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60 Year Old Dating a 30 Year Old

60 Year Old Dating a 30 Year Old

Age gaps amongst adults who are dating are really very normal in most circumstances, but you may be wondering just how big of an age gap matters? Or if there is an age gap that is just too big?

Dating someone who is younger than you can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are not entirely comfortable with it. Here are a few things to consider if you are considering dating a younger man or woman.

Is it Okay for a 60-Year-Old to Date a 30 Year Old?

It is generally considered to be okay for a 60-year-old to date a 30-year-old in American culture, at least. This is because both adults are of legal age and are capable of making their own decisions when it comes to choosing a partner.

This age gap is quite a large one but depending on the couple, they can make it work in their own way. Age is just a number and can be overlooked in many instances among consensual adults looking for love.

The biggest problem that you might encounter when dating someone who is 30 years older or younger than you is judgment. People will judge you relentlessly for this decision.

Judgment is to be expected with any large age gap relationship as people oftentimes can’t understand how the relationship works. As long as you can ignore those people who judge your decisions, you should be able to date someone even if there is a large age gap.

As long as the relationship is between two consenting adults, there is no real problem with it. The only age gap relationship that is really an issue is if one of the participants is under the legal age.

There are many downsides to dating someone who is much older or younger than you, but there are also benefits. Depending on the couple, any age combination will work if the couple is willing to make it work.

The most common age gap that is considered to be acceptable and successful is 10 years.

Can an Older Woman be Attracted to Younger Guys?

It is not at all unusual for an older woman to be attracted to younger men. This is just the same as older men being attracted to younger women.

There is nothing wrong with an older woman feeling attraction towards a man who is younger than her. This is common as young guys are in peak physical condition, and women instinctively look for that in a mate.

Women who have taken care of themselves and remained physically fit will especially find themselves drawn to younger men. This is more common as women want to be equally matched with someone who is attractive.

It is not at all uncommon for women to date men who are 10 to 15 years younger than them. Some even far surpass that number when dating younger men.

This is a natural thing that happens to some women, especially if they do not feel or look their age.

What’s Wrong with a 60-Year-Old Dating Someone Younger?

When it comes to a 60-year-old dating a 30-year-old, there are some problems that they might encounter. This is because with such a large age difference comes some issues that the couple might have to face.

Like any couple, they will face certain issues, but some are much more likely in an age gap relationship.


In a relationship where one person is 30 years older than the other, there might be a higher risk of the younger person cheating. This could be due to a lack of physical interest.

There are a lot of physical differences between a 60 and 30-year-old, and one person might find themselves feeling less attracted. This could lead to them straying and looking for other attractive people outside of the relationship.

Too Many Differences

With such a large age difference, the couple might find themselves not relating to one another.

This could take the form of not having any common interests to talk about or not being able to share similar experiences in life. This can ultimately cause the relationship to fizzle out and fail as there is nothing to connect over.

Lack of Interest

When dating someone who is significantly older or younger than you, you might find that there is a general lack of interest. This could come up because of age, physical differences, and different life perspectives.

All of these things can sabotage the relationship and cause the two to part ways. This is a very common problem in age-gap relationships.


As we discussed earlier, judgment is a big issue for relationships with an age gap. People just won’t understand and may even find it disgusting.

This will be something that you have to learn to ignore, but some people are not able to do that. Judgment alone can oftentimes break up age gap couples out of pressure.

Can a 60-Year-Old Date a 30-Year-Old?

A 60-year-old can definitely date a 30-year-old if it feels like it is the right move for them. Everyone is different, and you might just find your soul mate in someone substantially younger than you.

There is nothing wrong with dating, even when there is a very large age gap as long as you and your partner can make it work amongst the two of you. Age is just a number and should not get to dictate who can and can’t fall in love.

As long as both parties are of the legal age, they can date whoever they like. Some people can make an age gap work no matter how big it is.

Whether or not a relationship between a 60-year-old and a 30-year-old will work is completely dependent on those two people. They can either make the relationship work or not work.

It also depends on personality and character as certain personalities pair well together no matter the age difference.

That is why a relationship between people who are 30 years apart in age can still work despite the number of years. It all depends on the couple and what they are willing to do to make the relationship work.

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