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Where can I Buy Stamps? [Complete Guide]

Where can I Buy Stamps? [Complete Guide]

This article is a guide for all those who have questions like “Where Can I buy Stamps”, “Who Sell Stamps” and so on. All answers covered in this short and complete guide. 

Postage stamps was introduced way back in the middle of the 19th century by Sir Rowand Hill.

Till this day though with the invent of modern and more sophisticated way of communication, letters still enjoy a fair amount of share.

Stamps are an integral part of Letters as it helps to determine that you have paid the necessary tax and customs to send a letter.

In today’s world online where shopping online has become a boon why should stamps be any different. It will save you time from standing in long queues and also save some money with good discount for bulk orders.

So, in this article we will provide you with the best possible sites and location you can buy stamps from not only for your letters but also for adding to your priced stamp collection book.

As the popular phrase goes, ‘Philately is the King of hobbies’ and of course a classy (pun intended) one.

Usage of Stamps in today’s World

Stamps till this day is used because it is an important source of tax for the Government. It is associated with stamp duty. It ensures that the necessary postage fees and tax is paid for a letter. Still today it enjoys a fair bit of share in official use as it ensures more privacy in this heavy digitally surveillance world where many companies spy on its customers just to sell those data.

Stamps till this day are mostly used in:

  1. Legal Documents needs stamps to be affixed in order to pay the duty in case of registry
  2. To mail letters from one place to another
  3. In case of Philately which involves collection of rare stamps for hobby. Maria Sharapova, Warren Buffet, Queen Elizabeth the Second are all fond of collecting stamps to name a few.

Many stamps are released in order to commemorate people in case of some achievements by their country. This also acts as a national pride and some stamps are specially released to be collected and has no price marked in it.

Though usage of stamps is in decline it should always be remembered that this was used in the main source of communication and ruled the world for over a 100 years before the Telegraph and the phone was introduced. P.S. if you’re into recycling, check out our recycling slogans page to spread the word.

Postage Stamps Cost Details

Before heading to buy stamps you must have a clear idea about how much stamps cost. You could actually save some money buying a roll or book of stamps rather than buying separately.

Options of buying stamps:

• Roll – this is a pack of ten stamps

Price – $8.79

• Book – this is a pack of 20 stamps

Price – $16.19

• Coil – this is a massive pack of 100 stamps

Price – $67.95

• Single – a single stamp

Price – $0.99

Here’s a look at the current pricing trends of postage stamps:

• Domestic Mail – costs an average of between $0.30 and $0.90. Every additional ounce adds $0.21
• Domestic Shipping – flat rate envelopes and packages can cost up to $22

Where to Buy Stamps and How?

Wondering Where to Buy Stamps? Well, here are the best places to buy stamps.

1. MintageWorld

MintageWorld was launched on April 23, 2016, at coin & philately fair held at the World Trade Center, Mumbai and is another really good site for buying stamps. Its catalogue not only include stamps but coins as well for over 40+ countries.

The best thing is it provides the best rates for stamps and even doesn’t asks for a mammoth price for rare stamps. It acts as a complete package for any collector.

2. Amazon

Nothing can be found which is not available on Amazon and it is no different for stamps as well.

This #1 online retailer has a variety of stamps under their products range. Amazon having different sites to cater to different regions helps in finding the best product in that region.

The global site Amazon.com has stamps of different region though mainly including US. Subsidiary sites like Amazon.in, Amazon.ca, Amazon.es has for other regions etc.

3. PostBeeld

PostBeeld is another really good online stamps for buying stamps. It has some really rare stamps in their collection which is available to buy. This site apart from providing with stamps also has all the necessary supplies a stamp collector would ever need including Stamp Album books, Tweezers, testing equipment etc. Really a helpful site if anybody is starting with Philately.

Sites to print stamps


This site offers postages on demand. You don’t have to worry about waiting for your order to arrive as you can directly print out your stamps after buying it. This is the best site to print stamps from and useful if it’s really urgent. This site also offers a $5 free trial if you sign up. So, if you really want a real easy method to buy stamps this is the one.

Special Promo Code: STAMPS100 (Use this code to get a flat discount of $100 on your purchase)

Other places you can buy stamps from

Can you buy stamps from Bank? Can I buy stamps from ATMs? Well, all the answers are covered below.

Bank and ATM’s

Bank and ATM are a convenient source for buying stamps at nominal rates.

Gas Stations

Gas Stations are again a reliable option for those who doesn’t want to buy it online.

Another advantage is they keep stamps which are in sale so you could end up getting a good deal over here.


There are plenty of Pharmacies nearby and they as well sell stamps at a regular rate. So when you hop in to buy medicine next time do buy some stamps as well if you need so.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are in need of stamps for posting a mail or for collection you could definitely check out the options in the article. Do look out for deals in online as well as offline stores. Mails are still an integral part of the society and stamps are an integral part of it.

So, do let us know from where do you prefer to buy stamps from.

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