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4 Ways to Get Free Samples from Walmart

Attention Freebies!!! There’s a good news for you all. Walmart is giving free samples on their website. Yes, these samples are absolutely free.

Nothing comes free in this world. But, believe me, you can order free samples from Walmart.com’s free sample program. How?? I will tell you in this post. But, let me tell you why you can get free samples from Walmart. Big companies want their products sale and they send their samples to Walmart to give out to people in hope that people will like their sample product and later on purchase a full sized product in the future. This is their business strategy.

Companies’ gets good business via free samples and customers get free samples. When something is coming to your home free, then Why wait??? Place your order now to get free samples.

Hurry up!!! Don’t miss this great deal. Walmart Free Samples are Available Now.

How to Get Free Samples from Walmart? 

There are many ways that you can get free samples from Walmart. This post is dedicated to helping you get free Walmart samples like- Diapers, Shampoo, Perfume, Coffee, Makeup, etc.

I have listed many ways to get free samples. These are:-

Get Free Samples from Walmart’ website


This is the best way to find out the current freebies available over Walmart. Remember one thing that available samples change frequently over the Walmart’s site (Walmart.com). This means that Walmart doesn’t offer the same sample daily and also, these are given on a first come first served basis. It means that you have to check the site frequently and place your order for the free sample as soon as you find them that they are out for free.

These samples are often coming directly from supplier companies who wish to attract huge customer base for the betterment of their product.

Get Walmart Samples from their Social Media Accounts

This is another good way to know about free samples and promotional deals of Walmart’s products. Walmart put the links of freebies at different places over the social media which are not easy to find. But, if you follow Walmart on popular social media like:- Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram,  Then, you will get notified automatically by Walmart.

Here are links of Walmart’s social media pages:

Just follow these links and you will be notified by Walmart automatically everytime it will announce any exclusive deals and promotions.

Walmart Free In-Store Samples

For free In-store samples, you have to first find out if your local Walmart is conducting any free sample event or not. Walmart usually conducts a lot of events and gives away lots of free samples in their stores.

Find out what is happening at your local Walmart’s store this weekend.

These freebies events are also a great way to get some high-value coupons to help you save even more.

You can do this by going to Walmart’s In-Store Events page.

You just have to enter your zip code, radius, and the time frame into the Event Finder search box. You can also choose to display the entire events list with all the information such as where and when they would have these free samples available.

Once you are done. Visit the store on the event date and time and you will get your freebies.

Sites to Get Walmart like Products for Free

What Walmart is doing is not unique. There are several other sites and companies also like Walmart which are giving away freebies and samples.

These are:-

  • P&G
  • Kraft
  • Start Sampling
  • Target
  • Vocal Point

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If you know other sites where you can find free Walmart samples, then please share with us. And, don’t forget to share your experience with those companies and their products.

Don’t Miss Out on Walmart’s Free Samples – Here’s How to Get Them

Walmart is known for offering an array of free samples to its customers and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

By visiting Walmart’s website or following their social media accounts you can stay up-to-date with the latest freebies available.

Keep in mind that these samples change frequently so checking the website regularly is key.

Additionally it’s worth noting that Walmart also hosts in-store events where you can score free samples and even snag some valuable coupons.

Don’t forget to explore other sites and companies like P&G and Target that also offer freebies similar to Walmart.

Now what are you waiting for? Start requesting your free samples today and make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Thank you Walmart for providing us with such great deals!