6 Companies Like Affirm: Best Alternatives in 2020

So many Financial Tech Companies like Affirm have flooded the market in a conquest to win the race to make ecommerce and electronic payments better and better. But, Affirm is one, we all have heard about. Founded, by the PayPal founder, Max Levichen, Affirm is a very known American Financial Technology company.

It aims at popularising and introducing new, much more innovative, inclusive and reliable credit transaction methods for users, in place of Credit Cards. Affirm basically, allows users to take out microloans at the point of sale with participating vendors.

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6 Financial Tech Companies like Affirm

Let us find out some more about financial tech companies like Affirm across the globe, who are trotting towards success and their aim to provide us with the best kind of financial services to make our lives easier and faster, while also being safe.

Here are some of the best companies that provide financial tech like Affirm does-

1. Zest Finance

Started in 2009, Zest Finance is one of the really good financial tech companies like Affirm. This is one of the best ways to improve your credit rating and cut down on the losses, in a smart-way.

Zest Finance is heavily into Model & Data Development- to leverage more of your data, Model Validation- provision of credit expertise on demand or innovative skill building, Model Deployment and Monitoring and Automated Compliance tools, which they claim are “to-die-for.”

2. Square

Square is a super-smart solution financial tech company, that has come up with the most innovative ideas to dial down any stress in the ecommerce or e-payment department, ever!

All the amazing tools that you could ever imagine to better and systematise your business and personal finances  you can order it all online with their “cash” option.

With Square’s credit card processing, you can accept all major cards and get deposits as fast as the next business day. I know it is too hard to believe, but this Financial Tech company like Affirm, is really touching high bars and setting enormous standards.

3. Earnest

This Financial Tech provider like Affirm is really the alternative for “The better way to borrow”, as implied on their official webpage. Be it student-loan refinancing or Personal Loans, they have great deals on most.

They aim at providing Lower rates through better data, Expert-In House Services, Customization of budget and loads of other financial features that you can really use to save some bucks and be systematic at your financial decisions.

4. PeerForm

The neatest thing about this Fintech Company like Affirm Is that there is no hidden fee or secret charges that you don’t know about to avail the facilities that PeerForm offers. They give out unsecured loans at great rates.

The rates are always fixed, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the market and be worried all the times. Easy monthly payments for borrowers are a blessing! While the investors too get perks like Customization, Prime Consumer Loans, diversification and much much more at this FINANCIAL SERVICE provider.

5. Wonga

This ground breaking online lender, is almost on the competitive level for the Financial tech Company- Affirm.

Offering UK citizens short-term cash advances with unmatchable speed, flexibility. The company is changing the façade of the giant UK credit market by providing a responsible and short-term alternative to the traditional olden ways. Wonga has been gaining a lot of name and popularity and is a successful firm.

6. Zebit

This FINANCIAL SERVICE provider, private company, founded in 2014 in the USA is doing great in just a matter of few years from its business commencement. It allows you to get up to 2500$ worth of interest free credit! Crazy, right?

You can shop for millions of things and just pay over time. There is absolutely no need for a good credit rating or score, because Zebit doesn’t consider it. You are eligible if you are 18 and working in a stable job, so go get em’.

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Top Alternatives to Affirm in 2020

The list for the best alternatives to Affirm, is endless because of the growing competition in todays economy, but these 6 companies are the cream of the market. Just wanting to sum up the names of all the Financial Tech Service Provider companies, like Affirm.

  1. Zest
  2. Square
  3. Earnest
  4. Peerform
  5. Wonga
  6. Zebit

These companies are hitting the top level in the field of Financial Technology Services, all over the world and conquering the support of millions and trillions for their convenient and reliable methods to make payment and life easier and way more protected.

These companies offer reliable loans and facilities for credit and make your worries about “where the money is going to come from?”, vanish away!

So, go ahead, check all of them and find the best according to your need.

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