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9 Best Paranormal Apps for Real Ghost Hunting

9 Best Paranormal Apps for Real Ghost Hunting

Do paranormal activities fascinates you more than they scare you? Horror movies, haunted house, Ouija board, talks of ghosts and spirits are just the hot topics of your chats and gossips. Somewhere, some part inside you really enjoys that cold chill through your spine listening all that paranoid stuff. Well if your answer is yes, just stay tuned we have got something exclusively for you. Here’s a list of 9 Best Paranormal Apps for both Android and iOS. Well, why??

You can use these paranormal apps for investigation or even for hunting ghosts.

9 Best Paranormal Apps 

A paranormal investigation is absolutely a thrilling experience for both new and experienced investigators. Though you might think you need the latest technology complex gadgets to achieve the best results, but some of the most powerful tools for paranormal investigation are available simply on the App Store or Google Play. Yes, your smartphone or tablet can be your investigatory companion. All you need to do is just got through our list of best paranormal apps and download any one of them.

Here are the 9 best apps for investigating the paranormal activities:

  • Ghost Radar
  • Ghosthunting Toolkit
  • Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner
  • Paranormal Window
  • PAIRS Spirit Box
  • Ghost Hunter
  • iEMF
  • Ghost Vision Viewer
  • EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts

9 Paranormal Apps for Real Ghost Hunting 

Lets now have a detailed look at all these ghost Hunting apps.

And if you wonder what these ghost hunting paranormal apps does, read below.

Ghost Radar – Free Ghost Hunting Apps

9 best paranormal apps

This is one of the most popular paranormal apps in the digital world. It uses various possibilities and sensors of your device to detect paranormal activity. The main feature of it is that it distinguishes from those ghost-hunting equipment which usually can be fooled by a simple burst of energy. This app has the ability to analyze interesting spots and divide them into categories. When you are in the process of searching the voice can inform you about the supernatural activity.

Ghost Radar for iOS

Ghost Radar for Android

Ghosthunting Toolkit

9 Best paranormal apps

Yet another amazing paranormal app is Ghosthunting Toolkit. This paranormal app gives both pros and hobbyists the essentials for investigating the paranormal activities. It offers a full array of  features for carrying out a fully-fledged investigation. This app provide you very unique and distinguish interface. The app is certainly a good shot for those who really wish to be a paranormal investigator.

Ghosthunting Toolkit for iOS

Ghosthunting Toolkit for Android

Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

9 best paranormal apps

Now you have a chance to use special equipment for paranormal investigations just like all those ghosts hunters you have seen in movies. If there is a presence of spirits, ghosts and other otherworldly entities you will find out first. With apps like Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner, you can use your phone sensor and magnetometer which measures electromagnetic fields. As many believe that paranormal entities can emanate, influence and distort magnetic fields, with the precise data on ghost and supernatural forces you can carefully watch this screen to detect the paranormal power.

For iOS

For Android

Paranormal Window

9 best paranormal apps

Paranormal Window contains latest news from the paranormal world from a variety of popular sources. This app is made not for detecting ghosts and spirits but it contains all the information about the paranormal world. If you are interested in the supernatural existence, looking for the proof of the ghosts actually are here then Paranormal Window will help you with that.

PAIRS Spirit Box

9 best paranormal apps

The best feature of PAIRS Spirit Box is that you can seek ghosts from the distance. The wide display allows you to see the picture in details. It is important to set your phone on the airplane mode and switch off your Bluetooth before launching this app. It includes a lot of options which will allow you to get in contact with the parallel worlds. As your gadget detects any action or movement your screen will glow with light of different colors.

Ghost Hunter

9 best paranormal apps

Ghost Hunter is a paranormal app for both iOS and Android for searching local haunted places. Though similar in name to another app on this list, Ghost Hunter is quite different in that it supplies you with the locations of haunted places in your cities and state. Investigators will find Ghost Hunter a useful app for starting out investigations.

For Android

For iOS


9 best paranormal apps

iPhone users be alerted!

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices i.e this app is exclusively for iPhone users. iEMF is an Electro Magnetic Field Detector/Simulator for iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch and iPad. Through this app detect fluctuations in the local magnetic field using the built-in magnetometer on the iPhone 3GS/4. It is one of the best paranormal apps of it’s kind.

Ghost Vision Viewer

9 best paranormal apps

Ghost Vision Viewer is an app that will detect paranormal activity through word messaging. An effective alternative to EVP, it will code messages when interacting with the paranormal. It is easy to access with an attractive interface. Plus it’s free of cost. It works on the same principle of emf as other but has a very different approach. So this ll make Ghost Vision Viewer a worth app to try.

EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts

9 best paranormal apps

EVP recorder is created for paranormal investigations. This app does not guarantee that ghosts will speak to you directly through it.  All the recording will be saved in the “EVP recording folder”. You can make your recordings by sessions and then listen to them and analyze if there is a supernatural power at your place. The app is quite easy to, All you have to do is to install it, launch it and then start recording. All the fluctuations will be displayed on the diagram.

So this was it. 

Let me ask you one thing?? Are you fond of such horror or paranormal stuff??

Well, I assume that you are. And that’s the reason you are reading this line. We have posted some really horror stories and rituals like elevator ritual that may creep you out. So make sure to read them as well.

Hope you like the suggested paranormal apps that we added in this post. Do try these apps, we will be pleased to hear from you about your experiences. Also if you have some other paranormal apps of 2018 to add on tell us below through comment section.

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