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103+ Evil Villain Names for Male and Female

103+ Evil Villain Names for Male and Female

We all are aware of superheroes, their powers, and their super cool names. But when it comes to naming our villains, we take a back step! While playing games also, it’s not easy to find out villain names. It’s simple because we never thought like that, we never paid this much attention to villain roles and name.

We are here to help you with this problem as we compiled a long list of evil villain names for both males and females. 

Best Villain Names

Here’s the list:

  1. Killer Criminal: A criminal who is a dangerous killer.
  2. Static: A person who is unchanging and always in the same state.
  3. Rundown: A person who is exhausted or worn down.
  4. Limerick: The name is a type of poetry and can suggest a person who is playful and mischievous.
  5. Drift: A person who is wandering or moving aimlessly.
  6. Dust: A person who is insignificant or disposable.
  7. Snake: A person who is sly or deceptive.
  8. Mockingbird: A person who is duplicitous or imitates others.
  9. Aberration: A person who is abnormal or deviant.
  10. Frenzy: A person who is irrational or out of control.
  11. Whistler: A person who is mysterious or quiet.
  12. Voodoo: A person who is involved in the supernatural or magical.
  13. Mutilator: A person who causes harm or injury to others.
  14. Tempus: A person who is concerned with time or temporality.
  15. West End Bandit: A criminal who operates in the West End area.
  16. Rampage: A person who is violent or destructive.
  17. Venom: A person who is dangerous or harmful.
  18. Genesis: A person who is a new beginning or the start of something.
  19. Bedlam: A person who creates chaos or confusion.
  20. Omega: A person who is the last or final stage of something.
  21. Crimson: A person who is violent or dangerous.
  22. Felon: A person who has committed a crime.
  23. Glitch: A person who causes problems or errors.
  24. Flux: A person who is in constant change or instability.
  25. Monster of Edbury Hill: A dangerous creature that inhabits the Edbury Hill area.
  26. Schism: A person who creates division or conflict.
  27. Spasm: A person who is sudden or unpredictable.
  28. Miracle: A person who is miraculous or exceptional.
  29. Apex: A person who is the highest or greatest point of something.
  30. Checkmate: A person who is in control or dominates others.
  31. Mudlark: A person who scavenges or searches for items in the mud.
  32. Crypto: A person who is secretive or hidden.
  33. Flatline: A person who is dead or lifeless.
  34. Upgrade: A person who is improved or advanced.
  35. Kingpin: The infamous gang leader who has a grip on the criminal underworld in New York City.
  36. Catwoman: The seductive cat burglar who walks the line between good and evil.
  37. Two-Face: The former district attorney whose obsession with duality resulted in a split personality and a life of crime.
  38. Norman Osborn: The successful businessman and inventor who became the Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes.
  39. Red Skull: The Nazi general and leader of Hydra who seeks world domination.
  40. Sinestro: The former Green Lantern who turned to the dark side and created his own Yellow Lantern Corps.
  41. Black Adam: The ancient Egyptian prince who gained immense power and became a ruthless villain.
  42. Brainiac: The alien artificial intelligence who collects entire cities and civilizations to add to his vast collection.
  43. Mystique: The shapeshifting mutant who uses her abilities for her own selfish motives and as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.
  44. Juggernaut: The powerful mutant and mercenary who is nearly unstoppable once he gains momentum.
  45. Bullseye: The assassin who never misses a shot and uses his deadly accuracy to carry out his hits.
  46. Ozymandias: The genius businessman who becomes a threat to the world when he believes he knows what’s best for humanity.
  47. Venom: The alien symbiote who bonds with a host and creates a powerful and dangerous entity.
  48. Ultron: The artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark who becomes obsessed with destroying humanity and bringing about a new world order.
  49. Apocalypse: The ancient mutant who seeks to create a new world order through destruction and enslavement.
  50. Bizarro: The reverse version of Superman who acts as the polar opposite of the Man of Steel.
  51. Kid Marvelman: The evil counterpart of Marvelman who uses his powers for personal gain and destruction.
  52. Captain Cold: The leader of the Rogues who uses his cold gun to freeze his enemies and carry out his crimes.
  53. Doctor Octopus: The brilliant scientist who uses his mechanical tentacles to carry out his evil plans and battle Spider-Man.
  54. Sinister: The geneticist who creates the Marauders and seeks to carry out his own twisted experiments on mutants.
  55. General Zod: The Kryptonian military leader who becomes a threat to Earth after being banished to the Phantom Zone.
  56. Eobard Thawne: The time-traveling speedster who becomes the Reverse-Flash and seeks to destroy the Flash and his legacy.
  57. Deathstroke: The assassin and mercenary who uses his heightened abilities to carry out his hits and battle the Teen Titans.
  58. Cyborg Superman: The hybrid of Superman and a cybernetic being who seeks to prove his superiority over the real Superman.
  59. Blue Collar Slayer: A notorious killer who targets working-class individuals.
  60. Pitfall: A mastermind who lures their enemies into dangerous traps.
  61. Imprint: A mysterious entity known for leaving their mark on their victims.
  62. Whip: A cruel and ruthless villain who uses a whip as their weapon of choice.
  63. Blitz: A lightning-fast criminal who strikes quickly and unpredictably.
  64. Misfit: A rogue outcast who operates outside the law.
  65. Hex: A vengeful sorceress who uses dark magic to inflict harm on others.
  66. Cascade: A destructive force who creates chaos and destruction wherever they go.
  67. Wendigo: A mythical monster known for its insatiable hunger and cannibalistic tendencies.
  68. Malice: A malevolent being who revels in causing harm and suffering to others.
  69. Spite: A bitter and vengeful individual who seeks to harm those who have wronged them.
  70. Blur: A high-speed criminal who leaves their victims in the dust.
  71. Death Angel: A Grim Reaper-like entity who collects the souls of the condemned.
  72. Night Caller: A mysterious figure who terrorizes their victims in the dead of night.
  73. The Kingston Executioner: A notorious killer who carries out executions in the Kingston area.
  74. Brownout Strangler: A serial killer who preys on victims during brownouts or power outages.
  75. Parallax: An alien entity known for its ability to manipulate and control others.
  76. Longshot: A daring and unpredictable criminal who takes risks others wouldn’t dare.
  77. Diamondback: A slippery and cunning thief who leaves no trace behind.
  78. Five States Maniac: A notorious killer who terrorizes victims across multiple states.
  79. Bloodline: A villain whose evil actions are driven by their family history and legacy.
  80. Atomic: A dangerous individual with the ability to harness and control nuclear energy.
  81. Burnout: A once-great criminal who has since become reckless and unstable.
  82. Tempo: A villain who manipulates time to their advantage.
  83. Lonely Heart: A sadistic serial killer who targets victims looking for love.
  84. Austin Body Snatcher: A notorious criminal who steals and sells human bodies in Austin.
  85. Patches: A patchwork villain who is pieced together from various sources.
  86. Transonic: A high-speed villain with the ability to move faster than sound.
  87. Pied Piper: A mysterious figure who uses music to control and manipulate others.
  88. Engineer: A technical genius who uses their skills for evil purposes.
  89. Overkill: A villain who takes their actions to extreme and often unnecessary lengths.
  90. Solstice: A being with the power to control the sun and its cycles.
  91. Old Lace – The name of the genetically engineered dinosaur who is a pet of the Runaways in Marvel Comics.
  92. Surge – The name of the X-Men character who can manipulate and control electricity.
  93. Avalanche – The name of the mutant who can generate seismic waves and earthquakes in the X-Men universe.
  94. Pyro – The name of the X-Men villain who can control and generate fire with his mind.
  95. Nocturne – The daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Comics universe.
  96. Mimic – The name of the mutant who can temporarily imitate the powers of others in the X-Men universe.
  97. Grifter – The name of the Wildstorm Comics character who is a con artist and mercenary.
  98. Guilty Conscience – A supervillain in DC Comics who is a former lawyer turned criminal.
  99. Red Cloud – A villain in DC Comics who has the power to create and control clouds of gas and mist.
  100. Sabbath – A demonic villain in the DC Comics universe who is the leader of a cult of evil sorcerers.
  101. Chatterer – A demon in the DC Comics universe who is one of the leaders of the Cenobites in the Hellraiser franchise.
  102. Chroma – A villain in the DC Comics universe who has the ability to manipulate and control colors.
  103. Chromos – A villain in the DC Comics universe who can manipulate and control the DNA of others.
  104. Chronos – A time-themed villain in the DC Comics universe who has the power to control time and space.
  105. Chthon – A demonic entity in the Marvel Comics universe who is the creator of dark magic.
  106. Chucky – The main antagonist of the Child’s Play franchise, a demonic doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer.
  107. Cicada (CW) – The name of the main antagonist in the TV show “The Flash” who seeks revenge on the Flash and his allies.

So how were these names? Which Villain name did you like the most?

Villain Name Generator

We also have 2 villain name generators that you can use to generate your name. Just follow what the image says and your super cool villain name will be ready.

villain names

So that’s it! Ending our long list here. We are sure you’ve picked your favorite name from our list. Though each and every name is so unique and amazing, it must be a tough choice for you!

Next time when you have to tell someone a villain’s name, you won’t think twice because you have so many choices here. Happy playing!

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