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10 Sites Like ThinkGeek For Geeks and Nerds

10 Sites Like ThinkGeek For Geeks and Nerds

This article lists 10 of the Best ThinkGeek Alternatives that you must check out. These sites like ThinkGeek are listed in random order, we are not ranking them on any basis except for popularity.

Let’s begin..

One of the best facilities the internet has to offer is online shopping. Right from the comfort of your home, you can order, pay for, and receive almost any item of your choice. As a result, recently a lot of retail websites have developed. Amazon and Flipkart are among the most popular among such online retail sites. Most of these sites offer a wide range of products which targets all kinds of people from all community. However, this is where ThinkGeek differs from them.

ThinkGeek is an online retail website which targets specific communities which are a fan or supporter of some popular franchise. For example, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Marvel, or Star Wars, then ThinkGeek helps you get closer to the characters you love. They offer a dedicated section for every franchise where you can find all kinds of related apparels, collectibles, gadgets, decor and so on.

But if this site is so awesome then why do we want to check out other sites? Maybe because you have bought everything related to your favorite franchise the site has to offer, and you are still not satisfied? Maybe because the prices are too high for you? Or maybe because your experience with them was not too good? Whatever the reason may be, there are other a lot of other websites like ThinkGeek which you can try. Please read on to find out more.

10 Best Sites like ThinkGeek

Hereby I have listed the best alternative sites to ThinkGeek and provided the links to them.


Created by 2 college friends in 1998, this UK based online retail store provides customers with strange but cool items. Most of the items you will find here are hard to get otherwise. They are usually all new and original ideas that might sound crazy but are awesome.

Items include gifts, tech items, gadgets and unusual decor. If you have a wild imagination, then this site is certainly for you.

Click here to visit  FireBox


Established in 2000 in the UK, it is now one of the leading eCommerce sites in the country. Their customer service and fast delivery speed are noticeable. They mainly provide electronic items and toys like alcohol checkers, programmable Frisbee, shower radios, etc.

On the whole, most of their products are unique. Their team spends quite an amount of time evaluating new products and putting the worthy ones up for sale. As a result, you do not have to spend much time looking for what you want.

Check out ParamountZone here.

Sharper Image

Another alternative of ThinkGeek is Sharper Image.

Launched in 1977 and relaunched in 2010, this site provides customers with lifestyle products mostly. This site offers easy information videos for products, customer reviews, order tracking, and user-friendly customer care makes your experience good. It is exciting and funny along with innovation.

They have products for everyone These products mostly include geek stuff like unique gifts and innovative electronic items.

Visit Sharper Image here

Gadgets and Gears

As evident from the name, this online retail site provides a good security solution. However, this does not just include security cameras. They sell various types of spy camera.

Their innovative ideas include cameras in non-suspicious objects like alarm clocks, books and air purifiers. They also sell hidden camera systems and anti-surveillance systems like noise generators, camera detectors and more. If you like unusual ideas, this site is definitely for you.

Click here to visit Gadgets and Gears

Scientific Online

This site like thinkgeek has an amazing history. Started as a hobby in 1942, the creator, Norman Edmund, wanted good optics lenses for his photography hobby. However, when he was unable to find them, he started to place his own ads.

Other photographers found this convenient and soon his hobby turned into a business. The companies’ exploits include supplying armies in the 2nd world war and sending a lens to the moon. As of now, this site is a haven for science enthusiasts where they can find anything and everything related to science.

Check out scientific online here


This site features a neat collection of apparel like hoodies and t-shirts with a huge range of variety. For example, you can choose t-shirts with artistic works, comic characters, or one-liner printed on them.

You can also choose from a wide range of themes like fun, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, political and so on. Each shirt offers various sizes, so it’s for anyone and everyone. You will also love the site if you are a geek lover.

Heres the link to neatoshop

Dude I want that

This website is dedicated to nerds who are looking to buy cool stuff on the internet. The curators of this website spend a lot of time digging into retail sites, both popular and not so popular, independent artist sites, fundraising sites, and every possible online place where items are for sale. What they come up with is a list of cool stuff which are unique and which are affordable.

They are more suited to make interesting gifts.

Check out Dude I want that here

Archie McPhee

This is another remarkable success story. The founder firstly used to sell rubber lizards and other such weird stuff around his house in Los Angeles. When he found out that people liked his ideas, he risked everything he had, packed everything onto a truck and moved into Seattle. That was 30 years ago.

Now Archie McPhee is the best site for finding crazy but amazing stuff. This site is popular for selling weird toys, stuff and gift items.

Click here to visit Archie McPhee


Based in China and started in 2005, this ThinkGeek Alternative now boasts over 400 suppliers and 1 million customers.  They have a very large catalog of items with 400 categories, more than 3 lakh items, and hundreds being added daily. The site provides a warranty on its own for all products apart from the manufacturer’s warranty.

They also have very good customer service. But the most noteworthy point is that they provide free international shipping for all items.

Check out DealeXtreme here


Started in 2007, this site is for you if you love computer related tech stuff. They sell various clothing related stuff like hoodies, caps, accessories, toys and decors, bottoms, headgear, and footwear. All of their stuff is related to gaming franchise like halo, witcher, Warcraft, overwatch, Minecraft, half life and so on.

Apart from these they also provide good gifting options. If you are an ardent fan of gaming, then this is definitely the site for you.

Visit Jinx here.

10 ThinkGeek Alternatives

Based on the above reviews, here is a list of the best websites like ThinkGeek;

  1. FireBox
  2. ParamountZone
  3. Sharper Image
  4. Gadgets and Gears
  5. Scientific Online
  6. NeatoShop
  7. Dude I want that
  8. Archie McPhee
  9. DealeXtreme
  10. Jinx


So this was the best list of sites like ThinkGeek that I could find. I hope you found this article useful. If you think I have left out any site, please do not forget to write about it in the comment section.

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