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What You Need To Get A Driver’s Permit In West Virginia

What You Need To Get A Driver’s Permit In West Virginia

Passing the driving test is a life goal for many people, and once you have done so, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Getting a driver’s license in the Mountain State is a true test of your driving skills, and it’s something you can take on with confidence. It’s not overly challenging to do, but you need to have the right skills to pass. This post is split into two sections: what you need to do to pass and the things you need to get to apply.

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Things You Must Do

You need to do several things to increase your chances of obtaining a full driving license in West Virginia. 

Study As Much As Possible

A driver’s license is one of the most important documents you will need to drive a car. This document is your ticket to drive your car around on public roads. Without it, you can’t legally drive. The DMV will only issue you a driver’s license if you have fulfilled specific requirements. Passing the written part of the test might be simple for some people, while others might struggle with it. If you are preparing for the written portion of the test, make sure to study hard and practice your writing skills. However, study also extends beyond the theory. When you are a passenger, you should learn from other drivers how to maintain control of the vehicle and observe the road.

Practice The Theory

Part of your study will be to read the West Virginia Driver Manual and learn about the different aspects of road safety and things to do in an emergency. To obtain your license, you will be required to pass a practical road test, as well as a written exam. While passing the West Virginia permit test may seem straightforward for some, the reality is that most learners will need to study to become familiar with the laws of the road. Fortunately, there are plenty of places online that offer the chance to download and perform practice exams. This is a fantastic way to become familiar with the types of questions you will ask in the actual examination. 

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Apply For A Learners Permit

Once you have set the groundwork and are confident in your abilities, you can apply for a learner’s permit. You will need to bring sufficient documentation to the DMV, which will be discussed later. The DMV will need to be consulted (in fact, several visits as the process progresses), but you can always use a concierge service to have someone wait in line for you!

Book A Test With The DMV

Once you are confident in your abilities and have your learners permit, you can book an appointment with the DMV to take your driving exam. Fortunately, you can perform this step online as all you are doing is booking the time and date to take the exam. Once you have passed your exam, you will receive one of several types of license, depending on your age:

  • 16 – 17: Restricted (expires on the 18th birthday)
  • 18 – 20: Full (expires on the 21st birthday)
  • 21 +: Full (expires after 7 years)

Things You Will Need

You will need to present several documents to the DMV in order to qualify for a learner’s permit and then a full driving license. If you are unable or unwilling to submit the following documentation, you will be unable to move forward:

  • Something to prove your identity
    • Birth certificates
    • Passports
    • Permanent resident card
  • Social security number
  • You must provide proof of residency with your name and physical address in West Virginia.

You should gather all of your documentation together, as the more organized you are, the less painful the DMV process will be.

What About If You Are From Out Of State?

The previous advice is aimed at those who are new and have never received a license before. However, some notable exceptions are important to note for those who are from out of state:

  • Within 30 days of setting up a permanent residence, new residents must obtain a West Virginia license. You must also bring in your old license from your previous state.
  • In order to change an out-of-state license to a West Virginia license, a vision test and an alcohol awareness course are required.
  • Taking the written and driving tests may be necessary if your out-of-state license is expired.

To ensure a smooth driving test, there are many things you need to do. Whether you’re learning the theory through practice tests or getting your documentation in order, you’ll need to put in enough time. It will all be worth it once you have your permit and are behind the wheel.

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