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Elevator Ritual Game: How to Play & Scary Real Experience [Video]

Do you know that there are some rituals or games (including this, Elevator Ritual) which are not meant to be played or which are very dangerous to play? These games or I must say rituals are not something that everyone should try. They can lead to bad and creepy consequences.

And with that being said, I will be posting a few articles about the various dangerous games that you should not play. One of them is the ELEVATOR RITUAL or THE ELEVATOR GAME. This one is really creepy and there are many people who have shared their weird experiences from Elevator ritual.

In this post, I will be telling about what actually this game is all about, how you can perform the elevator ritual. With this, you can also read some real experiences of people who played elevator ritual.

What is the Elevator Ritual Game?


Elevator ritual is a type of creepy game that first originated on a Korean website. This is considered to be the most dangerous and scary game. This is not a simple game either; it can make you enter a different world by just taking a lift.

Believe it or not! It’s up to you but do not read beyond this point if you are a faint-hearted person.

Yes, with this game, you can actually go to another world where everything you see is dark, where you will only see emptiness, where you will be alone…

And how can you do that?? Well, continue reading..

Is the Elevator Game Real or Fake?

There are many who believe in this ritual and experienced the effects of this ritual.

In 2013, it is rumored that a girl, Elisa Lam died while performing this ritual. According to Reddit and other websites, some people have tried this ritual and experienced strange and scary things. However, it is very difficult for a person like me to rely on such things. This maybe real or may be false but it’s interesting.


Here’s a word from someone who actually performed this,

My friend actually tried the elevator game last year. He even took a photograph of the destination floor; it was pitch black and the only visible thing was a reddish/orangish light in front of him. It looked like a light at the end of a tunnel; no distinct shape at all. He mentioned that the air was stuffy and so it was rather difficult to breathe there.

How to perform the Elevator Ritual?

It’s my warning to all the readers; please don’t try it because it can risk your life. But, however, it is interesting to know that these things also survive in this world. Let’s take a look at how this creepy and dangerous ritual can be performed.


The elevator ritual requires a building which has to be at least ten storey high and an elevator of course.

All you need now is to step into the elevator alone on the first floor. Yes, alone. However, you will be accompanied by someone in the middle of your journey. It is what the scariest part of the game is.

After you are into the elevator on the first floor, just follow these steps:

  1. First press the button to go to the fourth floor but do not exit.
  2. Now you’re on the fourth floor, press the button to the second floor.
  3. Press the button to go to the sixth floor.
  4. Press the button to go to the second floor again.
  5. Press the button to go to the fifth floor.
  6. When you’re on the fifth floor, a strange looking lady would enter the elevator. DO NOT look or speak to her and Keep your eyes down because this lady is a paranoiac/para-natural creature. If you look and speak to her she would take you away with her. So, ignore the lady.
  7. Press the button to the first floor.
  8. The elevator goes up to the tenth floor instead of going to the first; you’ll have reached the Otherworld. Just step forward to see the other world. The woman will start to ask, “Where are you going?” Do not answer her—just move forward to explore the Otherworld.
  9. Now, just follow the above steps again to return back to your world. Strange! Isn’t it?

If you faint in the process and wake up in your own house, there’s a high chance that you’ll be taken back to the world again.

Quite dangerous, right???

Well, this is indeed a ritual being talked about!!

Elisa Lam Mystery: Did She perform the Elevator Ritual?

In 2013, a girl named Elisa Lam maybe tried this ritual and she was killed by some spirits and this incident was apparently captured on CCTV, and up until today, there was no explanation for her death. Her video is easily available online. You can watch it if you like horror videos.

After this incident shown in the video, she was not found anywhere and later, after a few days, HER DEAD BODY was found in the HOTEL WATER TANK up on the terrace.

Scary right???

Real Experiences of Elevator Ritual Game by People who played it 

According to people that have successfully completed the game, the other world looks the same that you are from.

The difference is just that there was darkness all around and you can only see a red cross in some distance.  Some people also wrote about the lady that enters at 5th floor. A person from Singapore wrote his experience in his blog “I had to try really, really hard not to stare her right in the f-ing face. She wasn’t even a girl; she was more of a halo of dark energy that glowed really brightly if that makes sense”.

A person from Singapore wrote his experience in his blog “I had to try really, really hard not to stare her right in the f*cking face. She wasn’t even a girl; she was more of a halo of dark energy that glowed really brightly if that makes sense”.

There are many more experiences that can be found on the Reddit page where people openly shared all their experiences of playing elevator game.

Here are some more excerpts from the real life experiences of people…

Fifth Floor. On this floor, a woman was standing, directly outside the elevator as the door opened. I know I wasn’t supposed to look at her, but I didn’t think to stare at the floor, or the ceiling, or the buttons. I was staring straight ahead, and when the door slid open, she and I were face to face.

Coincidence. It was a coincidence. After all, all the stories described a pale girl, a scary girl. She wasn’t. She had a nice smile, and warm, brown eyes. I jumped back and away from her. She seemed sorry to have startled me.

I was shocked, but kept telling myself it was a coincidence. She wasn’t a horror, this girl. She had light brown hair, like mine, but longer. She was pretty, and regularly dressed.

“Sorry, you scared me,” I said. She did not reply. When she didn’t, I was scared, I was scared again. I stopped smiling. When did I start smiling? I stopped smiling.

Another excerpt says,


It is light out, but my hands are still shaking. I am sweating like crazy. Someone has been banging on my window for the last three hours. I can hear her laughing. Why don’t my neighbors hear her? Why don’t they see her? Why doesn’t someone do SOMETHING?

Please help, NoSleep. I am ready to take the easy way out. I have had a pistol in my lap since I got home. You guys know the supernatural.

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  2. The Elevator Game or, An Awful Mistake or, Help Me

It is up to you to believe these things or not. But, please don’t play these types of games not for even experimental purposes because these creepy rituals can risk your life.

DISCLAIMER: All content provided on this blog post are for informational purposes only and I will not be liable for any injuries or damages from the display or use of this information. It is highly recommended NOT TO “PLAY” this creepy “Elevator Ritual”. If you do choose to ignore my advice, do so at your own risk.

What is the Hooded Man Ritual: Real Experiences

Games are the best recreational activities. But, do you know that there are games which can transfer you to another world? Yes, another world or the world of paranormal. This is the world where science has nothing to do in it.

This post unveils a game called Hooded Man ritual which can take you to explore a supernatural dimension. Just to mention clearly, this game lets you enter a ride with a demon. This is going to be the most challenging game of your lifetime. Just a warning though, Faint-hearted people please stay away from this game.

If you have a strong thrill seeking nerve, hooded man ritual can turn out to be the best game for you. Read more.

What is the Hooded Man Ritual?

hqdefault (1)


The Hooded Man ritual is a game or ritual that can transfer you to the world different from ours. In this sense, this ritual is quite similar to the Elevator ritual. In elevator ritual, you need an elevator which transfers you to another world. But, here you need a telephone. You have to call a cab whose driver is a hooded man demon and the cab will take you to enter a ride to visit the world of paranormal.  It can be real because the internet is full of experiences of people who have tried it.

How to Perform the Hooded Man Ritual

Warning – Hooded man ritual should NOT be attempted in a state of fear, nervousness, or agitation. You must perform a cleansing ritual before starting the game and after completing the game as a precaution to save your home from negative energies. Do NOT talk with other passengers that the cab may pick up during the ride. Please follow all the instructions written in the post before attempting this game. Play at your own risk.


  1. An old-fashioned rotary phone or a modern touch tone corded phone.
  2. Two black cords or ropes measuring half a meter in length each.
  3. Matches or a lighter.
  4. A watch.
  5. A sage-smudge stick.

images (3)


How to perform it?

As I mentioned in the warning section, you must perform a cleansing ritual before you can actually attempt this ritual.

Cleansing ritual steps

  1. Open all the windows and gates.
  2. Burn a sage-smudge stick and move with it so that its smoke enters all the rooms.
  3. When the stick extinguishes flush it in a toilet.
  4. Now, spread salt or ash before the front door.

Now, you can perform the hooded man ritual. Follow the steps as written below

Steps to perform Hooded man ritual

  1. Begin at night. Shut all the doors, all the windows, draw all the curtains, turn off the lights, as well as all electronic devices.
  2. You must not carry anything except a watch. Carrying anything of power or protection is prohibited in this game.
  3. Count to the number 13 and sit down before the telephone. Then, dial the following number: 20496888.
  4. Now, Tie one black cord to the telephone’s handset and then again dial the following number: 25515823.
  5. Again count to 13 and speak the following words into the receiver: “Hello? I need a cab.”
  6. Now, replace the first black cord from the handset with the second one and burn the first cord immediately before completing the ritual.
  7. Look outside from your window. You will see a black taxi cab parked outside your home.
  8. Exit the building but don’t forget to lock the door behind you and sit into the back seat of the cab.



Inside the cab 

  1. Now, lock the cab door with the key given in the cab and go to sleep.
  2. Woke up after sometime and check time via your watch.
  3. If your watch reads anytime other than 3:30am. Exit the cab, reenter your home within two minutes and proceed to “End the ritual – Step 1.”
  4. If your watch reads 3:30am. Go back to sleep.
  5. Now, when you woke up for the second time, you will find the cab to be driving on a highway of another world with a paranormal man wearing a hood. Do NOT fear and attempt to get out of the cab while it is moving.
  6. End your ride as soon as possible by leaning close to the hooded man’s ear and recite the following words “I have reached my destination.” Now, fall asleep one last time; when you woke up, you will have returned to your home.

End the ritual:

  1. Once you have returned to your home, dial the following number: 200082 and say the following words into the receiver: “Thank you for the ride.”
  2. Now, untie the black cord from the handset and burn it like the first one; then bury the ashes of both the cords in the ground. Scatter some salt over the top of the burial site.
  3. Now again perform a cleansing ritual.

Real life Experiences of Hooded Man Ritual

A lot of people performed this daring act, some of them said that hooded man ritual is all fake while some shared some disturbing experiences. People have shared various stories of Hooded Man ritual on reddit. By the way this ritual is also sometimes called as the midnight men ritual or midnight man ritual. 

Here we are quoting some of the experiences of people who played this game.

I don’t really have control in what I do anymore but this experienced turned my life around for the better. I don’t know what this means. I also noticed that shadows move on their own, all the time. A tall figure is always standing in a mirror, hidden. If you stare for too long it dissolves and you think it was just something your brain made up. No, this happens every single time I look in the mirror, it happens way too much for me to dismiss it. If anyone has any information about what the hell I met, PLEASE tell me. I’m afraid I’m going to suddenly delete this story against my will.

 I got up to my room and went over to close the curtains when I saw him standing over the street,the man from the cab just staring up at me with that big evil grin, I closed my eyes and counted to ten and hoped he would be gone, but nope he was still there. Just staring. I completely freaked, I rang my boyfriend and said that I was feeling really ill and could he come home.

All the people who had performed this type of ritual found this ritual very frightening. If you ever try this game or any other game, please share your paranormal experiences with us.

Supernatural Smut Podcast: Hooded Man Ritual

The Hooded Man Ritual is the topic of Episode 54 of the Supernatural Smut podcast titled “Calling the Hooded Man.” Released on May 8 2022 at 7:01 AM this episode dives deep into the haunted ritual game and provides listeners with detailed instructions and experiences associated with the game.

Listeners can download the audio of the episode or simply use the QRCode provided for easy access.

The podcast is available on various platforms including Apple Podcasts RSS Spotify and more.

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If you encounter any difficulties the podcast offers a support center for assistance.

So if you want to delve into the world of supernatural smut and gain insights into the Hooded Man Ritual be sure to tune in to this intriguing episode.