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7 Fantastic Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained During A Party

7 Fantastic Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained During A Party

During a party, it can be difficult to keep your guests entertained. Often, the host is expected to take on this role, but it isn’t always easy. With so many other tasks that need attending to – food preparation and making sure everyone has what they want – it’s easy for the host to get bogged down with merely keeping everything together.

If you need help keeping your guests entertained during a party, take a look at these seven fantastic ideas and see which ones are right for your next party.

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Hire a magician

One of the most original ways to entertain guests at a party is by hiring a professional magician to put on a show. Not only is it fun for guests to watch, but nothing keeps people entertained like magic tricks. The magician is sure to impress everyone and with a little research, you can find one that is guaranteed to be suitable for your party. If you want to make it even more original, these magic shows can also work in conjunction with your chosen theme so you can build it into the party and create a magical experience for everyone. So next time you plan on hosting a party your friends will talk about long after, hire a magician and see how much it adds to your event.

Have a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great activity for groups of people because it allows them to split into smaller teams and encourages communication between team members. Ask each team to return with one item from the list, such as ‘a needle’ or ‘a hairpin’. The first person who returns with all items on the list wins! This is a fun activity because the items all relate to the theme. For example, if you are having an Alice in Wonderland tea party, you might keep clues hidden around the garden that refer to scenes from the book.

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Hire a DJ or a band

Hiring a DJ or band for your party can be an instant success. By creating a playlist, you can set the mood and keep the atmosphere upbeat and exciting throughout. If your guests are at your house, you won’t need to worry about too much extra noise either because you’ll be able to turn it down if things get too loud. The best thing about hiring a DJ is that he or she will help with keeping the pace of the party up and make sure everyone has fun.

Give out awards

From Best Dressed to Most Likely To Succeed, there’s no limit to how creative an award ceremony can be. It’s surprising just how much fun people have when they’re in the running for something. Ask each of your guests to bring an award along with their name for the person they are nominating. This not only gets your guests involved but helps keep things entertaining because everyone will be curious as to who has brought out the most creative award.

Hire a photo booth

Whether you want a photo booth for your party or you’re holding an entire event, such as a wedding, these booths are fantastic fun and they always go down well with guests! By hiring a photo booth that can print out polaroid photographs, you add something unique to your party and the guests get to take away some great memories from the event. Hiring one of these booths also has another advantage – it’s an easy way to keep track of all of your guests. Let people pick up their photos after the event and put them in order so you’ll have everyone on file forever!

Have a movie screening

Another great idea if you are having a party in an outside space, such as your garden or a nearby park, is having a movie screening. You can choose from old classics to modern-day blockbusters and even cater the playlist around the theme of your party. For example, if you’re hosting a Halloween-themed party, why not show horror films? Whatever you decide to play, make sure everyone knows what’s going on so there are no surprises when people turn up!

Have a dress-up party

This is especially fun if your guests don’t know the theme of the party until they arrive! Obviously, this doesn’t work so well for formal events or weddings but it’s a great idea for themed parties and get-togethers with friends. If you want to avoid any potential awkwardness between guests, why not set out some rules beforehand? Tell people that everyone has to dress in a similar style or color scheme. This way no one will be singled out and there should be no upset.

A well-planned party is a guaranteed success. People love a good time and there’s no better way to enjoy yourself than by hosting an event for your friends and family. With these seven fantastic activities, keeping your guests entertained while hosting a party doesn’t have to be difficult. Get creative and pick one activity from each list to make your event really memorable. 

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