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10 Best Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later

10 Best Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later

Are you looking for sites that allow you shop with an option to buy now pay later? Are you looking for stores like Fingerhut and Stoneberry? Well, this article is about all such sites. Find out the best Sites like Fingerhut, flexshopper to shop Electronics, groceries, etc with no credit check.

You have probably bought a lot of things online. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart provides us with everything starting from groceries to electronics. They are very convenient because they help us to complete purchases from our home. The sites also make ample arrangements to deliver these items to our doorsteps. Now all these sites have one thing in common. You have to either pay the bill online or to the delivery man. Either way, you can not avail the product if you can not arrange for the money immediately.

This might seem a trivial problem. However, it is not so. What if you are in an immediate need, but cannot arrange the money immediately? In such cases, most retail websites cannot help. However, this is where sites like Fingerhut come to your rescue.

The specialty of these buy now pay later sites is that they provide all the items a common retail website offers. Other than that they also allow a feature which allows you to avail the product immediately and then pay the price later.

But maybe you want to explore new sites because you want a new variety of products. Or maybe you did not have a very memorable experience with them. Whatever the reason, in this article I have written down the best Fingerhut alternative stores that you can start using to buy now and pay later even without any credit check.

10 Best Sites like Fingerhut

Hereby I have listed the best alternatives to Fingerhut.

The Shopping Network

This buy now pay later store website offers a vast choice of products and is based in Ontario.

They also have an offline store which started earlier. They provide a unique experience with shopping. You will love how they mix fun and entertainment with serious business. They provide all types of products like health and products, jewelry, lifestyle, electronics. The company aims to provide customers with high-quality products at a convenient cost which everyone can afford.

Click here to visit The shopping network


The site was started in 2009 with an aim to provide shoppers with a better experience. Since then, the site has developed a lot. They sell out very often as a result of attractive discounts and offers.

New products are added to the website daily. You can find all kinds of lifestyle, apparel,  fitness, electronics and anything else you can possibly think of. The website offers a credit system which lets you shop for great amounts and pay the bill in easy installments.

Check out Gettington here.

Country Door

This site like Fingerhut is mainly focused on home decoration. They are more than just a brand. You can check out their blogs and catalogs where you will find useful tips to decorate your home.

The site offers both classical and contemporary decors to choose from decors to choose from. You will find everything from daily products to seasonal updates. Mix them to fulfill your taste. On making a purchase, you can unlock special features to their club like coupons, certificates, and extra savings.

Visit country door here.


QVC offers a very engaging shopping experience which is different than all other websites. As a result, they see a traffic in millions daily from around the globe.

They surprise and please you through their collections which you will find relates directly to your life. They are a trustworthy website which connects to people through famous people, good service and memorable experience. Last but not the least, the stories which their customers share speak enough about the website.

Check out QVC here

Home Shopping Network

This franchise belongs to Qurate Retail Groups, which also owns the QVC shopping site. HSN is also a retail website like QVC where you can find anything and everything from daily life necessities like food and groceries to clothing, electronics and jewelry.

Whenever you register an account, you get HSN credit. You can use this credit to buy any product from the website that you like. The credit enables you to pay the product price in easy installments.

Click here to visit home shopping network

Lend You

This site is different from the other websites. It actually acts as a medium. It helps you to get loans and connect with sellers who are willing to sell their products at the terms of their own loan. Register from anywhere convenient. Processes are fast because they are real time. All connections and transactions are secured by McAfee and OLA. You can get a loan of about $1000, which is enough to help you buy products in emergencies.

Check out Lend You here


Surprisingly, the name is not a fancy name and it tells exactly what they are. SkyMall is a website which caters to the needs of airline passengers.

The idea started a quarter of a century ago in 1989, and the first product catalog was given to passengers of the Eastern Airlines. Since then they have expanded drastically. Now they also cater to normal customers through their online website. They work with prestigious manufacturers and distributors to bring the best products at an affordable price to you.

Click here to visit skymall


Are you struggling to make ends meet with a small payment? Do not worry, Ginny has you covered! They provide various materials like cookware, home decors, appliances, dinnerware, furniture, and so on.

The easy user interface of this buy now pay later website helps you to place orders easily and makes your experience a memorable one. Their catalog shopping system makes ordering easier. Most of the products on this website are well within an average budget.

Visit here Ginny’s here.


This is probably one of the best website like Fingerhut.

This website sells all kind of products under various brands like appliances, apparel, jewelry, furniture, and more. Their credit system allows you to make payment with credits worth just $5.99 a month.

They do not have any hidden clauses, and they are very transparent. You do not have to pay membership, over limit or online bill payment fees. All products are handpicked, so they ensure you only get the best products.

Click here to visit StoneBerry.


This website started a long time ago as a computer sales website. From there it grew to what it is today. The websites as of now offer products mostly in the electronics and furniture section. You can truly find anything and everything you want at an affordable price. They allow you to own the product immediately, unlike other companies.

You can be at peace of mind while dealing because they are a reputable organization. Their customer service is also noteworthy.

Check out here MDG

Best Fingerhut alternative Stores

Based on the above reviews, here is a list of the best fingerhut alternative stores that allows you to buy now and pay later.:-

  1. The Shopping Netwrok
  2. Gettington
  3. Country Door
  4. QVC
  5. Home Shopping Network
  6. Lend You
  7. SkyMall
  8. Ginny
  9. StoneBerry
  10. MDG

That’s it folks.

Final Thoughts

A few of these stores even offer an option to buy now pay later with no credit check at all. We recommend you to visit all these stores before searching for alternatives of these stores. Many people look for stores like Flexshopper or gettington on the internet but they don’t know the fact that most there aren’t many sites or catalogs that allows you to shop with no credit or bad credit.

So in this article I have tried to provide the best sites like fingerhut. You can shop safely and depend on all of these websites for your credit worries. Please do not forget to write about your thoughts in the comment section.

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