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10 of The Best Conservative News Apps [Ultimate Guide]

10 of The Best Conservative News Apps [Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking for the best conservative news apps? You might not know which to choose, as there are so many options available. This article has got your back – it runs through10 of the best.

Along with the reviews, we also discussed some other information that you might find useful. Keep reading.

What Are the Best Conservative News Apps?

Discussed below are 10 excellent choices.

1.      Fox News

When it comes to conservative news apps, Fox News is the most popular. You will find different news content on it, including articles, videos, and even live-streams.

You can download it on both iOS and Android devices. You can also visit the Fox News website to get your dose of conversative news.

Its notification banner is one of our favorites – you will get live event notifications, along with breaking news immediately.

Using the app would be a breeze, as its design and interface are straightforward.

Do you have to pay for its services? No, but you will be met with ads on it. You won’t be bombarded with them, though.

Remember that you need a stable internet connection to access its services. Either move closer to your router or connect to another network.

If you don’t want to use its app or website, you might be able to access the Fox News channel on your TV. Just remember that you’ll need cable first.


There are thousands of users registered on the Fox News app. When you create an account on it, you will be joining a community of thousands of like-minded people. This alone might be a reason to use it over the other options that are available.

2.      BreitBart

Breitbart was founded by Andre Breitbart, an acclaimed American conservative commentor. You can download it for free on both Android and iOS devices. In our opinion, it has one of the smoothest interfaces. It looks good too.

You will have access to a number of analytical tools. Understanding the latest trends would be easy.  Along with detailed news reports, there are commentaries as well.

Unfortunately, many people say that Breitbart’s content is highly xenophobicand homophobic. Even individuals in conservative circles have complained about this.

To put it into better perspective, the app offers the same type of conservatism that far-right European parties follow.

3.      Twitchy

Twitchy was founded in 2012 – with it, you will get highlights of world events, by having access to popular conservative tweets on the topics. This means that you’ll be caught up in current events in 280 characters or less. If you’re a busy person, this would be ideal.

Twitchy is available on both iOS and Android devices for free. And no, it won’t cost you.

However, it is known to have bugs. This wasn’t always a problem, but it is something to consider.

If you’re wondering how Twitchy makes its money, this would be through ads. You won’t be bombarded with them, though.

4.      One America News Network

Similar to Fox News, One America News Network is another cable channel with an app. There is also a website that you can visit. The network reports on both international and local news.

You can download it on both iOS and Android devices. In case you’re wondering, no, you won’t have to pay. Its services are completely free.

Using the ONN app would be effortless as it’s well-designed. You will not only find news reports, but also political analyses here.

Although One America News Network is a conservative outlet, its reporting is not biased. This is a problem many people have had with its counterparts.

Here’s an added benefit – it has some entertainment programs to watch as well.

5.      The Daily Caller

If you’re interested in a conservative app created by two major names in the game, consider the Daily Caller. Tucker Carlson, from Fox News, and the former political advisor to Vice President Chaney, Neil Patel, are the masterminds behind it.

You can download it on both iOS and Android devices. Also, you’re looking at a nonprofit app. You won’t have to pay to use it, and it’s a breeze to navigate.

The Daily Caller app has a website as well, which has a better design than the app. This says a lot as its application already has a great interface.

You will have access to both local and international news. Along with news reports, there are commentaries that you can listen to.

6.      Conservative News Report

CNR is a popular conservative news app. However, we aren’t its biggest fans. It tends to push certain candidates and opinions quite openly.

Use it if you want access to updates on world affairs, or watch right-wing interviews. Yes, CNR has its shortcomings, but its journalists are known for penning some thought-provoking content.

Downloading it on both Apple and Android devices would be possible. You could visit its site as well.

7.      American Thinker

We have to be honest – the American Thinker doesn’t have the best-looking interface. However, the content on it is usually worthwhile. It has won a number of journalism awards. Also, you will have access to news from all over the world.

Just like CNR, the American Thinker’s writers are known to be some of the best. In fact, the New York Times states that the public uproar over California wanting programmable thermostats was due to one of the American Thinker’s pieces.

Like most of the options on our list, it can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

8.      The Washington Times

The Washington Times is not openly conservative. That being said,it has supported a couple of republican-leaning candidates’ policies.

You will get daily reports, as well as world class journalism. The Times has won several awards over the years, so they are a trustworthy source.

You will not only get access to the app, but also a website and newspaper you can buy.

Downloading it on both iOS and Android devices would be possible. However, it’s not free. You won’t be able to access the site’s content without buying a membership either.

Most of the options on our list are easy to use. The Washington Times falls into this category as well.

9.      TownHall

Along with the Fox News Apps, Town Hall is one of our more popular choices. You can download it on both iOS and Android devices, and you won’t have to pay for its services. One of our favorite things is the political analysis that you will get – it hits the nail on the head.

Not only would you have access to an app, but there is also a TownHall website and magazine. The magazine is monthly, and we recommend subscribing to it.

Although the Townhall app has asmooth interface, several users have reported that itslows dow. We haven’t faced this issue, but it’s something you need to consider.

10.  Washington Examiner

Several peoplehave downloaded the Washington Examiner assuming it was the Washington Post.

The Examiner is a conservative news application based in Washinston.DC.It’s owned by Philip Anschutz, a billionaire.

It has a website but we think the app looks better. To be honest, the Washington Examiner app is one of the easiest to use from all the options on our list.  Anyone would be able to download it. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

Political analysis and detailed reports on international and local news can be found on the site.


Answered below are some popular questions.

What is the best digital newspaper?

This is a difficult question to answer. So, we decided to take a look at newspaper corporations stack up against each other. If you’re not aware, they are the giants behind the digital newspapers that you know and love.

News Corp is the biggest newspaper corporation in the world. Some of the newspapers that it owns are The Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Sun and Fox News. Its market cap is a whopping $7.9 billion USD, and the only other news corporation that gives it a run for its money is the New York Times Company. The latterhas a $6.8 billion USD market cap.

What are the conservative news magazines?

While on the topic, we thought about answering this question. There are quite a few conservative news magazines, and the best include:

  • The American
  • American Affairs
  • The Brown Spectator
  • The Dispatch
  • Eternity
  • The Forerunner
  • FrontPage Magazine
  • Human Events
  • Imprimis
  • Jewish World Review
  • National Affairs
  • National Review
  • Plain Talk
  • Policy Review
  • The Saturday Evening Post
  • Southern Partisan
  • The Stanford Review
  • Tea Party Review
  • The Weekly Standard

Final Thoughts

Considering everything that was discussed, what do you think? There are several conservative news apps that you can use. Fox News app is one of the best. You can download it for free, and it is available on all major operating systems.

Not only did we discuss some of the best apps to use, but we also ran through some other important information. Hopefully, you found this article useful.

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