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170 Best Three Word Quotes [Motivational, Attitude, Love]

Is there anything more beautiful than pretty short quotes? No right? You can make their posters for your room, keep that as your status or else choose for your pretty picture’s caption also. We are here to give you some of the best three word quotes. Motivational, attitude, kind, inspirational 3 word quotes and much more. So don’t just waste your time here and there. Simply check out our list of best 3 word quotes of all time.

Best Three Word Quotes

Many a times when a person sitting in front of us looks dull, we go out of words like Shit, what should I say to make her/him feel better? And at the last, we end up saying something weird. So for that, it’s better to listen more and say some good short phrases. These are three word phrases/quotes for someone who’s not feeling too well.

  1. “I’ll be there.”
  2. “I Love You.”
  3. “Maybe you’re right.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “Go for it.”
  6. “Got your back.”
  7. “How are you?”
  8. “I want you.”
  9. “Get lost, creep.”
  10. “Let’s get high.”
  11. “I respect you.”
  12. “Please forgive me.”
  13. “Now or never.”
  14. “Get enough sleep.”
  15. “I miss you.”
  16. “Let’s get drunk.”
  17. “Nurture your best.”
  18. “Lets just dance.”
  19. “Let it go.”
  20. “Try something new.”
  21. “Keep it legal.”
  22. “I am sorry.”
  23. “Thanks so much.”
  24. “Protect your health.”
  25. “Keep it fun.”
  26. “Don’t drive drunk.”
  27. “Celebrate your victories.”
  28. “Lets be friends.”
  29. “This is music.”
  30. “Over and out.”
  31. “Where are you?”
  32. “Wake your dreams.”
  33. “Life won’t wait.”
  34. “Believe in yourself.”
  35. “Let it be.”
  36. “Hold my hand.”
  37. “Who are you?”
  38. “This will pass.”
  39. “Speak the truth.”

These words say a lot!! These were some of the most meaningful and deep 3 word lines and quotes.

Motivational Three Word Quotes

Well, nobody needs a long lecture of motivation now. That is available on Youtube, but sometimes just one simple quote can give strength to the person. These are some of the most motivational and inspirational three words quotes, Check them out!

  1. Do it now
  2. Let it
  3. Appreciate the moment
  4. Believe in
  5. Be a giver
  6. Block out haters
  7. Change is good
  8. Count your blessings
  9. Against all odds
  10. All is well
  11. Try something new
  12. Dreams come true
  13. Never give up
  14. Winners never quit
  15. Success breeds success
  16. Never look back
  17. Now or never
  18. Make it happen
  19. Be obsessively grateful
  20. Good vibes only
  21. Feed your soul
  22. You are enough
  23. Sparkle. Shine
  24. Nobody is perfect
  25. Keep it cool
  26. Learn from yesterday
  27. Try something new
  28. Believe in yourself
  29. Nobody is perfect
  30. Change is good
  31. Never stop dreaming
  32. Go for it
  33. Let it be
  34. Learn from yesterday

I hope these 3 word motivational quotes will help you boost your morale.

3 word quotes about life

  1. “Dream big, act bigger.”
  2. “Be the change.”
  3. “Never give up.”
  4. “Stay positive, always.”
  5. “Do what you love.”
  6. “Life is precious.”
  7. “Think before you speak.”
  8. “Act with kindness.”
  9. “Love always wins.”
  10. “Create your reality.”
  11. “Success is persistence.”
  12. “Be your own hero.”
  13. “Think outside the box.”
  14. “Life is a journey.”
  15. “Chase your dreams.”
  16. “Stay true to yourself.”
  17. “Never stop learning.”
  18. “Be the light.”
  19. “Empower others, too.”
  20. “Live in the moment.”

Kind Three Word Quotes

In a world, where you can anything.. Choose to be kind! Kindness is something free in this world still, people don’t use it much. You can, not only by your actions but by your words too. Following are some of the best kind three quotes.

  1. Action gets results!
  2. Accept constructive criticism
  3. Against all odds
  4. All is well
  5. Always add value
  6. Always forgive yourself
  7. Always live consciously
  8. Always remain neutral
  9. Analyze your weakness
  10. Appreciate the moment
  11. Ask for help
  12. Avoid comparing yourself
  13. Avoid drunk driving
  14. Avoid financial hierarchies
  15. Babysit for someone
  16. Be a giver
  17. Be here now
  18. Be the change
  19. Be your best
  20. Because I can
  21. Connect with nature
  22. Cook at home
  23. Count your blessings
  24. Daydream or romanticize
  25. De-clutter your home
  26. Design your life

Self Love Three Word Quotes

We all know sometimes it’s very tough to love ourselves. But at that time, anything can work like Hot chocolate, a good book or some self-love short quote? Why not right? These are some of the self-love three-word quotes which can actually boost you up on gloomy days, Check check!

  1. Live your potential
  2. Live, learn, love
  3. Love conquers all
  4. Love endures delay
  5. Love Light and Laughter
  6. Love your enemies
  7. Love your job
  8. Love your parents
  9. Maintain your integrity
  10. Make enough money
  11. Make meaningful goals
  12. Make new friends
  13. Make people grin
  14. Make somebody’s day
  15. Make things happy
  16. Miles of Smiles
  17. Never give up
  18. Never hold grudge
  19. Never look back
  20. No strings attached
  21. Nurture your best
  22. Only hope remains
  23. Organize your life
  24. Passion, strength, fire
  25. Pick yourself flowers
  26. Plan your vacation
  27. Play the piano
  28. Please forgive me
  29. Procrastination steals time
  30. Rain will fall
  31. Read a book
  32. Read interesting articles
  33. Ready…Aim… Fire
  34. Remember to Live (Goethe)
  35. Rent a comedy
  36. Respect your elders
  37. Ride or die
  38. Save every penny
  39. Seize the day
  40. More. Better.
  41. Set your alarm
  42. Settle your debts
  43. Shine your light
  44. Sing and dance
  45. Somebody loves you

Best Three Word Quotes from Movies and Series

Some movies are always been remembered for their famous dialogues, Some are long length monologues and some are short dialogues with much bigger impact. We choose some of them for you.

  2. I’ll be back
  3. Forrest. Run
  4. Why so serious?
  5. Well, Nobody’s perfect.
  6. I’m walking here
  7. Who’s on first?
  8. I’m your huckleberry.
  9. Is it safe?
  10. Good morning, Veitnaaaaaaam.
  11. It’s Showtime, Folks.
  12. Forget about it.
  13. Somebody stop me.
  14. I’m your destiny.
  15. Sir, Yes Sir!
  16. We belong dead.
  17. You complete me.

A lot of them can fall under the category of three word quotes on Attitude.

Career-Focused Three Word Quotes

Searching for some motivation to bounce back in your career? You’re at the right place. These are some of the best Goal oriented three-word quotes for you. Copy and paste in on your wall.

  1. Victory Loves Preparation
  2. Discipline Creates Lifestyle
  3. Everything is Learnable
  4. Procrastination Steals Time
  5. Happiness Requires Struggle
  6. Clarity Precedes Success
  7. Fear Kills Growth
  8. You Are Enough
  9. Destiny is Mine
  10. Eliminate The Non-essential
  11. Be the exception
  12. You are strong

It’s not important to speak more, say less but something which holds value. And these quotes are filled with such values. Telling your emotion in just three words is not so easy, but if you can. You can actually be very expressive without unnecessary gibberish.

So, we are ending our list of three word quotes. We covered many topics under that like For Motivation, Kindness, Self Love, Healing phrases and Career-Focused too. We are sure these are going to help you.