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No Love Tattoo Meaning

No Love Tattoo Meaning

It is important to always know the meaning behind a tattoo before getting it. For one thing, this is a highly personal experience and for another, it is permanent. As such, you should be sure of what you are inking on your body.

Here is what you need to know about meaning of the No Love tattoo for your consideration.

What Does the ‘No Love” Tattoo Mean?

There can be several different meanings or the No Love tattoo – it can be directed towards oneself, towards another person, or even a concept –the meaning of the tattoo is personal to the person who requested it.

How Can You Interpret the No Love Tattoo

Here is an explanation of some of the interpretations of the No Love tattoo:

Towards Oneself

In this instance, the tattoo is indicating a lack of love for you. It could be a symbol that you don’t like yourself very much. However, it is typically used to mean a lack of love from others. It could be a friend or family member.

Many people will often use the “No Love” tattoo as a symbol of being overlooked. If you are pursuing a dream but aren’t getting proper recognition from peers or people that you admire, then you may feel like you are getting “no love”.

Towards Others

In other cases, the words are targeting someone else. It is a way of saying that you have “no love” for someone else. This is one of the most common meanings behind this tattoo. It may be directed at a single person. If so, these words may be followed up with what you have no love for.

Towards a Concept or Ideology

It is just as common to have no love for a concept or ideology. For instance, you may have not love for the game, no love for an opposing group of people, etc. Once again, in cases such as this, the two words may be followed by an explanation of what you have no love for.

How Common is the No Love Tattoo?

This is a fairly new tattoo and it isn’t very common either. This is one of the reason that it is so difficult to pin down the meaning of this tattoo. Each person who gets it has their own, personal and distinct reasons for doing so.

As the tattoo hasn’t really caught on as a trend yet, it has failed to develop into one cohesive meaning. If it does, though, then you may find the tattoo taking on a singular symbol.

Famous Examples of the No Love Tattoo

As of yet, there is one famous example of the No Love tattoo. It can be found on the leg of the MMA fighter Cody Garbrand. This is actually his professional nickname inside the Octagon.

According to Garbrand, the nickname was given to him by his uncle when Cody was around 14 years old. After watching his nephew take on older and more experienced fighters, he began saying how Cody had “no love” for these fighters. The moniker stuck all the way to UFC.

What You Should Consider Before Getting a No Love Tattoo

Here are some of the factors that you should think about before going ahead with your decision:

The Location

As you can imagine, you can have this tattoo anywhere on your body. The position of the tattoo can allude to its meaning, however.

For instance, if the tattoo is in a visible place such as your neck, arm, etc., then the statement could be towards a particular individual or ideology. On the other hand, if it is in a more personal spot, then the tattoo could be targeted towards you or someone you are more deeply intimate with.

You should also consider if the tattoo will be near other tattoos. Remember, the meaning of other tattoos can have an impact on what you are trying to say with your No Love ink. Therefore, you may want to group similar tattoos or tattoos with similar meanings in one place.

Additional Phrasing

You can choose to keep your tattoo as vague as you like – but keep in mind that you may have to answer quite a few questions, particularly if the tattoo is in a visible place. If you prefer keeping the meaning behind the tattoo private, then the words “No Love” will suffice.

On the other hand, if you would like to describe the meaning, then you can use other words. Depending on how big you want your tattoo to be, you can use as many or as few words as you prefer.

The Imagery

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. As this tattoo is fairly unique, there isn’t much standardization regarding what type of images or symbols can follow the phrase. You can use a banner, flowers, or anything else that you deem appropriate.

Once again, you should be aware that images have their own meanings behind. Thus, by associating your No Love tattoo with one of these symbols or pictures, you may be transferring some of that meaning onto the phrase.

What is the Meaning Behind the No Love Tattoo?

There can be multiple meanings for the No Love tattoo – it can indicate no love for yourself, a particular individual, or towards an entity – the meaning of the tattoo can be altered by its location, other imagery, words, and more.

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