge ideas. They are ultimate killer of your boredom. Try out them with your family or friends. If you have any interesting 7 second challenge idea to add to the list, drop down in the comment section.

Have fun!


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