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What Kind of Earrings Do Tattoo Shops Use?

What Kind of Earrings Do Tattoo Shops Use?

Do you want to get your ears pierced? Or, are you considering getting a pair of earrings (or even just one) from a tattoo shop? If so, you need to know what to expect.

Check out what materials and designs you can find in most tattoo shops:

What Earrings Can You Find in a Tattoo Shop?

Most of the earrings in tattoo shops may be made of surgical steel or titanium, although some may carry silver or gold pieces as well – the design of the earrings can vary quite a bit from studs and hoops to hollowed out plugs for tunnel piercings.

What Material are Earrings in Tattoo Shops Made Of?

The most common material that earrings in tattoo shops are made from stainless steel, sometimes referred to as surgical steel. This is because it is affordable and typically, has a low rate of irritation. Although most tattoo shops relied on surgical steel earrings, they are slowly losing favor.

The other most common material is titanium or titanium G23 – the latter is a purer version of titanium. Now, titanium is more expensive than surgical steel, but it also has the benefit of being lighter. An increasing number of tattoo shops are beginning to stock earrings made of titanium.

Surgical Steel vs. Titanium Earrings – Which Should You Choose?

Once, surgical steel was assumed to cause virtually no irritation at all. This belief is changing however. This is because even high quality stainless steel can contain a significant amount of impurities. This includes nickel which can be highly irritating.

In many cases, when people assume infection or rejection with their piercings, the reality is much simpler – they are having an allergic reaction to their earring.

It is due to this that more and more tattoo shops are shifting to titanium instead – titanium G23 in particular. This is a very pure form of the metal and this drastically reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. As such, it allows your piercing to heal quickly and without issue.

As for which material is right for you, this all depends on how your body reacts to either kind of metal. If you have had a piercing before and have been able to tolerate a surgical steel piercing without any issue, then it is possible that this new piercing will be fine as well.

On the other hand, if this is your first piercing or you have sensitive skin, then it best to err on the side of caution. Get a titanium earring to ensure that no complications arise. It is worth the additional cost.

Can You Find Gold or Silver Earrings in Tattoo Shops?

Yes, you may be able to find some tattoo shops that offer gold or silver earrings. This is more likely with tattoo shops that also double as jewelry stores. Bear in mind that these earrings will carry a significantly higher price tag. On the upside, these will look better for longer.

If you do have especially sensitive skin, you may want to consider gold or silver as an option. Just make sure that it is completely free of nickel, however.

Lower grades of gold and silver may actually contain small amounts of nickel. Thus, if you have a serious allergy, you should consider 24 karat gold or nickel-free sterling silver.

Remember, with plated jewelry that you may be exposed to nickel if the plating wears off at any point.

What Earring Design Types Do Tattoo Shops Carry?

The variety in design will also depend on the tattoo shops. Some may only carry designs for freshly pierced ears. Others may have a wide selection.

Most tattoo shops will often provide studs or basic designs. This is because it is best to get your ears pierced with these. With hoops and more complicated designs, there is a high risk of movement during the healing process. This can lead to irritation and can cause infections or even scarring.

It is also best for the earring to be as light as possible. This way, there isn’t too much pressure or weight at the piercing site. Once again, this assists with healing.

Once your piercing has fully healed, though, you are free to wear whatever you choose.

Can You Take Your Own Earrings to Get Your Ears Pierced?

Most tattoo shops may allow this, particularly if you have sensitive skin and want to use something like silver or gold. This is something that you will need to check with the piercer beforehand, however.

As mentioned, it is important for the earring to have a simple design and to preferably be a stud. If the earring is too heavy or hangs, then your piercer may ask you to come back with another design.

What Kind of Earrings Can You Find in a Tattoo Shop?

You are most likely to find earrings that are made from stainless steel or titanium, although there are some shops that may carry silver or gold – most of the earring designs are simple, often studs to help with the healing process.

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