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Models That Are 5’6

Models That Are 5’6

If you want to be a model, you may be wondering if you can be a runway model if you are short. This is a pressing question that many women may have if they are interested in modeling.

The good thing is that there are many examples of shorter runway models that still have thriving careers. There is no set height that models have to meet in order to qualify for this line of work.

Here are some examples of runway models that are on the shorter side.

Can You Be a Model at 5’6?

You can become a model even if you are only 5’6 tall. That is not a dealbreaker as long as you can play the part of a good runway model and still have some of that wow factor.

Many companies will still hire you if you have what it takes. Height is not everything, even though it is one of the most characteristic traits of the modeling industry.

There have been many successful models that were well below the average modeling height. Many have even found more success because they were shorter and attracted more attention because of that.

Being a shorter model is not a dealbreaker and does not have to harm your modeling career, in fact, it can help it out.

As long as you still have that modeling appeal and image, height should not be an issue. It is also important that you set yourself apart from the other models and find your most appealing characteristic.

This is what will help you to land the best runway jobs and work with the most high-end brands in the fashion world.

Kate Moss

Height: 5’7

Kate Moss was the first model to really break the height mold in the 90s as a 5’7 model. Before her, many models had to be several inches taller to even be considered runway-worthy.

Despite her height, Kate Moss became one of the most globally known runway models that have worked for some of the most notable brands. Brands including Louis Viton, Calvin Klein, and Chanel.

Charlotte Free

Height: 5’7

Another model who is only 5’7 is Charlotte Free, the face of Maybelline. She has also worked for several high-end brands and has carved out a name for herself.

Charlotte Free has opened Chanel’s 2015 runway show and always makes an appearance with her recognizable pink hair. A hair color that has won her much praise on social media as well.

Georgia May Jagger

Height: 5’7

Georgia May Jagger is another model who is considered to be on the shorter side. She has walked for high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Fendi.

Though she is the daughter of rock star Mick Jagger and modeling royalty Jerry Hall, she has still managed to gain her own stardom as a model.

Cara Delevingne

Height: 5’7

Cara Delevingne is another 5’7 runway model that has become globally known and incredibly successful. Being a short model has not stopped her, and she has gone on to walk the catwalks of designer labels.

Her success even gave her the opportunity to act, which is what she primarily focuses on now. Though she can still occasionally be seen making a runway appearance.

Sara Sampaio

Height: 5’7

Sara Sampaio is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, one of the most desirable model positions. She has stated that Kate Moss inspired her to pursue modeling despite being shorter than the average model.

Most Victoria Secret models are known for their staggering height, making Sara Sampaio one of the shortest. But that hasn’t stopped her from having a successful modeling career.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Height: 5’7

Despite her shorter stature, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, or just Hailey Bieber as she is now known, is still very successful.

The model has appeared on high fashion runways, on the front of magazine covers, and in advertising campaigns. She has been seen everywhere and is a globally recognized model that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Laetitia Casta

Height: 5’7

Laetitia Casta is another model who only comes to the height of 5’7. She is a French model who has walked in shows for Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vitton, and Roberto Cavalli.

Since being a model, she has moved on to working as an actress in her homeland of France. Her career is ample proof of just how successful a short model can be.

More Names

Here are some famous models who are 5’6 or taller:

  1. Kate Moss
  2. Cara Delevingne
  3. Devon Aoki
  4. Natalie Martinez
  5. Fernanda Ly
  6. Malaika Firth
  7. Kimora Lee Simmons
  8. Emily Ratajkowski
  9. Adwoa Aboah
  10. Jourdan Dunn
  11. Agyness Deyn
  12. Lily Cole
  13. Lily-Rose Depp
  14. Freja Beha Erichsen
  15. Devon Windsor.

These ladies prove that height is just a number and confidence is the key to success.

Who is The Shortest Runway Model?

So far as we know, the shortest runway model to run the catwalk and work for notable fashion brands is Devon Aoki. She is a widely recognized model that only comes to the height of 5’5.

This is an astoundingly short height for a runway model, but she hasn’t let that stop her. As she has walked in shows hosted by design brands like Versace, Chanel, and Moschino.

Besides modeling, Devon Aoki is also known for her acting work and appearances in films like Sin City, Fast and Furious, and War.

Despite her short stature, she has managed to create an amazing career for herself, inspiring short women everywhere.

Can Models be 5’6?

Models can definitely be shorter than the average model height, which is about 5’9. In fact, there are many models that are several inches shorter than that height.

All of the models listed here are a few inches below 5’9, coming to 5’7, with the shortest model coming to a height of 5’5.

If you are 5’6, you can still be a runway model if you have all of the other qualities that they are required to have. Many companies are happy to hire shorter models if they still have that wow factor.

As a short model, it is important to stand apart from the crowd and have your own special appeal. Every short model that has ever had a successful career has had a certain wow factor to them.

As long as you can find what sets you apart from the rest, you can still become a model even if you are only 5’6 tall.

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