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What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Love? Here’s Everything to Know

If a girl calls you ‘love’, I’m sorry to disappoint, but she probably does not like you. This is a popular term of endearment that many people use. You will know this if you pay attention to the people she speaks to, as she probably calls them this too.

But if she does in fact have feelings for you, there are a couple of signs to look out for. This article not only takes a look at them, but some additional information that you might like.

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls you ‘Love’?

As mentioned, ‘love’ is a term of endearment that most of the time means nothing. You can especially tell that a girl does not have feelings for you if she calls everyone else in her life ‘love’. But if it’s just you that she calls this, then you might be special.

You can tell if she likes you if she remembers the smallest details that you mention, has told her friends and family about you, and constantly makes eye contact during conversations – I’ve touched on more about this in the section below.

How Do You Know if A Girl Likes You?

If you suspect that a girl likes you, there are several tell-tell signs to look out for. This section runs through some of the most notable.

Let’s get to it.


1.      She Makes Consistent Eye Contact

By far, the best sign to look for is consistent eye contact. If you notice that she makes more eye contact than usual, she probably has feelings for you. She wants you to show you that she is fully engaged in your conversations.

You can also tell whether a girl likes you if you catch her staring. She is admiring you, and you have accidentally caught her in the act.

2.      She Remembers the Smallest Details

Another major sign would be her making note of the smallest details that you mention. For instance, if you say that you like something, and then she gets it for you as a gift. It isn’t surprising why she’s doing this, as she wants you to know that she’s been paying attention.

3.      You Get Compliments

Of course, you can tell whether a girl likes you if she’s constantly complimenting you. This is something that is not exclusive to girls, as even guys do this when they have crushes. You should also look out for her touching your arm or leg while making compliments.

4.      You Make Her Nervous

While on the same vein as the point above, you will also know if a girl has feelings if she is nervous around you. This is as she has feelings and does not know how to act in your presence.

5.      Her Friends Know About You

If her friends and family know about you, the chances of her liking you are high. She’s been talking about you as you mean a lot. And she possibly can’t get you out of her head, which is why she’s been doing this.

How Do You Become Close with a Girl?

If there is a girl you like, there are a couple of tips that you can use to become close with her.

Let’s talk about them.

Girl Likes You

1.      Ask Her for Favors

Although you might not think it, asking her for favors can help you get closer. This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect, and is a known strategy that the former president used.

The favors don’t have to be too big, as something as small as asking for an eraser would work well. Remember to not abuse this effect too much, as she might find it strange. And she even might figure out what you are up to.

2.      You Share Her Interests

If she knows that you like the same things as her, she would want to get closer. To an extent, this would involve stalking her social media accounts. You can also ask any mutual friends what she likes. Along with mentioning that you like her interests during conversations, you can also post about them on social media. She will definitely reply back when she sees what you’ve posted.

3.      Tell Her Your Secrets

Another great tip would be to tell her your secrets. She would feel important. as you’re divulging this information to her. You would especially make her feel important if you use the earlier tip and frequently ask her for favors.

4.      Give Her Compliments

Just like her complimenting you is a sign that she likes you, you can use complimenting her as a tactic to get closer. She would feel more comfortable around you, which you can use to your advantage. I would suggest that you watch and don’t overdo it, however.

5.      Make Friends with Her Friends

Of course, you can get closer by being friends with her friends. The two of you would have mutual company, so you would see each other more often. Her friends might notice that you like her, and even try to set the two of you up too.

How Do You Confess Your Feelings to a Girl?

There are several tips and tricks that you can try when confessing your feelings to a girl. I’ve touched on the best in the section below.

1.      Wait for the Right Time

By far, the best tip would be to watch and wait for the right time. You want her to be in a good mood when you tell her about how you feel. This will be especially easy if you have mutual friends, as you can coordinate with them and find out when the right time would be.

2.      Practice Makes Perfect

Definitely practice what you are going to say before you confess your feelings. You would be able to figure the best points to get across. Practicing what to say would also help you avoid saying anything that could rub her the wrong way.

I would suggest that you write everything down, and then get a friend to read it. A mutual friend of hers that you are close to would be perfect, as they would really let you know what she would think.

3.      Have Some Confidence

You should confess your feelings to her in person. And remember to try and be as confident as possible, as this would make her see you in a positive light. If you are someone who struggles with their confidence, this may seem easier said than done. But you can fool her into thinking that you have good self-esteem by faking it till you make it.

Self-affirmations can also help you boost your confidence. All you would have to do is look in the mirror and repeat qualities about yourself that you like.

4.      Say What You Want in Person

Whatever you do, I would advise that you confess your feelings in person. This would show her that you’re serious, and that you are courageous. But as you would be confessing in person, what I mentioned earlier about waiting till the right time is especially important.


Should You Confess Your Feelings to the Girl You Like?

Although you may like a girl and want to confess your feelings, you definitely should consider whether this would be smart. She may not be just any girl – she may be a coworker or someone else that may be off-limits.

So, you confessing that you like her may not end well. It especially would not end well if the two of you have to work together; she might not just reject your advances but also report you to the HR department for being inappropriate.

You should also avoid confessing your feelings if the two of you aren’t that compatible. Sure, she might feel the same way as you and want to date. However, this relationship may end badly in the future. You of course should not confess how you feel if she is an ex of a close friend or family member, as the two of you being together would make things very awkward for everyone that is around you.

Final Thoughts

As you saw from everything that was discussed, unfortunately, it does not mean that a girl likes you if she calls you ‘love’. This is something that many guys wonder. But at the end of the day, ‘love’ is just a term of endearment that many people use. You will especially know that she does not have feelings if you pay attention to her conversations with others, as she probably calls them ‘love’ too.

This guide not only took a look at this, but what you can keep an eye out for in case a girl does in fact like you. Some of the signs include her remembering the smallest details that you mention, and frequently complimenting you.