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5 Best Sites Like Glassdoor [A Detailed Guide]

5 Best Sites Like Glassdoor [A Detailed Guide]

If you’re looking for the best Glassdoor alternative, you’ve come to the right place. Glassdoor helps you find out whether the company you want to work for provides a good working environment. However, there have been issues with the platform blocking users.

We’ve discussed some excellent alternatives, as well as some other information that you might useful. Read ahead.

What Are the Best Sites Like Glassdoor?

Here are 5 great options:

1.      Indeed

Indeed is available in 60 countries and can be accessed in 28 different languages. So, users from around the world will be able to use it.

Current and former employees are able to review companies, and give them ratings on 5-star scales.

The platform can help you find jobs as well. Openings from all over the internet are advertised, including from company career pages, staffing firms, and job boards.

Using Indeed won’t cost you as its services are free. You will only have to pay if you want to post a premium listing.

Your most recent searches would be saved. This would help with your job hunting, as you can always refer back to them. Also, your phone’s GPS would be used to find listings where you live or in nearby cities.

2.      Comparably

Comparably ranks high on most Glassdoor alternative lists. You probably have heard of it before.

You’ll have access to companies’general data, as well as more detailed information like how their pay, culture, and diversitylevels are.

Comparing businesses to their rivals will be possible with one of itstool. You can do this for both private and public organizations.

There are many filters to help you assess the companies in your area. Some of the most popular are “highest salary” and“highest bonus”.

Having anonymous Q & As with peoplefrom the organizations you’re interested in would be an added bonus.

If you’ve gone through the reviews and are interested in a company, Comparably has your back. You can request for a representative to get back to you.

3.      FairyGodBoss

Although the above sites can help you figure out whether a company is a good place for a woman to work, FairyGodBoss can do the best job at this. It’s especially useful for checking whether companies have substantial maternity leave policies.

Several openings are posted on the site everyday. This makes job hunting easier.Also, you will be joining a community of thousands of other women when you open an account. For many, this is a good reason to use it instead of its rivals.

In case you’re wondering, no, you won’t have to pay to register.

4.      Great Place to Work

Most of the reviews on Great Place to Work are collective ratings. This means you’ll get a more holistic view on companies.

Some of the criteria that affect these ratings includehow friendly organizations are, how their pay is, and what their work environment is like. Here’s an added benefit – these ratings are compared to rivals to give you the best idea.

One aspect we enjoy about Great Place to Work is that all of its information is in easy-to-read charts.

You will see all the awards that a company has won, and you’ll have access to an About Section in case you’d like to learn more about them. In fact, if you are interested in an organization, you’ll appreciate the special section that gives tips and tricks on how to snag a job there.

Unlike most of its rivals, openings are not posted, however,the tips to get hired at specific companies make up for this.

5.      Firsthand.co

FirdHand.Co ranks businesses depending on employee surveys. Yes, this would be useful, but know that Firsthand.co is on the bottom of our list for a reason. You will only have access to the employee reviews if you are a paid member.

There are over 5,000 companies on the platform. They have been reviewed from both present, as well as former employees.

Company reviews are divided into multiple categories. This makes searching for reviews easier. Some of these categories include acquisitions and merges, salaries, strategies, industry reputation, quality of life, benefits, and overall employee happiness.


Answered below are some popular questions.

How Do You Write an Excellent Resume?

Having a resume that stands out would be a good idea. We’ve discussed several ways you can achieve this:

1.      Make sure the Information is Clear

If you fill your CV with unnecessary information, the chances of protentional employers glossing over it and not paying attention would be high.

Use simple words, and remember to keep the CVlimited to 2 pages.

2.      Be Truthful

Although this won’t help you land a job, being honest would prevent future issues that may arise. You may get terminated, if it is found out that you lied about a specific qualification or former job role.

3.      Tailor Your Resume

Depending on the position you are applying for, you might want to tailor your resume to it. This will let you create a cover letter that will be incline with the company’s vision.

How Do You Ace a Job interview?

Do you have a job interview coming up? Reading through the below points will help.

1.      Be on Time

Make a good impression by arrivingon time for your interview. Your potential employer may mark you down for this.

2.      Do Your Research

Doing research on the company is important for many reasons. For one, you would be able to show that you’re prepared and will do the additional research when needed. Also, you would be able to ask questions that you may not have thought of about the company. Similar to using some of our Glassdoor alternatives, this will help you decide whether working there would be best for you.

3.      Dress Smartly

Dressing smartly will help you make the best first impression. If you’re not sure whether you’re dressing smart enough, you can look online for inspiration.

4.      Don’t Be Negative

Try to not talk negatively about your former or current employer. You would come off as someone who doesn’t get along with others.

5.      Don’t Talk too Much

When asked questions, don’t use this as an opportunity to endlessly talk about yourself. Instead, keep your answers related to the interview as well as your career.

6.      Avoid Talking about Money

When companies have many candidates for openings, they usually have screening processes each step of the way. You don’t want to give them ammunition to screen you out. So, don’t talk about money or any incentives at the first interview as it may seem that it’s the only factor you’re interested in.

7.      Be Polite

Even if you are a great candidate, potential employers may not want to hire you if you don’t seem like a nice person. Remember to have a smile on your face and be as friendly as possible. Of course, there is a line between being friendly and too friendly. Try your best to find it as you can come off unprofessional otherwise.

How Do You Find a Job?

There are several ways to look for jobs today. Some of these include:

1.      Network

Go toevents and get to know people. You’llmeet new people who might like and want to work with you. Choose the events that you attend carefully, as some can be a waste of time. The best would be seminars and workshops related to your field.

2.      Career Websites

You can use one of the many sites on our list to find openings. Indeed, is popular for this.

3.      Advertisements

Although not many companies advertise openings in newspapers, some still do. Give your local weekly or morning paper a read.

4.      Company Websites

Some companies post listings on their site and wait a fewdays before advertising on career websites and job boards. Go through the companies in your area and check whether they have any openings available. Hopefully, you will be lucky.

5.      Cold Call

You can cold call and ask the businesses in your area whether there are any openings. Remember not to call the same place too many times.

Final Thoughts

So, what did you think about all of the points that were discussed? There are several Glassdoor alternatives on the market. From the list, indeed would have to be the best. Not only would you be able to tell whether a business is worth working for, but you would also be applying to one of their openings, as the site collects job postings from various platforms.

What’s also great is that Indeed is available all over the world. Users from 60 different countries would be able to use it, and it’s available in 28 different languages too.

Not only did we discuss some great alternatives, but also some tips and tricks that will help on your job hunt. These include how to write a resume, ace an interview, and how to look for jobs as well

Looking for the Right Job? Here’s How to Ace Your Job Search

When it comes to finding the right job it’s important to have a well-rounded job search strategy.

In addition to using Glassdoor alternatives like Indeed and Comparably to research companies and find job listings there are several other steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

First make sure your resume is concise and tailored to the specific position you’re applying for.

Highlight your relevant skills and experience and always be truthful in your application materials.

Next prepare for your job interviews by researching the company dressing professionally and being positive and polite during the interview.

Remember to focus on how you can contribute to the company’s success rather than discussing your own monetary needs.

Finally use a variety of methods to find job openings such as networking checking company websites and even cold calling local businesses.

With the right approach and the help of these Glassdoor alternatives you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect job.

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