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Apps for Waiting in Line

Apps for Waiting in Line

It is estimated that throughout your entire life you can spend months waiting in line! If this sounds like a waste of time to you, then you should get an app that makes this a more streamlined process.

Here is a list of the apps that can take the pressure and frustration out of waiting in line:


With Spotblaze, you are able to directly engage a line sitter. This is someone who will wait in line instead of you. When it is time for you to replace them in the line, you will be notified. One of the great things about Spotblaze is that you can make several appointments at various locations and have people sit in for you. Then, you can complete these tasks as the line opens up to you.

The Spotblaze app is very easy to use. You can keep track of all of your spots at the same time. You also have access to your line sitters contact details, and location. You will also be able to monitor their movement through the line, giving you plenty of time to show up right when you need to.

You also get to approve the line sitter. Only if they meet your approval will the action be initiated. Payment can also be conducted over the app, ensuring that the entire process can take place quickly and smoothly.


InLine4You is another direct service app. All you have to do is find a line sitter (known as a spotter on the app) and then you discuss the price. The price is typically dependent on how long you expect the sitter or spotter to wait in line. Once you decide on a price, the sitter will take your spot.

One of the perks of using InLine4You is that it is a pretty well known and reputable service. Thus, you can use it to have someone stand in line for you for many important occasions. This includes job interviews, casting calls, etc.

You can also get creative with how you use the InLine4You app. People have been known to book spotters for Black Friday, concerts with General Admissions tickets, etc. The options are endless!


Skiplino has a different take on helping you wait in line. This app works with service providers. As a result, you are able to make a booking ahead of time. Then, the app technically holds your spot for you.

You are provided with access for the average wait time for that particular line, you can also see how the virtual line is progressing so that you know precisely when to show up. Do you need a bit more time? Well, you can contact the service provider directly and ask them for it! Your place in the queue will be adjusted accordingly.

The Skiplino app is a great option for frequent travelers to use. This is because the app will automatically update itself and re-orient to suit your new location. This makes it ideal for both business trips as well as vacations. The services are also available in multiple languages, making it a breeze for virtually anyone to use.

Wait in Line

Like many people, you may not want to spend money on a line sitter. If so, Wait in Line may be the more appropriate app for you. Here, the app taps into the business or center that you are currently at. Using the data available to it, the app calculates how long the waiting time will be.

This lets you know if you should stick around or come back at another time when the waiting time will be shorter. The app uses crowd sourced information based on the location and time of day to give you fairly accurate results.


QLess works in tandem with all kinds of services, centers, and businesses. As a result, you are able to coordinate with the businesses to virtually stand in line. You will be able to monitor your position and the rate at which you are moving closer to the front of the line.

If you need more time because you are too far away, then you can request a later time. One of the great things about QLess is that the app works with thousands of businesses across the country. This includes DMVs, government offices, stores, hospitals, and a whole lot more.

Thus, it offers you a great way to organize your day and life so that you spend almost no time of it waiting in line!


The QueueS app is a bit of a jack of all trades app. To begin with, when you enable your location and access the app, you are shown the top 20 options around you. This allows you to organize your tasks and errands so that they can be completed more efficiently.

You can find anything from banks and supermarkets to restaurants and hospitals on the app. As such, you can discover the overall waiting time of any of the spots included on the map. To take things up a notch, the app will inform you which branch of those businesses has the lowest waiting time as well.


TaskRabbit has a special category just to have someone wait in line for you! All you have to do is to let the line sitter know where you want them to stand in line and how long the process may take. Based off of this, you can set a price. The sitter can negotiate with a higher or lower offer. You can also search for other sitters until you find the right one.

As you will be estimating how long you will need to wait in line for, you may have to pay for other charges that the sitter may incur during the process. The upside is that TaskRabbit vets all of the people using their app so there is a higher guarantee of finding a good sitter for important events.


Each of these apps has their own benefits and uses. All you have to do is to determine which one is right for you and you can start saving time right away!