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5 Best GBA Games to Play using GBA Roms

5 Best GBA Games to Play using GBA Roms

Many people from all over the world take up gaming as a pastime. Gaming is both lucrative and competitive and one of the reasons why so many games are coming up every now and then. Gameboy advance or GBA is one of the best tools for gaming enthusiasts in the world. For many years, it has kept many people glued to their gaming apps with wonderful consoles that keep getting better and challenging every year.

With GBA, you can enjoy your favorite game anywhere and everywhere.

With over 100 million units sold all over the world, GBA, a creation by Nintendo first hit the market in 2001. It gave the old Gameboy version a whole new look with more advanced and user-friendly features. The device is small and portable. It is easily compatible with many devices and software. This is one reason why GBA roms are gaining more popularity among people from across the globe.

5 Best Offline GBA Games

Below are some of the best 5 GBA games that you can download and play offline on your phones.

Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury

This is one of the most popular amines to ever air on TV. The game itself is much better than what you saw on your screens. It is a game packed with role-playing action games. Characters have the opportunity to take up roles exhibited in the dragon ball universe anime.

The storyline is easy to master and the controls are just as easy to maneuver. If you are looking for the perfect way to forget about your worries and have some fun relaxing time, then Buu’s fury will give you the perfect escape.

The Legend of Zelda

For many years, the legend of Zelda captured people’s attention with the amazing characters. Many other games in the market developed with the legend of Zelda being the major influence. The game requires roleplaying and has a lot of action. Probably the only thing that makes the game not as popular as other big games in the market is that it is not a Nintendo creation.

The game is by Capcom but it still elicits a lot of attention from a number of gamers. One of the most popular Zelda game is mannish cap. Try this on your GBA roms and you will not regret.

Pokémon (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

We all know that one of the most popular game series ever developed was Pokémon. It is a series that has seen many changes since its creation. Every handheld console, especially those that are Nintendo releases has Pokémon as their cornerstone series.

The Pokémon series Of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald rule the GBA roms. The following is massive and one of the series that has made Nintendo a world class gaming platform. The storyline on all the Pokémon series is the same but with different Pokémon. This is one series no serious gamer can afford to miss.

Fire Emblem

This is a very intense game, which is very popular in Japan. At some point, the American state considered it insanely intense for its citizens that it did not launch there. In spite of its intensity, the game is very interesting to play and is currently among the best GBA games in the market.

If you love a little adventure, then there is no reason why you should not add fire emblem to your GBA rom.

Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand

Designed by Hideo Kojima and published by Konami, this game gives players a unique experience of tricks and adventure. The game is very advanced and comes with a solar system and an in-built clock.

It involves players charging their weapons in real life as compared to many other games. With the charged weapons, then the action of slaying the vampires starts.

When the night falls, the game becomes more intense and with the solar charged weapons, it gets easier to tackle the enemies that become tougher at night. Konami is no longer as popular as he was in the past but the game remains one of the best ever created.


The Gameboy advance has hundreds of games to choose from in the world of video games. Choosing which one is better than the other would be a tussle because different people have different preferences.

However a majority of the games are worth the effort and the good thing is they are easy to download, they do not take too much of the memory and what’s even better is once you download them on your GBA roms, you can play them anywhere even when you are offline.

GBA Games for RPG Lovers

If you’re a fan of immersive storytelling deep gameplay mechanics and epic adventures the Game Boy Advance has a plethora of RPG games that will captivate you.

From the legendary Fire Emblem series to the critically acclaimed Golden Sun the GBA offers a treasure trove of role-playing experiences.

With titles like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap you’ll be engrossed in tactical battles and uncovering secrets in unique fantasy worlds.

For those who enjoy the challenge of collecting and battling creatures Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire provide hours of strategic gameplay.

No matter your RPG preference the Game Boy Advance has something to offer every RPG lover.

So grab your GBA roms and embark on an epic journey!

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