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Walkfit App Reviews

Walkfit App Reviews

Are you looking for a Walkfit review? You might have heard about the app and may be wondering whether it’s worth your time. It’s popular, butnot for good reason.

In this article, we’ve not only taken an ultimate look at the application, but also discussed some Walkfit alternatives that you might like. Read ahead.

Walkfit Review

WalkFit will track your steps, along with the calories that you’ve burned. If you’re impressed, keep in mind that these are the only things it can do. Most of its alternatives have more complicated sensors. The built-in fitness tracker on your phone would probably tell you more than it.

As mentioned, Walkfit is famous, but not for the right reasons:

Its services are not free. So, here’s the kicker – unsubscribing once you’ve bought a membership is difficult. Itsteam doesn’t reply to messages when you enquire about cancelling your membership.This is a shame considering its features are not that great, and the Android/iOS Fitness tracker that comes pre-built does an equally good job.

Also, the app has a major issue connecting to Fitbits and other fitness trackers. And to be frank, its interface doesn’t look that good, and is not easy to use either.

What Are the Best Walkfit Alternatives?

Discussed below are 5 excellent choices.

1.      Azumio

Azumio is one of the best fitness apps that you could use. It comes with some great features to track your walking, and calories that you’ve burned.

Along with its calorie tracker, it also comes with a food diary. The two make losing weight easy. In our opinion, the best featureonthe food diary is the ability to scan your meals with barcodes.

Yes, Azumio is available on both Android and iOS, but it doesn’t work that well on Android.

Downloading it would be free but you might benefit from getting a premium package. You’ll have access to more advanced features.

Just remember that the premium package can be pricey. If you choose it, you will even have access to customized diet plans, though.

Let’s talk about its pedometer:

Azumio uses the one on your phone to show you your active time, distance, steps you’ve walked, as well as an hourly graph.

You can also connect the app to a heart rate sensor band, which is a plus.

Although it has some great tracking features, their accuracy is known to not the best.

Lastly, welike how easy Azumiois to use. Its interface looks good too.

2.      Fitbit

You’ve probably heard of Fitbits before. They are smartwatches that you can use to track your steps. Like most smartwatches, they come with a special app that you can link to. Now, this app comes with a bunch of fitness tracking features, and one of the most surprising things is that you can useit even without owning aFitbit.

All you do is:

Once you download the app, select the option that says you don’t have a Fitbit yet.

You won’t have to pay to download it. But you’ll have access to more features if you buy a premium membership.

In terms of its basic features, they include the standard calorie and step counters, as well as daily fitness challenges that you can share and do with friends and family.

The application will use your phone’s sensors to track your movements. Hiking would be easier, as it uses your sensors to constantly update your route on the map.

Another advantage is that once you’re done with a workout, you can save it and go back and look at the data later. This is a great way to improve and test your performance.

Anyone can use the Fitbit app. It’s available on both iOS and Android, and as mentioned, you don’t have to pay to use it. However, some features are premium.

Is it easy to use? Yes, and its interface also looks good.

Unlike many of the options on our list, this is the only that will work on Windows phones.

3.      Abvio

Most users have heard of Abvio before. It’s one of the more popular fitness apps on the market. With our review, you’ll see that its popularity is for good reason.

You can download it on both iOS, Android, and even on Apple watches. If that’s not enough, it’s free too.

If you want, you can subscribe for a membership. You’ll get more fitness features this way. Its premium membership doesn’t cost much. You’ll only have to pay around $10 monthly.

Once you start walking, the app will not only tell you how many steps you’ve completed, and how much calories you’ve burned, but also how fast you’re moving.

One of the best things about Abvio is that it has voice alerts – you’ll be notified when you’ve reached new goals or milestones without having to look at your phone.

Not only can you track walking, but also other activities like hiking and cycling.

If you have earphones connected, you’ll be able to use it to control the Abvio application.

Once you’ve tracked your workout, you’ll be able to save it and compete against yourself in the future. Keep in mind that Fitbit app lets you do this too, though.

Lastly, sharing your stats with friends, or on social media would be possible.

4.      Map My Walk

Similar to Abvio, Map My Walk is another popular option on our list. Jogging and hiking would be easy with it, as you’ll be able to use labeled routes, and detailed maps. Also, there is an audio feedback feature that will alert you of your progress.

But keep in mind that it can be slow. We personally haven’t faced this before, but this is an issue that many users complain about.

The application is free. There is no premium membership, which can be a disadvantage at the same time. There aren’t any premium features that you’ll be able to access.

One of our favorite Map My Walk features is the analytical charts and graphs. They are great assets for improving your performance.

5.      Charity Miles

If you want an app that will help you stay fit while also supporting a cause, you can use Charity Miles.For each completed mile, a donation will be added to a charity of your choice There are plenty of charities to choose from, which anyone would appreciate.

What’s also great is you can donate by cycling a certain distance.

Charity Miles is open to anyone. It can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. You won’t have to pay for it either. It’s completely free.

However, we’re not the biggest fans of its interface. It’s rather difficult to use, and it doesn’t look that good either.

Before we move onto the latter part of our article, keep in mind that the app doesn’t come with many tracking features. After all, its main purpose is to let you run while also supporting a cause.

Although not many users have faced this user, we have had experience with the Charity Miles app slowing down a bit. A few users that we know have faced it too. It’s not too big of a deal, but we thought of mentioning it.


Answered below are some popular questions.

How Do You Get a Better Run?

Regardless of whether you’re going to use Walkfit or one of its alternatives, you might be wondering how to get the best run in. We’ve discussed how you can do this with a couple of useful tips.

1.      Practice Your Form

You can make sure you don’t get injured by maintaining your natural stride. Also, running more would be a good idea, as you’ll learn to be more comfortable in your stride.

Many users think that leading with their toes is the best way to run. However, this isn’t the case. The only thing that matters is whether your stride is natural.

2. Comfortable Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is important. They need to be comfortable, to ensure that you don’t trip while on the move. Moreover, running long distances would be difficult with shoes that are not comfortable.

Also, you would want shoes that have a good bounce to them. This would help you cover more ground.

3. A Good PlayList

If you’re finding it hard to stay motivated while running, having a good playlist can help. You’ll be able to run longer distances, as you’ll feel more motivated. Also, you can take your mind off how exhausting the experience is.

There are playlists that you can download from online, if you don’t have the time to make your own.

There are several walkfit alternatives that you can use. Although Charity Miles is on the bottom end of our list, we personally think it’s one of the best apps you could use. While it tracksthe distance you have walked, you will also be able to donate to charity.

Not only did we discuss some great WalkFit alternatives, butalso went through some other important details that you need to know. Hopefully you found them useful.

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