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Tomino’s Hell: Full Poem, Real Experiences [Scary]

Another spookiest game of all times. There are many games in which you either play with a ghost or you play to call the ghost. This is also one of those, Scary but fun at the same time. More than this game, there’s one very known poem by the same name. That one is totally related to the game. In fact, you can say it’s all about that poem which holds some curse with itself. Name of the game is Tomino’s Hell.

Let’s see what it is!

What is Tomino’s Hell?

The Scary game “Tomino’s hell” is based on a Japanese poem. This game is basically reading that poem aloud and after that the player will get some negative vibes which will be of spirit. The poem is about person Tomino and their journey through hell. More than a game it’s about a poem or else we can say a curse. It’s okay to read the following poem in your head but if you’re reading that aloud, be ready for something!

How Many People Can Play Tomino’s Hell?

Unfortunately, you can’t just enjoy and experiment this game with a group of friends. That doesn’t work with this one! You have to play this alone. In “Tomino’s hell” there should be only One Player.

What Are The Things You Need To Play? (Requirements)

You just need one thing. What’s that? Tomino’s poem.

Though the Japanese version is most preferable but we have English one here. You can use that and that’s the only thing you need to play Tomino’s hell. Yes, There’s no water, fire or anything required in this game it’s just Tomino’s hell poem!

How to play Tomino’s Hell?

This is one of the easiest game to play. Like you just don’t need to do anything but read that super scary creepy poem aloud.

Here’s the poem (If you’re just reading it then please don’t read it with full conscious power and aloud)


Elder sister vomits blood,
younger sister’s breathing fire
while sweet little Tomino
just spits up the jewels.

All alone does Tomino
go falling into that hell,
a hell of utter darkness,
without even flowers.

Is Tomino’s big sister
the one who whips him?
The purpose of the scourging
hangs dark in his mind.

Lashing and thrashing him, ah!
But never quite shattering.
One sure path to Avici,
the eternal hell.

Into that blackest of hells
guide him now, I pray—
to the golden sheep,
to the nightingale.

How much did he put
in that leather pouch
to prepare for his trek to
the eternal hell?

Spring is coming
to the valley, to the wood,
to the spiraling chasms
of the blackest hell.

The nightingale in her cage,
the sheep aboard the wagon,
and tears well up in the eyes
of sweet little Tomino.

Sing, o nightingale,
in the vast, misty forest—
he screams he only misses
his little sister.

His wailing desperation
echoes throughout hell—
a fox peony
opens its golden petals.

Down past the seven mountains
and seven rivers of hell—
the solitary journey
of sweet little Tomino.

If in this hell they be found,
may they then come to me, please,
those sharp spikes of punishment
from Needle Mountain.

Not just on some empty whim
Is flesh pierced with blood-red pins:
they serve as hellish signposts
for sweet little Tomino.

So that’s the English version of a Japanese poem. You just have to say this aloud and boom! Game ends. (Or should we say starts?)

How To Get Rid Of Tomino’s Hell Curse?

Till now there is no answer to this question. In simple language, maybe there’s no way to reverse back the Tomino’s hell curse. At least you’ll never be going to find that easily on the internet. So if somehow you’ll read the poem aloud and get the curse, nobody knows how to reverse that. Still, want to play the game?

Is It Safe To Play Tomino’s Hell Game?

Not in this but in any ghost game there’s no guarantee that it’s safe to play and there’ll be no mishappening. That’s why people usually recommend avoiding such games just for fun. Though till now, there’s no accident been reported after playing this game but nobody can assure you about its safety. You have to decide on your own!

Tomino’s Hell Poem Real Experiences

There are not many experiences of people who read Tomino’s Hell Poem. We have collected 2 experiences that we found on the internet.

Final Words

So this is it, These were the right techniques and right poem which you need to play the game “Tomino’s Hell”. Remember, You have to play this alone and for that poem should be read loudly and not in head or so. If you’re someone who’s usually scared of ghosts and all, try to avoid such games.

Don’t take such games as daring as it can cost you unknown. It’s better to think wisely and then only start playing. It’s better to not risk though as we all know Prevention is better than cure. Prevent any mishappening! And if you’re still playing, Play it on your own risk and We wish you a safe play!