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How Many Times Can a Ring Be Resized?

How Many Times Can a Ring Be Resized?

Do you have a family heirloom that has already been resized but needs to undergo a few changes again? Or, perhaps you have lost or gained weight a few times over the years and now need to resize your ring again.

Well, here is your guide to if it is possible to resize a ring more than once and if so, what limitations you may face!

How Many Times Can You Re-Size a Ring?

In general, you can resize a ring twice throughout its lifetime, but this number does depend on the design of the rings, the material, and the changes that you are making to the band – in some cases a band may not be able to be resized at all.

Is It Bad to Resize a Ring Multiple Times?

Most jewelers who recommend against resizing your ring more than once. This is especially true if you want to make the ring larger. The process for making the circumference of a ring greater is a bit more complex.

When making a ring larger, the ring also has to undergo more stress. This can weaken the ring, at least at the point at which the metal was soldered.

Using a skilled jeweler for the resizing process can go a long way in ensuring that the ring is not damaged in any way. These professionals use more delicate processes to change the size of the ring. This can take a longer period of time and can often cost more, but this preferable to damaging the ring.

Can All Rings Be Resized One or More Times?

As mentioned, not all rings can be resized several times. Some rings can’t even be resized once. Here are some of the things that can factor into whether or not a ring can be resized:

The Type of Metal

If your ring is made of silver, gold, or platinum, then you will likely be able to resize it without any issue. These are malleable metals and it is relatively easy to change their shape and size.

Materials such as tungsten, however, are simply too hard and most jewelers will not attempt it. As for rose gold, the risk of the material cracking is too high so it shouldn’t be risked.

Titanium can be resized but you will need to find a jeweler who is willing to do it for you. Such a resizing may take more time or cost you a greater amount of money.

The Settings

One type of ring that can’t be resized is the eternity ring. This is because diamonds or precious stones are set continually throughout the band.

Typically, though, a jeweler will always consider how many settings there are, the size of the stones, and where they are placed before determining whether or not the ring can be resized.

You should also be aware that the process is far more complicated with rings that have settings – particularly ones along the band. This is because the jeweler often has to extract the stones, make the size changes, and then create new settings for the stones to be reset.

The Design

The complexity of the design also plays a role. The more complex a design is, the more difficult it is to rework. In some cases, it simply isn’t possible. Making changes to certain designs can alter the original blueprint, causing the ring to look quite different.

You should also be aware that if the ring has an invisible tension setting that resizing the ring may compromise the durability of the ring. Therefore, if you were to resize it, there is a higher risk of the ring breaking. Most legitimate jewelers would not attempt it for you.

What Determines How Many Times You Can Resize a Ring?

Here are some factors that will dictate how many times you can resize a ring:

If the Ring Has Been Resized Before

If your ring is an antique or an heirloom, then there is a chance that it may have been resized at least once before. It is important to do some research before attempting to make any changes to the rink. Most skilled jewelers will not leave behind any mark of resizing.

If it has already been resized, then you may be able to get away with it once more. In case the ring has been re-sized twice or even more than this, you may not want to risk the durability of the ring.

The Abilities of the Jeweler

If you do decide to resize the ring even just once, it is important to choose a skilled jeweler. This will ensure that any changes made will not compromise the structure of the ring. It becomes even more vital to choose a professional if the right is to be sized more than once.

Loss of Value

When you resize a ring, you may need to remove a certain amount of metal from the band. It is possible that you may lose settings – and thus have to remove precious stones – as well. This can cause a decrease in value.

This may also be caused if the original design is significantly altered.

What You Should Consider Before Resizing a Ring

It is best to resize your ring as few times as possible. This is why you should ensure that you size it correctly the first time around. The best way to do this is to visit a jeweler. They will be able to take accurate measurements for you.

Can You Resize a Ring Multiple Times?

Yes, you can resize a multiple times, but it is best not to resize the ring more than two times to preserve the value and integrity of the design – it should be noted that not all ring designs can be resized.

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