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Ending A Relationship: How To Make The Breakup Easier For Both

Ending A Relationship: How To Make The Breakup Easier For Both

It’s never easy to break up with someone. It doesn’t matter how long you dated, the relationship was great or terrible, whether you want it to work out or not—it still hurts and there is a sense of loss that can be hard to get over. But after a breakup, many people find themselves thinking about what they could have done differently in order to make things work better. These thoughts can lead them down a path of self-blame and regret, which only makes the situation more difficult for everyone involved. Fortunately, though, this post will provide some tips on how you might be able to make the process easier for both parties involved.

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Break Up In Person

This one seems obvious, but many people don’t do it. Breaking up via text message or e-mail can be easier than having an in-person conversation because you don’t have to see the person’s reaction and deal with their emotions. However, doing so is cold and impersonal, resulting in not only pain for the other person, but guilt for you as well. If you were wondering how to break up with someone, the first thing you should know is that breaking up should always be done in person. By breaking up in person, you give the other person closure and acknowledge that you care about them enough to do it face-to-face.

Be Honest

Another common tip is being honest. For many, honesty in a relationship can be difficult because you want to protect the other person’s feelings. However, when breaking up with someone you owe it to them to be honest about your reasons for doing so. While it might hurt their feelings, they will appreciate knowing why you made the decision. However, you shouldn’t slap someone in the face  with your reasons and simply say, “I don’t love you anymore.” This can be just as harsh as ending things via text message or e-mail, so be honest while also being kind.

Be Respectful

Along the same lines of honesty is respect. Just because you want to break up doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it. While this might seem obvious, some people choose to put someone down in order to hurt them so they can justify their decision. However, being respectful doesn’t mean you have to do anything for the other person—you don’t owe them a date night or an explanation as to why the breakup is necessary. Respect, in this context, simply means that you respect the other person’s feelings and their right to know why they are no longer wanted as a significant other.

Be Supportive

No matter how much you want to get out of a relationship, it can be hard on the other person as well. In order to make things easier for them, try being as supportive as possible following your breakup. While it might not lessen the pain immediately, knowing that there is someone else who cares about them can help them move, or at least it will lessen the guilt they might experience as a result. You should also let them cry, scream, or get angry about the breakup. Allowing them to be upset can help them work through their emotions and cope with what happened.

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Don’t Offer False Promises

One common tip that you should avoid when ending a relationship is providing false promises and hope for the future. This means no saying things like, “let’s still be friends,” or “let’s get back together in a few days.” If you do, the other person might start to have hope that maybe things will work out. However, if they find out that isn’t true, they will only be more hurt and upset with you than before. So when breaking up with someone, don’t make promises you can’t keep—it will only make the process more difficult in the long run.

Don’t Do It In Public

This tip might seem obvious, but it is important to avoid breaking up with someone in public. Doing so can embarrass the other person and make them feel humiliated so whatever you do, don’t break up with them at a party or family gathering. Instead, meet them someplace private, where they will feel more comfortable and you can have a private conversation. This will also prevent the situation from getting out of hand and prevent you from making a scene of breaking up with someone.

In the end, breaking up is never an easy process for either party involved. While some people might think that being cruel and hurtful makes it easier on them, it only contributes to the heartache they are already feeling. So when ending a relationship, be honest, respectful, and supportive so the breakup is easier for both of you.

Set Boundaries and Discuss Contact

Setting boundaries and discussing contact is an important step in ending a relationship. It allows both parties to establish the level of communication they are comfortable with moving forward. Some people may want to cut off all contact immediately while others may want to maintain a friendly connection. It is crucial to have this conversation early on to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Establishing clear boundaries helps create a clean break and allows for each person to focus on healing and moving on.

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