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Hair Salon Business Name Ideas

Choosing the right name for your hair salon business can often be a challenging task.

Your salon’s name will be the first impression people have of your business, so it’s important to make it count.

A great name sets the tone for your brand, attracts new clients, and can even help you stand out in a crowded market.

But, how do you choose the perfect name for your hair salon? When is the right time to finalize your salon’s name? And, what are some catchy and creative hair salon business name ideas?

hair salon business names

We will answer all these questions and more, to help you come up with the ideal name for your hair salon business.

Best Hair Salon Business Name Ideas

Choosing the perfect name for your hair salon is crucial to building a strong brand identity and attracting customers. Here are 25 business name ideas to inspire your creativity:

  • Belle Hair Salon
  • Glam Cuts
  • The Mane Room
  • Silky Strands
  • Scissor Sisters
  • Chic Styles
  • Luscious Locks
  • Top Knot Salon
  • The Hair Lair
  • Blowout Bar
  • Mane Attraction
  • Salon Savvy
  • Shear Beauty
  • The Cutting Edge
  • Hairitage Salon
  • Braid Bosses
  • Mane Event Salon
  • Revamp Salon
  • Trimmings Salon
  • The Perfect Cut
  • Roots Salon
  • Barber & Co.
  • Blonde Ambition Salon
  • The Hair Standard
  • Sleek Salon

Creative, Unique Names

If you’re looking for a name that is outside the box and truly stands out, here are some creative and unique ideas:

  • Snip Snip Hooray!
  • Hairway to Heaven
  • Hair to Stay
  • Cut Above the Rest
  • Mane Queen
  • Curls Gone Wild
  • Social Cuts
  • Hair Tactics
  • The Chop Shop
  • Mane Muse
  • Wavy Days
  • Hair Haven
  • Locks & Loaded
  • The Hair Hype
  • Trending Tresses
  • Mane Magic
  • Scalp Therapy
  • Cut and Run Salon
  • Sleek Sheets Salon
  • The Mane Experience
  • Happy Hair
  • Electric Fringe
  • Cut Control
  • Barbershop Quartet
  • Primped and Polished

Elegant and Chic Names

If you’re going for an upscale feel for your salon, choosing an elegant and chic name is key. Here are 25 options for your consideration:

  • Alchemy Salon
  • Belle de Jour Salon
  • Chateau Hair Salon
  • Diva Salon
  • Enchanté Salon
  • Fancy Locks Salon
  • Glamour Hair Co.
  • Haute Headz Salon
  • Infinite Beauty Salon
  • Jolie Hair Studio
  • Karma Salon
  • Lavender Luxe Hair
  • Majestic Mane Salon
  • Nouveau Hair
  • Opulence Hair Studio
  • Pearl Hair Salon
  • Queen Bee Salon
  • Radiance Hair Studio
  • Serene Swank Salon
  • Timeless Tresses Salon
  • Uptown Hair Studio
  • Velvet Hair Salon
  • Whispering Wind Salon
  • Yours Truly Salon
  • Zen Hair Studio

Punny Hair Salon Names

If you’re looking for a playful and memorable name for your salon, a pun is a great way to go. Here are 25 options to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A Cut Above the Rest Salon
  • Bang Trim & Beyond Salon
  • Curl Up & Dye Salon
  • Dye Hard Salon
  • Frizz Wrangler Salon
  • Hair We Go Salon
  • In the Hair Salon
  • Just Teased Salon
  • Locks of Art Salon
  • Mirror Mirror Salon
  • No Mop Left Behind Salon
  • Perfection Hair Studio
  • Quick Snips Salon
  • Roots to Ends Salon
  • Snip-its Hair Studio
  • Tease Me Salon
  • Unlock Your Beauty Salon
  • Vanity Hair Studio
  • Whip My Hair Salon
  • Xtreme Hair Studio
  • You’re Ad-Hair-able Salon
  • Zig Zag Hair Studio
  • Absolute Hairfection Salon
  • Bad Hair Day Salon
  • Cuts N Stuff Salon

Memorable and Catchy Names

A good hair salon business name should be memorable and catchy to attract new clients. Here are some ideas to help you come up with the perfect name for your hair salon:

  • Glow Salon
  • Radiance Hair
  • Chic Cuts
  • Glamorous Hair
  • Glossy Hair
  • Signature Style
  • Polished Hair
  • Luxe Locks
  • Mane Attraction
  • Flawless Hair
  • Fabulous Hair
  • The Hair Bar
  • Hairitage
  • Hairvana
  • Mane Society
  • The Mane Studio
  • Haute Hair
  • Mane Line
  • Hair Affair
  • Tress Lounge
  • Hair Chateau
  • Hair Nirvana
  • Hair Haven
  • Hair Chic
  • Mane Avenue

Bold Hair Salon Names

Do you want your hair salon to stand out from the rest? A bold name can make your salon memorable and attract clients who are looking for something unique. Here are some bold hair salon name ideas:

  • Rebel Hair
  • Wild Locks
  • Killer Cuts
  • Untamed Tresses
  • Fierce Fringes
  • Hair Mavericks
  • Bold Braids
  • Daring Dos
  • Tameless Tangles
  • Bold Beauty
  • Savage Styles
  • Fearless Frizz
  • Edgy Cuts
  • Radical Roots
  • Brazen Beauty
  • Outlandish Locks
  • Brazen Braids
  • Bold Bouffants
  • The Hair Rebels
  • Extreme Ends
  • Unconventional Cuts
  • Daredevil Hair
  • Bold Bangs
  • The Hair Anarchists
  • Eccentric Ends

Classic and Timeless Names

Choosing a classic name for your hair salon can provide a sense of timelessness and sophistication to your business. Here are 25 classic hair salon names:

  • The Cutting Room
  • Sleek and Chic
  • The Mane Spot
  • Trims and Tresses
  • Salon Classics
  • Fine Lines
  • Hairitage
  • Signature Styles
  • Chic Cuts
  • The Golden Scissors
  • Roots and Razors
  • Manes and Miracles
  • Salon de Beauté
  • Sharp Styles
  • The Hair Parlor
  • The Fringe Salon
  • The Hair Room
  • The Mane Attraction
  • Infinite Cuts
  • Pure Style
  • Lustrous Locks
  • Platinum Cuts
  • The Hair Haven
  • Sculpted Locks
  • Perfect Cuts

Descriptive and Literal Names

A descriptive or literal name for your hair salon can clearly convey what services you offer to potential customers. Here are 25 descriptive hair salon names:

  • Color Me Beautiful
  • Cut Above
  • Silk Cuts
  • Effervescence Hair Studio
  • Flow Hair Studio
  • Shear Magic
  • Roots Hair Studio
  • Cut & Style
  • Knot Just Hair
  • Head Trip Salon
  • Contemporary Cuts
  • The Art of Hair
  • Perfect Hair Studio
  • Superior Cutting Co.
  • Enchantment Salon
  • Perfection Hair Studio
  • Top Notch Hair Design
  • Transformation Salon
  • Spotlight Hair Studio
  • Inspired Cutting Co.
  • Chic Styling Co.
  • The Hair Studio
  • Hair Connection
  • Elite Hair Studio
  • Sharp Edge Salon

Location-Based Names

Location-based names can be a great way to attract customers from a specific area to your hair salon. Here are 25 ideas for location-based hair salon names:

  • New York Chic Salon
  • LA Glamour Hair Salon
  • Miami Waves Hair Studio
  • London Locks Salon
  • Parisian Pink Hair Co.
  • Sydney Styles Studio
  • Tokyo Tress Hair Salon
  • Toronto Top Knot Salon
  • Hollywood Hair Co.
  • Boston Braid Bar
  • Dallas Dapper Hair
  • Chicago Cuts Salon
  • Baltimore Blowout Hair
  • Seattle Sleek Studio
  • San Francisco Strand Salon
  • Phoenix Phoenix Hair
  • Denver Dry Cut Salon
  • Atlanta Allure Hair
  • Portland Posh Cuts
  • Charlotte Charm Salon
  • Houston Hair Haven
  • Nashville Nook Salon
  • Minneapolis Modern Hair
  • Vancouver Vixen Salon
  • Mexico City Mane Salon

Inspirational and Motivational Names

An inspirational or motivational name can be a great way to capture the attention of customers who are looking for more than just a haircut. Here are 25 ideas for inspirational or motivational hair salon names:

  • Empowering Tresses
  • Self-Love Locks
  • Confidence Cuts
  • Inner Beauty Hair Studio
  • Be-You-Tiful Salon
  • Girl Power Hair Co.
  • Dream Big Hair Salon
  • Unstoppable Strands
  • Radiant Roots Hair Studio
  • Limitless Locks Studio
  • Positivity Hair Co.
  • Rise and Shine Salon
  • Believe in Beauty Hair
  • Courage Cuts Salon
  • Beautifully Bold Hair
  • Flourish and Flow Studio
  • Inspiring Tress Salon
  • Self-Love Scissors
  • Strength and Shine Hair
  • Mindful Mane Studio
  • Supreme Strands Hair Co.
  • Beauty Beyond Hair
  • Elevate Your Locks Salon
  • Embrace Your Curls Hair
  • Flow and Flourish Hair Studio