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How to Win Amazon Giveaways Easily [6 Secret Tips]

How to Win Amazon Giveaways Easily [6 Secret Tips]

In this article, we will discuss the best possible ways on How to win Amazon giveaways and how you can improve your chance to put your hands on the freebies offered by Amazon.

Every one of us uses Amazon these days and it has become a part of daily life. But do you know about the various Amazon giveaways that go on  throughout the day and if luck favors you, you could actually win several prizes for free and if not, you can definitely land with some exclusive discounts just by participating in the giveaways.

What are Amazon Giveaways?

Giveaways are proven marketing tools used by many companies to promote their product to a larger audience. Amazon is no different here. Thousands of giveaways are running actively in Amazon at any point of the day.

Most of the giveaways require the participant to watch a video or follow someone or even can be just nth entrant rule.

These giveaways provide more profit than Pay per click marketing and this is much popular.

These giveaways not only provide free items but also awards with a guaranteed discount just for entering the giveaway.

Types of Amazon Giveaways

1. Random Winner

These type of giveaways selects a random winner among participants and has mostly provided one chance. Random Winner giveaways mostly run for 24 hours and have an odd of 1/50 or less.

2. Sweepstakes

It awards the winner at the end of the giveaway randomly.

3. Nth Entrants Wins

As the name suggests it awards the prize if and only if he/she is the nth entrants as per the giveaway requirements.

4. First Come first serve

This kind of giveaway ends in a flick of an eye as the title suggests the first to enter the giveaway straightaway wins the same.

How to Win Amazon giveaways

Now let me give you the best ways on How to Win Amazon Giveaways.

Our methods are mere tips and tricks that can simply increase your chances of winning Amazon Giveaways.

Note that Amazon Giveaway winners are completely random and there is no hack to win it. 

  •  Always Participate

The most important aspect of winning the giveaways is regular participation. You simply can’t expect to win on the very first day. Make it a habit of logging in to Amazon’s page whenever possible and participate in all ongoing giveaways.

  • Participate Early

Many giveaways like the Random Winner and First Come first serve are the fastest to end. Do try to participate as soon as possible to win these kinds of giveaways.

  • Use your brain effectively

Sometimes using common sense will allow you to bag the juicy prize.

For example, if you are participating in the Nth entrant giveaway and the lucky entrant is 100 then it is best to participate ASAP. If the number is higher then you must wait and participate in a suitable time.

     ·  Always keep an eye on ongoing giveaways and odds at winning

Keep track of all the ongoing giveaways that you can participate and try to enter the ones with high winning odds.

  • Use any kinds of Extension apps for analysis of the giveaways

This will help you to effectively track the giveaways and help you to participate in.

Don’t Underestimate the Draws?

Amazon Sweepstakes giveaways require time to announce the winner but are always worth it. Contrary to the random winner which decides the winner instantly draws actually picks up a winner from all the participants. Sweepstakes may not seem exciting but actually can land you something big as it always has a winner.

So, always participate in Draws to increase the chance of Winning Amazon Giveaway. 

See the videos as an investment

Obviously, Amazon doesn’t conduct these giveaways for free. You do need to watch a video for some fixed time in order to be eligible to take part in the draw. See this as an investment and do watch the videos and participate in the given draw.

Eligibility to participate in Amazon Giveaways


Open to individual legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia who are the older of 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in their state of residence, except that if the total approximate retail value (“ARV”) of all prizes in the Sweepstakes exceeds $500.00, individual legal residents of Rhode Island will not be eligible to enter.

Are Amazon Giveaways Real?

Are you still doubting whether Amazon Giveaway can be won or not?

Well, there are many people who shared their success stories on Reddit. Some people claim to have won ebooks and giftcards while other claim to have won items of under $30.

No matter what the value is, we can conclude that these Giveaways are real and anyone can win Amazon Giveaways. It’s just about luck. The more you participate the better your chances of winning giveaways.

And by the way, if you are looking for Amazon Giveaway bots or scripts, kindly stop. There is nothing as such. All such tools does nothing and you will simply end up wasting your precious time.

Final Words

There is no shortcut or rocket science to win the Amazon giveaways. Regular participation with smart decision and patience is the key to win such giveaways.

If you follow the steps in the article it will significantly increase your chances in winning that juicy prize. Hope this article helps you and do let us know which is your secret mantra to win the giveaway.

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