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25 Best Podcasts

25 Best Podcasts

List of Best Podcasts of 2020 can be found in this post. We constantly update this article to add more podcasts to our list. The current list showcases some of the top Podcasts you must listen to. It includes comedy, funny, educational, motivational podcasts from around the world. 

So, Are you really bored of listening to the same music playlist? Even the latest songs collection of yours is turning you down? Then there’s a need of pinch of spice to your life. Something that can add a bit of flavour such as- “some new podcasts”. Aren’t you familiar with the term? If no then let me tell you a podcast simply is a piece of audio that was created at least in part for digital release.

No doubt podcasts are a complete fun package! And with every new coming podcast, they are getting funnier, sharper, and even more niche. So here is the list of 25 best podcasts that you must listen.

Best Podcasts of 2023

The most moving, hilarious, and heartbreaking works of podcasting genius rundown here. Check out the list of Best Podcasts;

  1. This American Life
  2. Radio Diaries
  3.  How I Built This
  4. The Daily
  5. Dirty John
  6. Terrible, Thanks For Asking
  7. Where Should We Begin
  8. Don’t Leave Me This Way
  9. Code Switch
  10. There Goes the Neighborhood
  11. S-Town
  12. Crimetown
  13. Missing Richard Simmons
  14. The Butterfly Effect
  15. Homecoming
  16. Ear Hustle
  17. Comedy Bang Bang, “Time Bobby”
  18. Criminal
  19. The Heart
  20. The Skyline Podcast
  21. The Memory Palace, “Origin Stories”
  22. Revisionist History
  23. Up and Vanished
  24. Ctrl Alt Delete
  25. Strangers
  26. Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

So this is the list of Top Podcasts you must start listening in 2023. If you want direct links of each of them, just follow the article below.

This American Life

best podcasts

Talking about best podcasts in 2023, This American Life is undoubtedly the most influential podcasts in the history ever. It mainly focuses on the different political stories from the ground. To list them: “The Revolution Starts at Noon,” “It’s Working Out Very Nicely,” “Vague and Confused,” “The Other Mr. President,” “The Beginning of Now,” “Fear and Loathing in Homer and Rockville,” “Who You Gonna Call?,” and “White Haze.”

Each of these entries feels like an accounting of a single part of a vastly bigger creature we will perhaps never fully know, but all of the stories bring us a step closer to understanding the world we live in now. They’re also collectively some of the best work the show has ever done.

Listen on Apple Podcasts

Radio Diaries, “Strange Fruit: Voices of a Lynching” (2010)

best podcasts

This 2010 episode of Radio Diaries was rebroadcast this year after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the ensuing protests.

The show uses long-lost historical audio to tell the story of the lynching in Marion, Indiana, that inspired poet Abel Meeropol to write the song “Strange Fruit.”

 How I Built This

best podcasts

NPR’s How I built this tells the story of successful companies in the words of their creators. The podcast’s host speak to different entrepreneur in each episode and ask them about how they built their business.

It’s an intimate insight into the history of well-known brands, and great inspiration if you’re looking to get your own business idea off the ground.

The Daily

best podcasts

The story from The Daily might include recordings from ongoing Times investigations (Bill O’Reilly firing back at Times reporters on tape, Trump disavowing Jeff Sessions), interviews with journalists about their work (Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey on Harvey Weinstein, Rukmini Callimachi on ISIS, Matt Apuzzo and Maggie Haberman on James Comey), and episodic narratives from long-form articles (most recently, how American airstrikes targeting ISIS have killed civilians).

Gateway Episode: Today’s

Dirty John

best podcasts

This podcast can be portrayed as a complex web of love, lies and intimidation. For fans of S-Town, Breaking Bad, Lies it is a must watch show. Go ahead and listen to one of the best podcasts you will ever hear.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

best podcasts

Author and self-described “notable widow” Nora McInerny hosts this revealing talk show, which deals in honest, non-BS answers to the question, “How are you?” The subject matter is often extremely dark—there are stories of irreparable brain damage and devastating career mistakes, several deep-dives into the process of dying and grieving, and one exceptionally harrowing episode about a vicious sexual assault.

Where Should We Begin?

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 Where Should We Begin is a bold experiment in intimacy that offers audiences a peephole into the thousands of little tragedies that contribute to troubled romantic relationships.

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Each episode is a consensually recorded counseling session with the Belgian therapist Esther Perel that walks her listeners through how a relationship breaks down, plays out, and if fortunate, builds back up again.

 Soul MusicDon’t Leave Me This Way (2013)

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The BBC Radio 4 show Soul Music investigates the emotional resonance of famous pieces of music. This installment, about the song “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” which was first performed in the early 1970s by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, with Teddy Pendergrass on vocals, features a trio of interwoven segments about death, loss, and faith.

The episode connects the stories of Pendergrass, who was paralyzed in a car accident at age 42; the gay community in the U.K., which danced to a remix version of the tune while mourning the loss of friends during the AIDS crisis; and Sharon Wachsler, homebound by illness, who turned to the song during dark times.

Code Switch

best podcasts

Another name under best podcasts 2023 reads Code Switch. This podcast exclusively focuses on race in America, its topics are relevant and always educational.

Listen to Code Switch

There Goes the Neighborhood

best podcasts

There Goes the Neighborhood, yet another must listen best ever podcast. As the name suggests the storyline revolve around the neighbors. And what else I must tell you about this podcast. Just discover yourself through link given below.

Gateway Episode: “All These People Moving In, New Buildings, New Apartments


best podcasts

Are you a fan of Serial or This American Life? If yes, then S. town is yet another top podcasts from the same maker. For fans of Southern Gothic, whispering, Serial this podcast had proved to be a great thumbs up.


best podcasts

This show had us at “from the creators of HBO’s The Jinx”, and went on to meet and exceed the expectations set by that tease. Each season of Crimetown focuses on the culture of crime in a different American city.

Missing Richard Simmons

best podcasts

Our Best podcasts list of 2023 also include Missing Richard Simmons. I personally loved how it emerged seemingly out of nowhere, and how it seized a moment in time to reflect on the nature of celebrity, a concept that’s become the defining frame of American life in 2017. Frustrating and controversial, Missing Richard Simmons will most likely persist as a curiously modern artifact with substantial ethical baggage,

The Butterfly Effect

best podcasts

Jon Ronson is the author and broadcaster of this amazing podcast. For this podcast, he had researched the effect of free porn in the modern world. From the people who made it happen to those who lose out because of piracy, it’s an eye-opening an often heartwarming exercise in breaking taboos. The audience of The Men Who Stare At Goats, My Scientology Movie, investigations should watch this out for sure. Listen here


best podcasts

Homecoming stars Catherine Keener as a case-worker at a mysterious government facility who is assigned to treat a soldier (Oscar Isaac) with severe PTSD, and gradually comes to suspect that her facility’s treatment program—and the agenda of her boss, played by David Schwimmer—is not quite what it seems.

Season two is coming, and a TV adaptation is also in the works from Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail, so now’s the time to get caught up.

Ear Hustle

best podcastsEar hustle is one of the best podcasts ever in which the host bring listeners stories from inside the U.S. prison system. It kicks off with a remarkable tale about “cellies” (or cell mates)—how to get one, how to get excused from having one, what makes someone ideal—and listeners learn that living with a stranger might be more appealing than living with your own brother.

Gateway Episode: “Episode One: Cellies

Comedy Bang Bang, “Time Bobby” (2012)

This podcast hosted by Scott Aukerman has now logged more than 300 episodes and boasts a huge cast of recurring characters. The successful release 300 episodes simply ensure the quality of podcast. Hence without any doubt just hit the link below and listen to them.

Listen here Comedy Bang Bang, Time Bobby

Criminal – Must Listen Podcast

best podcasts

If their is a spar inside you that lights up every time you hear about a crime  story then Criminal is the best podcasts that will deepens your love. The episodes are generally based on the true crime incidents pictured in a duration of roughly 30 minutes.

 The Heart

best podcasts

The Heart exists on the edge of whatever the most progressive line of feminist thinking happens to be on the subjects of love and sex. It tends to address culture in a way that complicates the current conversation, while also creating entry points for people just beginning to see why someone might want to dismantle the patriarchy.

It’s part art-house project, part soundscape, and part superior storytelling. This year, it produced three miniseries: “Pansy”, “No”  and “Bodies”.

Gateway Episode: “Pansy: Twirl

best podcasts

Every two weeks, Jonn Elledge, Stephanie Boland and guests talk about the politics and workings of major cities, and test the contention that maps are a great topic for radio. The Skylines Podcast tackles everything from Psychosomatic Diarrhoea, Belgian boy scouts and the weirdest transport systems around.

The Memory Palace

best podcasts
On The Memory Palace, host Nate DiMeo tells short historical stories that are always moving and humane. This personal episode mixes nostalgia and humor in ideal measures. DiMeo recalls his time living alone in the house in Providence, Rhode Island, where his grandparents raised their daughters and delves into the family archive, which is stashed in boxes throughout the home.

Listen here: The Memory Palace

Revisionist History

best podcasts

Acclaimed author and economist Malcolm Gladwell digs deep on a range of topics from the education system to religion, with a set of deeply interesting and personal case studies. A touch of chin-stroking and cutting analysis here and there, in typical Gladwellian fashion. And yes if you are a fan of Documentaries, sociology, Panorama then this podcast is made for you.

Listen here: www.revisionisthistory.com

Up and Vanished

best podcasts

Podcasters of varying qualification have set out to re-examine cold cases in the hopes of finding new evidence, and one of the most successful to date is the Georgia-based Up and Vanished. In 2005, high school teacher and beauty queen Tara Grinstead disappeared from her apartment in Ocilla, Georgia, a case that was never solved and became “the largest case file in Georgia history”.

Listen Up and Vanished

Ctrl Alt Delete

best podcasts

Funny and honest, this tech-focused podcast series brings a much needed female perspective to the internet. If you are worried about how employable you will be in five years, worry not. From dealing with trolls to baring your soul on social media, this series has never been more relevant for emerging women in the workplace.


best podcasts

Lea Thau just announced that she will break from Radiotopia, but in her final season of Strangers with the podcast network, she did some excellent and unexpected work. She equates an episode of Strangers with taking a shot of empathy, and the analogy shakes out. But nothing could be more empathy-eliciting than her two-parter on Strangers this season, “Jack Be Nimble,” about a little girl who grew up to be a great man despite going through the worst forms of abuse.

Gateway Episode: “Love Hurts

Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

best podcasts

The ones for the music fan. Based on the life and times of Violator Records founder Chris Lighty, Mogul tells the inside story of his rise to the top, during which he helped manage and release a record by 50 Cent, Q-Tip, Missy Elliot, Diddy and more – as well as his suicide in 2012.  For fans of Hip-Hop, Empire, The Get Down Mogul is a good show for all.

Listen here: Mogul

 So here it come to an end. This was the complete list of 25 best podcasts of 2020. Do check them out and also share with us which was your favorite one. If you’re still researching where to stay, check out our list of Airbnb alternatives. Keep visiting for more such stuff.

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