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Generation Tux vs Black Tux

Generation Tux vs Black Tux

Generation Tux and Black Tux are tuxedo and suit rental companies. Today, we are going to be taking a look at these two websites and seeing which one is better to order from. If you are a man planning for your big wedding day then you are going to want to read this.

GenTux Was Great

I believe Generation Tux is a great website because one reviewer said so. She said her husband ordered his suit as well as his groomsmen suits from there. Not all of the suits fit but they had no problem calling Generation Tux up and getting them to send out another size that did fit.

They also had a chance to do a promo where her husband was able to keep his suit because they had 7 rentals so this reviewer was really happy that her husband got to keep the suit.

Something that really stood out here in this review was that they actually changed the entire color of their father’s suits the week of the wedding and they said that was no problem. So I’m guessing that the shipping time is pretty quick as well because they were able to switch suit colors entirely the week of the wedding and still were able to receive the suits.

She ended by saying the customer service was really good and the suits looked great. Having good customer service is always a plus. A lot of places fail in this area so when you find someone who has good quality products and good customer service, they are definitely a keeper.

Ill-Fitting Suits

A trend that I am seeing in these reviews is that the suits are ill-fitting. A lot of people have said this was a big issue for them with Generation Tux and The Black Tux. However, I have heard that with Generation Tux the customer service is great and they have no problem sending the correct size.

It is good that they want to send out the correct size suits because sometimes people do mess up and order the wrong size. They may think they wear one size and then the suit doesn’t fit right so they realize they need a different size.

It is good of Generation Tux to offer quick replacements. This will keep them around a long time if they keep it up.


I felt it was necessary to mention this. It seems that both companies are having trouble reopening after the US shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to understand that alot of businesses are suffering and are different because of the shock of the pandemic. It may require some effort and patience on your part when dealing with either of these companies.

Fit and Looked Good

In spite of the reviews that said The Black Tux suits were ill-fitting, this reviewer said their suits fit and looked good. They would definitely use them again.

It is important that the suits not only fit right but also look pleasing to the eyes. Suits that don’t look right will not be satisfying to the customer no matter how well they fit. Nobody really wants to walk around in an ugly suit that fits perfectly.

Repeat Customer

This customer said that they have used Black Tux three times already and every time the experience was smooth. They say the most important thing is knowing your sizes and being able to give them the right size.

This can make all the difference because if your suit doesn’t fit well then it won’t look right. But when it does fit right it will look perfect. She said the suits always arrived on time and looked great. Like with Generation Tux, The Black Tux also has great customer service.

They said that one of their groomsmen had trouble with his order and customer service came through for him. This is always a good thing to have great customer service.

So it seems that both generation tux and the black tux has great customer service and quick shipping times. They said the suits would always arrive on time which means they have pretty fast shipping or at least decent shipping times.

Great Quality Suits

The last review we’re going to look at is rather pleasing. They said the suits were of great quality, shipping was fast, and their returns process is amazing. The turnaround time is only a few days and you don’t have to return anything until after the event is over.

Based on quality of clothes and quality of service, the price was fair according to this reviewer. Last but certainly not least, they love that you can change color and style of suits for any event or occasion that you attend by using black tux.

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