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What is Wife Swapping: Read Amazing Real Life Experiences

What is Wife Swapping: Read Amazing Real Life Experiences

Wife Swapping or Swinging has been seen as a gross thing to do in the past. Now in 2019, it is becoming so much mainstream with more and more couples experimenting with their married life. Wife swapping is being really common in today’s society than you could imagine.

So, if you and your partner is receptive enough to bring some changes in your life and don’t know about swinging or where to start, this article is just for you! Read along

What is Wife Swapping?

Wife swapping or more commonly swinging is a practice in which committed couples engage with s**ual activity with others by exchanging partners. It is a kind of open relationship.

Partner Swapping is done in order to bring a change in s** life.

In 2018, a study of the prevalence of nonmonogamous practices in the United States estimated that 2.35% of Americans currently self-identify as swingers and 4.76% had identified as swingers at some point in their lifetime

Is it good?

Wife Swapping is common in the US from the 1960s. Since then it has become more and more common. A study based on an Internet Questionnaire found out that 60% of the visitors said that partner-swapping improved their relationship. Approximately 50% rated their relationship very happy even after practicing wife swapping.

Wife swapping advantages: Are There Any?

Wondering what are the advantages of this trend? Well, there are many;

1. It improves the quality of s** life and opens a new domain of s**ual communication

A committed relationship often brings s** life to a saturation point which often leads to extramarital affairs and cheating on partners.

Being partner swingers with each other’s consent bring in a fresh change in one’s sex life without harming the relationship.

2. Increases the bond in a relationship

Many may wonder that swapping partners may ruin a relationship but it is just the opposite. Being in relation with consensual partner swap totally sweeps away any forms of jealousy or misunderstanding in a relationship and actually makes the bond stronger.

3. Helps in understanding one’s s**ual needs and desires

With an open relationship, one’s enjoys their body the most, discovering a new experience with different erotic fantasies. It provides an all-round experience with a number of partners having a different experience every time and traversing own’s one body needs and desires.


Some real-life stories of people who have done this

Nothing is fully learned without experience.

Read some stories from real life couples talking about their experience while swapping partners.

1. The first step to Wife-Swapping

“I was single when I started with lifestyle. I met my husband in the lifestyle, but we developed our relationship outside of the lifestyle. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that it really panned out because there was more trust. We dabbled in and out and then finally for New Year’s, we went for it: We brought a couple home for the first time since I had my daughter and it was awkward because it was the first time — but fun.

It took a lot of love and cultivating of our relationship before we got to that point. At first, I felt like, ‘I’m a mom, I just need to focus on that,’ but my husband reminded me that I was so much more and that I should still enjoy my life outside of being a mom.” – AJ

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2. Rules are very much important to any kind of consensual swinging

My wife and I have done it. Before I go on, I’m writing this to let people know there is nothing wrong with the practice, as long as everyone involved is 100% on board.

While our first experience was wonderful, a couple we tried it with later on didn’t fare so well.

I’m going anonymous and using fake names. This is the internet, so who knows who is going to see this,and it isn’t fair to the others involved if I out them like this. But, I will check on it now and again to see if there are any comments needing a response.

So onward and upward….

Our first time was with the people who lived across the street, Nick and Amy. We were about the same age, we both had toddlers about the same age and shared a lot of interests. Nick and I worked for the same company, but in very different sections, so our ability to talk shop was limited, but enough to let us connect. My wife Kim and his wife were best friends.

Twice a month, on payday weekends, we’d get a baby sitter for our kids, who would keep both kids at our house. We knew the girl’s family really well, and they were cool with us staying out well past midnight. She would often time spend the night in our guest room when we were out late. So, the four of us had the night to ourselves.

3. Always be respectful and play it safe when doing this type of activity.

One night, after a night of bowling, the girls decided they should head home for a few drinks. This was not out of the ordinary, as we would sometimes cut the night out short for a night in. We took a cab home. Up until this point, it was business as usual.

When we got in, we poured some drinks and started to chit chat. Then Amy said, “you want to play truth or dare?” We all agreed. Some ground rules were laid out. Basically, if anyone gets uncomfortable, the game is over. Always keep that in mind. If you suspect someone involved is playing along, but not really having fun, shut things down for them. It is supposed to be fun.

It progressed from there to kissing and basic fondling each other. We got the girls to make out, in the nude. We were all naked by this time, sitting on a couple of blankets on the floor. Then Amy dared Kim to perform oral sex on Nick to completion. She did so. I dared him to eat Kim’s box, to completion.

And that’s when we said screw it and just swapped. While he was going down on her, Amy came over and dared me 69 her. That was the last dare. For the next few hours, we would have sex, rest, recuperate and repeat. At one point, Kim and Amy were both with Nick while I sat and watched. When he was done, they came to me.

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 4. Wife Swapping helps in relationship ruined due to unfulfilled desires

I met Rita during one of my business trips to Thailand and we fell in love from the first site. Contrary to what everyone thinks, she was not a hooker or an escort – I met her in the office of my partner. Soon, we moved back to the USA and started living a regular family life.

But soon things changed. I could see that she wasn’t truly happy with sex. I mean, we had a great time in bed but I could just feel that something was not right. One day, we sat down and talked and she confessed her fantasies to me – ever since she was a virgin (15 years ago), she would dream of screwing with more than 1 person. Back in Thailand, she has had a threesome with men and women, she went to orgies in clubs and brothels and whatnot. Rita was afraid that she would shock me but a little cuckolder has always been living in my head and the idea to watch my wife getting nailedd by others started to sound better and better to me.

To cut the long story short, we started visiting clubs, found other couples or single guys/ girls on Craigslist, and became real swingers.

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Is it common?

The Internet is a weird place which can make things famous or can hit the last nail of a dying trend.

Due to this internet Wife Swapping has really become famous with more and more swinging sites and clubs having a vast online presence.

According to a famous newspaper The Sun, an estimated 130,000 sign onto swingers site Fab Swingers every day.

By 2011, some estimates put the number of American swingers at 15 million, 60 percent of whom said it improved their relationship.

Why people do this?

Swinging or Wife swapping is becoming very much common. It is being practiced by more and more

couples. With a number of swinging clubs growing out and a number of partner swapping websites making their online presence, it is becoming easy to swapping partners and isn’t really a taboo anymore. Wife or Partner swapping has a number of pros:

  • Helps in bringing a fresh change life
  • It provides much-needed freedom
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle without any jealousy
  • Improves lines of communication between couples
  • Provides a serum to a bad love life due to s**ual discontentment

Important Tips for couples who are starting with this trend

So you and your partner want to get involved in swinging?

Don’t worry as we got you covered.

Here as some tips for you:

1. Set Common Rules

This is very much important for any swapping to work out. Set some common ground rules and always abide by them. This helps in avoiding any misunderstanding afterward.

2. Find like-minded people

Join a swinging site or club. There a variety of swinging clubs in various parts of your city.

Alternatively, you should register yourself in swinging websites like FabSwingers and you could find in some couples to swap partners with.

3. Do your research and be confident

Initially, you might be shy in hooking up with someone else but you should be confident and bring out your most attractive self.

Final Words

So that is all about Wife Swapping!! We tried to give as much insight as we could. From experiences to advantages, everything about husband/wife swapping is added here. It’s up to you now.

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