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25 Best Baby Shower Games: Funny and Unique Games

25 Best Baby Shower Games: Funny and Unique Games

A baby shower is a joyous occasion that brings friends, family and colleagues together. It is meant to celebrate the miracle of life and therefore, it should be beautiful and special. A baby shower should make people grin, murmur long ‘aw’s and feel all the feelings. However, it should make your guests cackle and giggle too. It is a celebration, after all! In this article you can find out some of the Best Baby Shower Games that are fun to play!

25 Best Baby Shower Games

Our list of Baby Shower Games contains Unique, Funny, Printable and Modern Coed Baby Shower Games, for men, large groups or only families.

So, here are 25 fun games that you can organize for your baby shower:

1. Don’t Say Baby

This one’s a classic and a great icebreaker. As you greet each guest, attach a diaper pin or a clothespin on their shirts. Once everyone has arrived, give them certain instructions. They can’t say the word ‘baby’ till a certain duration of time like, until all the presents are opened.

If they hear someone saying that word, they have the full right to take the speaker’s pin. The individual with the most pins, wins this game.


2. Reverse Baby Charades: Printable baby Shower Game

This game is a twist on the classic game of charades.

Split your guests into teams of 4-6 people. Set a timer, according to your requirements. The first team is required to pick one individual as the guesser. The rest of the team would be acting out the baby-related things on the cards for the chosen person to guess. The amount of cards the guesser can guess correctly, before the time runs out would be the score of the team. A potential list of the things that can be included is given in the list below.

  • changing a dirty diaper
  • rocking a baby to sleep
  • registering for baby gifts
  • nursing the baby
  • giving baby a bath
  • first discovering you are pregnant
  • buckling baby into the car seat
  • pushing baby in a stroller
  • painting the nursery
  • building the crib
  • midnight cravings
  • giving birth
  • decorating for a baby shower
  • burping the baby
  • testing the temperature of the milk
  • dressing the baby
  • swaddling the baby
  • pumping milk
  • taking pictures of the baby
  • making a scrapbook for baby
  • feeding baby first solid food
  • making your own baby food
  • installing the baby car seat
  • bringing baby home from the hospital
  • folding up the stroller
  • singing to baby
  • sterilizing bottles
  • buying diapers
  • washing baby’s laundry
  • introducing baby to family members
  • changing batteries in the crib mobile
  • applying diaper rash cream
  • clipping baby’s nails
  • applying baby lotion
  • reading baby a book
  • making baby laugh

Source: https://www.momsandmunchkins.ca

You can also add some actions, baby-related movie titles, nursery rhymes, baby products to the cards.

3.  Guess the Baby: Coed Shower Game

For this game, you need to ask the guests to bring a photograph of themselves as babies, when you send the invites. Collect the pictures, number them and place them on a wall for everyone to see.

The guests would take turns guessing which rosy cheeked baby picture corresponds to each guest. The person with the maximum right guesses would be the winner.

4. Baby Items in a Bag

This is a super simple game to organize. All you need for this is a diaper bag filled with ten inexpensive, useful baby items; a bib, teething ring, rattle, bottle, among others. Each guest is given turns to put their hand inside the bag and without looking, identify as many items as they can within a certain time frame.

The person with the maximum items correctly guessed is the winner.

5. DIY Onesies

This an adorable game that gives the people an opportunity to unwind, create and have fun. Give them plain, white onesies and some fabric colors, glitter and other art supplies to create a memorable masterpiece.

Make sure to place the onesies on cardboard pieces to prevent stains on the table and to give your guests a sturdy surface. The final products are wonderful keepsakes of the baby shower!

6. Diaper Raffle: Unique Baby Shower Game

Diapers are of the utmost importance for parents-to-be. They require these in large quantities, which makes this game a useful one for the new parents. Organize a raffle where the guests would have to bring a package of diapers to enter the raffle. The more packets they bring, the more tickets they would get! They should be informed about this raffle when the invitations are sent out. (Tip: Include the details of the prize the winner would be receiving to increase participation.) In the end, the new parents are left with a ginormous pile of diapers they will be grateful for.

7. What’s the Story

This presents another great opportunity for the guests to get creative and use their imagination, as it requires them to write a short story on the spot. But it has a twist. This is not an icebreaker, but a great baby shower game for a group of people who are friendly or know each other.

For this, you will need to give copies of 2 lists to each guests. One containing 10 words related to babies. Example, nursery, bottles, pacifiers, etc. And the second list should contain 10 words that are not even remotely associated with babies. Example, chainsaw, murder, beer, automotive store, etc. The guests are given 5 minutes to write a story that includes all 20 words. Everyone takes turns reading the hilarious stories.

The one with the funniest tale wins.

8. Name that (Baby) Tune

You must have heard of or played this game before at a birthday party.

In the baby shower version of it, the organizer has to prepare a playlist of at least 15 songs that have the word ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ in the title. Include classics, pop favorites (Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time”) and recent hits (Sugarland’s “Babe”). Play a tune or clip of these songs and let the guests test their music savvy.

9. Place the Baby on the Mommy

Hahaha, this is one of the funniest baby shower game on the list. It may not sound like it, but once you start playing, everyone will have a great time. 😛

Pin the Tail on the Donkey was found quaking with this baby shower-themed spin on the classic party game. To win, the guests are required to place a picture of a baby on the enlarged picture of the mum-to-be’s belly, blindfolded.

Don’t forget to spin the guests twice after you have covered their eyes with cloth. The person who places the baby closest to the belly, wins.

10. What Am I?

Make a card for each guest, and write a baby item on each of them, for example, dirty diaper, baby pacifier, and other themed items. As the guests arrive, pin the cards on their backs, and have them mingle.

They would go around asking one another a series of yes or no questions to try to identify the item on their back. After someone has correctly guessed, the card can be pinned to the front or taken off.

11. Babies Against Parenthood

We are not done modifying classic party games. This game is a spin on the popular ‘Cards Against Humanity’. You know the rules, each guest draws 10 White Cards, the card reader will pick a Black Card and read out the question, everyone has to select a White Card from their pile which they believe is the funniest answer to the question/fill in the blank on the Black Card. The card reader picks the card they think is the funniest.

You can download the cards from: Source 

12. Baby Bucket List

Ask guests to write down the one thing the new mom should do in the baby’s first year.

The suggestions could include things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do when and if they have a baby, or things they think the parents-to-be will enjoy doing with baby—for instance, trips to take, moments to remember, advice that’s often forgotten. Collect all the note-cards and present them to the new mom by the end of the party.

They’re a great way to help her scrapbook baby’s first year.

13. My Water Broke

The organizer needs tiny plastic baby dolls, for this game. Place them in an ice cube tray and give each guest a frozen block of ice with the doll inside of it. The first person to melt the ice and retrieve the doll, wins.

Make sure they yell, “My water broke!” when they have melted their cube, otherwise, it does not count.

14. Baby Shower Headband Station

Who doesn’t love babies in flower crowns? Create a flower crown station with plastic flowers, strings, glue and other art supplies. Let your guests be creative and innovative! In the end, you will have a diverse range of wonderful baby flower crowns to store and admire.

15.  Baby Stickers

This is another icebreaker game. When the guests arrive, give them a pack of baby-themed stickers and instruct them to sneakily stick them onto other people at the party. However, if a guest is caught in the act of sticking, the victim has the full right to put a sticker on the person who was caught.

The first one to run out of stickers, wins!

16. Feed the Baby

Have the guests test their taste buds with this one. You need numbered, unlabeled jars of baby food for this game. Blindfold each guest and have them taste the contents of each jar. The person who guesses the contents of most jars correctly, wins!

17. Separation Anxiety

This is an intense and a super fun baby shower game. For this you need, colored candies and their corresponding color-coded cups. Make sure you have 10 candies of each color. Pick a minimum of five colors. Put all the 50 candies in a pile and arrange the cups in a semi-circle. Each guest is required to put colored candies into their matching color cups, using only one hand, in just one minute.

To make this more intense, invite two guests to go head-to-head with each other, the first one to separate the candies correctly, wins!

Here’s a video showing how to play this game.

18. Family Tree

This would be another adorable keepsake of your shower. Draw a tree without leaves on a sheet of paper and ask your guests to make green colored thumbprints as ‘leaves’. Make them sign their names under their respective thumbprints.

Store it as a memento of the occasion.

19. Place the Pacifier in the Baby’s Mouth

Another hilarious game in this list of Top Baby Shower Games!

We present you another Pin the Tail on the Donkey modification. Here, the people should place a pacifier as close to the baby’s mouth as possible, blindfolded.

To mix things up a little, give a surprise prize to the person with the furthest, most incorrect and therefore most hilarious placement of the pacifier.

20. Take a Square

Another great icebreaker! Pass around a roll of toilet paper and ask your guests to take off as many squares as they would like, but don’t tell them why.

Break the news after everyone has their respective lengths, that for each square of toilet paper they have, they need to tell one thing about themselves to the group.

Watch people who have taken a lot, suffer.

21. Baby Birthday Card

Ask the guests to pick a number between 1-18. The number chosen corresponds to the future birthday of the unborn child.

The guest would write a birthday greeting and a wish for the child to open on that birthday.

22. Baby Themed Treasure Hunt

This game needs a little more preparation than the others, but it is a unique and a fun one! You need to hide different items around your house/ the venue of the shower and make little clues for each item.

It would be best if the hidden items form a sequence like; a diaper labeled ‘dirty’, baby wipes, baby powder, clean diaper and the lyrics of a popular lullaby that will put the baby off to sleep. Divide the guests into 2-4 groups and give them time to plan. The groups are required to find the items by solving the clues. Then, one individual is sent from each team to use the items in the correct order on baby dolls.

The first team to do that, wins.

23. Baby Price is Right

Buy 10-12 baby items that the parents-to-be will need. Use blank note-cards to write the price of each item on one side, and the item itself on the other. Gather guests together and play it just like the TV show: each guest must guess the price of the items on the cards, and the person with the highest total(without going over) wins!

You can even pick guests to go head-to-head with each other.

24. Take A Stroll

For this you will need; a stroller, a baby doll, obstacles like traffic cones, lawn chairs, etc.

Each contestant stands behind a starting line, holding a baby. When the timer starts, they should strap the baby into the stroller and push it about the obstacles till the reach the finish line. One second is added every time they hit an obstacle. They are disqualified if the baby falls out of the stroller.

The person with the lowest time wins. To make this more extreme, have some guests walk on the ‘racetrack’ in different directions to confuse the contestants further.

25. Guess the Mother’s Measurements

Disclaimer: Do this only when the mom-to-be is 100% comfortable with it and has given her consent.

Pass around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. Tell each guest to cut off a length of string that they think corresponds to the size of the mom-to-be’s belly. When everyone is done, invite them to measure the mom’s belly with their respective strings. Whoever has a string that comes closest to the actual measurement, wins!

Final Words

Modify the Baby Shower games given in the list; use your creativity and have fun organizing these! These unique and exciting games will entertain your guests and ensure that your baby shower is awkward silence-free!

The Left Right Game: A Fast-Paced Baby Shower Game

Looking for a fast-paced game that will keep your guests entertained and on their toes? Look no further than The Left Right Game.

This lively game involves passing a prize around a circle while listening to a story.

As the story is read aloud participants must listen carefully for the words “left” and “right.” Whenever they hear the word “left” they must pass the prize to the left and whenever they hear the word “right” they must pass it to the right.

The tension builds as the story continues and the last person holding the prize at the end of the story wins.

This game is sure to get everyone laughing and engaged as they try to keep up with the twists and turns of the story.

So gather your guests and get ready for a fun-filled round of The Left Right Game at your baby shower.

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