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Stores Like Bhldn

Stores Like Bhldn

In case you haven’t heard, Bhldn is a store that specializes in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding decor. Because the focus here is on weddings we will discuss other places where you can find wedding dresses.

David’s Bridal

This was the first store that came to my mind when I thought about wedding dresses and even bridesmaid dresses. David’s Bridal is a very nice bridal shop and they have beautiful dresses with affordable prices. They are located in the United States and you can likely find one that is close to your location.

They also have beautiful bridesmaid dresses and dresses for other events. No matter what season your wedding is going to be in, they have something for you. They have all different sizes.

Some of their dresses are more upscale and their other dresses are more relaxed. It all depends on what style you’re going for and what you really love. Not to mention, they have some really good pricing on dresses of different styles.

Nicole Barre

This store is just wow. They have some of the most beautiful dresses. And believe it or not, their prices are very reasonable to be a high-end, luxurious bridal boutique.

Their dresses speak for themselves because they are just that beautiful. I like that there are different designers for each collection. When you click into each collection they have info about the designer of the dress and other valuable information about the gowns themselves like how they were designed.

While all of the gowns are unique, one of the things that many of them have in common are these extravagant trains attached to the gowns. Not only do they have beautiful wedding gowns but they have accessories to complete your entire look such as veils and jewelry.The veils and the jewelry are just as beautiful and elegant as the bridal gowns.

Maggie Sottero

The wedding dresses on this site are more relaxed and modern but beautiful nonetheless. They too have gown collections and I like when sites are separated this way to showcase the different gowns.

The layout of this site is very basic and makes it very easy to identify what kind of wedding gown you are looking for and it helps you to find it quicker and easier.


While not all that elegant, they do have some nice wedding dresses. They are known for having trendy clothing and affordable prices. Not just that but they have dresses for plus-size people.

This is a great site to find wedding dresses on especially plus-size people. There are not many places that are legit and offer plus-size clothing for women. So this is definitely a plus with me.

And while their wedding dresses are trendy, they do still look sort of elegant but not extravagant. This is good if that is the type of look that you are going for. Everyone doesn’t want an extravagant dress so more modern, trendy, and laid back is what works then this is the store for you.

The Outnet

The Outnet is one of those stores that you will want to find if you are looking for an affordable designer wedding dress. Usually, you can’t say these two things in the same sentence. Either it’s going to be designer but expensive or non-designer and affordable.

I love that the Outnet has affordable pricing on designer dresses. One dress may cost $695 but at The Outnet it is only $278. You cannot beat this price for the quality of the dress.

I have never heard of this place until now but it is worth taking a look at. As always do your research but this may be a winner.

LaLa Mira

This is a nice store overall and can be a great place to find affordable wedding dresses. The reviews on this store are decent. You can choose from a variety of dresses with this shop.

The price of these dresses are really nice and the dresses themselves are very beautiful and different from what I usually see. So LaLa Mira may be worth taking a look at. For an extra $8 you can also get plus-sizing and that is great.

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