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Do Unique Stones Pique Your Interest? Here’s A Quick Guide

Do Unique Stones Pique Your Interest? Here’s A Quick Guide

Not many people enjoy collecting minerals and rocks. However, this is a good hobby that can be so satisfying. Through this hobby, you can discover many things about geological structures. You can even trace certain historical records and anecdotes with this fun activity. Anyone can develop a hobby at any age. It’s never too late for you to love to collect unique stones. Do unique stones pique your interest? Here’s a quick guide.

Research Research Research

Many forms of unique stones exist. You’ll find it easier to collect unique stones if you start by analyzing your area’s geology. Identify the minerals and rocks available in your local area. Look for unique geological features. As you learn more about these minerals and rocks, you can easily know what type of stone to collect. Additionally, going by the information at Buymoldavite.com enough research can give you tips to identify real stones. Failure to research, you can buy or collect stones that will soon lose their value.

Researching can also give you all the information you need to know which companies sell authentic stones. You will understand the available formats of different stones. This way you can easily choose your preferred stone format from an authentic seller. Some stone selling companies mine stones unethically. You wouldn’t want to buy from such unethical companies as such stones can make you a lawbreaker. So, research widely, to know where to buy stones and the cost to buy them at.


Whether you are a newbie or a veteran stone collector, networking can give you better results.  You can learn about different unique stones from people with the same interests as yours. Do you know of a local stone collector’s club near your home? Jon it. You can learn your home area’s geology and learn different modes of stone collection while in such networks.

At times you can find more experienced collectors than yourself.  As a result, you might benefit immensely from their knowledge and experience. From these clubs, you can learn about legitimate stones to collect and companies from which you can buy authentic stones.

Invest in the Relevant Collection Tools

Whether you collect unique stones for fun or a living, you would want to make the best out of the activity. Therefore, gather all the tools that might enhance your collection. Acquire a suitable toolkit to enhance your safety. Ensure your toolkit has some chisel, a bucket, work gloves, sturdy boots, safety glasses, and a geologist’s pick. These pieces of equipment are readily available at your nearest tool shop. As you go deeper into the collecting activities, and as you hone in the business you’ll need to acquire some advanced equipment to enhance your efficiency.

Keep Your Records

Unique stone collection is an interesting journey. You’ll enjoy it better if you are willing to learn. Before you head out to the field, create a database. Indicate the specimens you want to gather every particular day. Have unique labels to distinctively differentiate one specimen from another of such a kind. You can assign your specimen unique names or numbers for ease of identification. More details you can include are the varietal names, the mineral contents of each particular stone, the depth level, and the mine name.

Record any previous history of the stone. Has anyone ever used the stone for display? if so, indicate where and when an individual or company used the stone. These additional details can help you determine the value of your stone. This is inevitable if you collect stones for a living.

Be Very Specific

There are tens of unique stones out there. Furthermore, you’re not the only one who’s interested in collecting unique stones. If you’re a professional stone collector, you would want to remain competitive. Uniqueness can make you competitive and make you stand out from the crowds. Therefore limit what you collect. Decide on two or one unique stone and specialize in collecting and selling it. 

Avoid collecting too-common stones as you can end up selling your valuables at throwaway prices. Also, consider the amount of storage you have. If you have a small display for your stones, only keep as much as your display can aesthetically accommodate. With two major display specimens, you can attract clients who go for specific minerals and stones. 

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Collecting unique stones can be a satisfying hobby and a well-paying profession. To get it right you must start your collection journey with research. Research the sources of the stones, the dealers, and the market for the stones. Research all the stone varieties and decide on the specific stones you want to collect. The right collecting tools are as important as the stones themselves. Remember to keep records and to network. They can ease identification and increase your knowledge respectively. Quality too is a must-consider.

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