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7 of the Best Websites like Newegg [Detailed Guide]

7 of the Best Websites like Newegg [Detailed Guide]

Although Newegg is a great place to buy electronics from, many users don’t like the site’s aesthetic. If this is you, you’ll appreciate that there are many other stores that you can work with.

In this article, we’ve discussed 5 of the best, along with some other points to keep in mind.

What Are the Best Newegg Alternatives?

There are a few more alternatives, and they include:

1.      TigerDirect

TigerDirect is probably the best Newegg alternative. You’ll find different types of computers and electronics on it. Also, its prices are considerably lower than rivals, and it’s known for having sales often.

Here’s an added benefit – there’s even a special page on its site that will tell you how much shipping would be before you go ahead with your order.

You might be wondering what the available payment methods are. They include Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. So, pretty standard options.

We have to say, TigerDirect has one of the best-looking sites around. It’s pretty easy to use as well.

You can also buy from one of its retail stores. They’re located in several countries across the globe.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can request a refund. However, this can only be done if it’s 15 days within the original purchase.

Before moving onto our next alternative, we have to talk about TigerDirect’s customer support. They’re quick and offer some helpful replies.

2.      Best Buy

Most people have heard of Best Buy before. It’s one of the most famous electronics retailers in the world.

Best Buy’s product selection is huge, consisting of pretty much any electronic device that you might want. What’s also great is that its prices are quite affordable.

Of course, shipping costs would be added to purchases but they won’t be too bad. You can sometimes get free shipping, depending on where you live.

So, what happens if you aren’t happy with your purchase? You can request a refund.  Depending on your Best Buy membership, the options available would differ.  Most pf the time, however, products can only be returned if they’re within 30 days of their arrival.

There is an excellent customer service line that you can call if you’re ever in need of assistance,. We have had good experiences with its support team.

In terms of the payment methods available, they include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners Club.

3.      MicroCenter

MicroCenter sells different kinds of electronics. Some of the devices you’ll find would include laptops, SSDs, computer cases, monitors, air and water coiling, and products for wireless networking.

One of the best things about MicroCenter is that you’ll find refurbished and open-box electronics as well. Its prices aren’t too bad.  If that’s not enough, it also has several retail stores that you can visit.

Let’s talk about shipping:

Delivery charges will be added to your purchases, but they won’t be too high. There are different delivery methods that you can go for depending on the products you want to buy. This will help you get your order as fast as possible.

You can pay through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and the Discover Network Card.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a refund. However, they can take a while to go through, even up to 14 business days.

Just remember that you can’t exchange products if they happen to be software downloads, or a software package that you’ve opened.

4.      Amazon

Amazon is probably the world’s most famous online marketplace. You can find a range of products on it, including plenty of electronics.

Some of the devices you can findinclude tablets, e-readers, data cables, smartphones, and computers.

As it is a marketplace, the prices will depend on the seller you buy from. This means that the shipping costs and delivery optionsyou’ll be getting would differ depending on who you’re working with.

Now, what payment methods are available? You can use American Express, Visa Cards, Amazon Store cards, Diners club, China Union Pay, NYCE, Discover Network, JCB and STAR to name a few.

Like most others on our list, you can get a refund if you’re not happy with the purchase but it will have to be within 30 days of the product being shipped. There’s a special portal you can visit to check the status of refunded orders too.

Amazon’s representatives are some of the best around. With its online chat service, you can expect fast and helpful replies.

5.      Ebay

eBay is a lot like Amazon. You’re looking at another site that is a multinational marketplace, except that it’s the second-most popular.

Once again, the prices of products will depend on the seller you choose to work with. This would also be the case for how much you’ll have to pay for delivery.

Not only can you find different electronic devices on it, but also a variety of products like baby accessories, house appliances, clothes, and toys.

Most sellers on eBay are known to offer affordable rates. This is great if you’re on a budget.

Doing research and choosing who you want to work with is easy. Users can leave reviews and ratings for buyers. You can go through them to find out if the product you’re going to buyor the seller you want to work with are worthwhile.

Some of the electronics you can find include drives, storages, blank media, vintage computing, desktops, monitors, projectors, software, and keyboards.

In terms of the payment methods available, they include the standard– PayPal, credit and debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Money orders and Escrow.

What is the site’s customer service like? There’s a special online ticket that you can follow to get almost immediate help. There is also a support line that you can reach out to get any issue cleared.

Let’s talk about their refund policy. You can only return an order once it has arrived, or if it’s been damaged. You can expect to get your refund in around 3 business days.

6.      PCPartPicker

PCPartPicker is a good newegg alternative. However, you’ll only find computer parts on it.

Its products are not too expensive, and the site is easy to maneuver too.

One of the best things about it is that it has a special section that lets you know if any of its products have gone down in price.

Are you a newbie that wants to get into computer building? it has special guides that walk you through how to use certain parts.

Also, there is a forum you can use to speak to others in the industry. This would be an excellent way to learn as well.

The PcPartPicker site is not very good-looking However, as mentioned, it’s easy to maneuver.

Of course, you can request refunds if you want. They won’t take long to go through.

If you’re wondering what the available payment methods are, they include credit and debit card, PayPal, and pretty much all major e-wallets that are on the market.

7.      AliExpress

AliExpress is a global market place that sells all kinds of goods, including electronics. However, it’s last place on my list for a reason – its products are not the most high-quality. Considering how affordable its prices are, though, this isn’t a surprise. Shipping won’t be expensive either.

Although its selection of electronics is not as diverse as Newegg’s, there are quite a few tech that you can find. You’ll be able to use most popular payment methods to buy them too.

If you’re unhappy with what you’ve bought, you’ll be able to return it. One of the best things about AliExpress is the excellent buyer protection that it has.

Lastly, you can expect excellent customer service, which anyone would appreciate.


Answered below are some popular questions.

What Should You Consider When Buying Electronics Online?

Regardless of the product you’re thinking of buying, the below tips will help.

1.      Warranty

Electronics can be expensive, so you should look for the sellers that offer the best warranties. You will have to pay out of pocket to get the itemyou bought get fixed if it gets damaged.

If there are multiple sellers offering good warranties, go for the one that offers the most coverage.

2.      Website Reputation

Regardless of whether you’re going to buy electronics online or not, make sure that the seller is acclaimed. The chances of you getting scammed would be high otherwise.

Usually, working with well-known, experienced sellers would be the best idea.

3.      Brand Name

The brand name is important when it comes to electronics. This usuallymeans the quality of the product is higher. Research the brand to figure out whether it would be a good choice.

Final Thoughts

There are several Newsegg alternatives that you can choose from. Some of the best include Best Buy and TigerDirect. You can find a wide selection of electronics from the latter at affordable prices.We hope you found these tips useful.

Other Reliable Websites to Order Computer Parts From

Aside from the mentioned alternatives to Newegg there are a few other reliable websites where you can order computer parts. One of them is B&H Photo Video which specializes in photography accessories and offers top-of-the-line cameras. Another option is PCPartPicker which allows users to find computer parts and pricing for building their own computers. Additionally Central Computers is a leading retailer of computer electronics with an extensive collection of products and Geekbuying offers a wide selection of consumer electronics at competitive prices. These websites provide convenient shopping options and quality products making them suitable alternatives for buying computer parts.

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