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The Top 8 Femboy Dating Apps

The Top 8 Femboy Dating Apps

Finding Femboy dating apps isn’t easy, particularly if you live in a more remote area. Well, there is no need to worry anymore as these are the apps that will jumpstart your love life again!

1.  FetLife

The name of the website – Fetish Life – says it all. This site is dedicated to helping people meet like-minded or compatible people and explore their fetishes.

This can work out well for people who identify as Femboys. The site is great for people who have different gender and sexual identities and is welcoming of people who prefer to identify themselves on a spectrum.

The great thing about FetLife is that it specifically draws people who are more open-minded, thus creating a safer space and community to interact with.

That being said, this site is more for sexual-based relationships. While your interactions can lead to something more, it is important to understand what others on the site may be looking for.

2.  Grindr

If you are a Femboy with a sexual attraction to men, then Grindr is the way to go! One of the best things about this dating site is that it is a tried and true site. As a result, it has a significant user population, no matter where you go.

Needless to say, this makes it a lot easier for you to find a date. As there is no specific option for Femboys on Grindr, make sure that you state how you identify as well as your preferences when it comes to other men. You are likely to get fewer useless matches this way.

However, as far as queer relationships go, though, Grindr continues to be an app that is largely meant for hookups. While there is always the possibility of a relationship, don’t be surprised if most of your matches are looking for a no strings attached relationship.

3.  OKCupid

OKCupid is arguably one of the oldest dating sites around. Despite this, the app has been incredibly welcoming of the LGBTQIA+ community. As a result, you can find a large population of like-minded users here.

OKCupid is progressive, allowing you to choose from multiple gender identities. Now, these may not label you as Femboy specifically, but there are plenty of options that may define both gender and sexual presentation. You also have the option to choose Other and then describe your identity and preferences in your profile.

OKCupid is a good option if you want a long-term or more traditional relationship. At the same time, if you are looking for hookups, short-term dating, or non-monogamous relationships, then you can find these options here too.

4.  Tinder

Now, Tinder isn’t the most conventional option for Femboy dating. However, the app has become increasingly more progressive. As such, you should have no problem finding other Femboys or people from all gender and sexual orientations.

One of the perks of Tinder is that it is an insanely popular dating app. Due to this, the chance of meeting someone that is right for you is a lot higher. It is still considered a hookup app although lots of people have had meaningful relationships with others.

Keep in mind that Tinder doesn’t always attract the most progressive individuals. As such, it is important to always make sure who you are talking to and that you meet in a safe place for you.

5.  Bumble

Bumble has also made great strides to include all genders and sexual orientations. The site has also been built around safety, with a focus on women making the first move here. As a Femboy, if you are attracted to men, then both of you have the opportunity to message each other first.

This is a good site if you are looking for a more serious relationship. The app has been designed so that it is easier to weed out people on the prowl for hookups. You can go into greater detail about yourself and who you are looking for and so can other people.

Just remember that after you match with someone, each person has 24 hours to message the other and to reply back. If you don’t, the match will expire.

6.  Hinge

Hinge is yet another mainstream dating app that has now evolved to include more gender expression and sexual orientations. As such, Femboys looking for love will fit right in.

In particular, Hinge is great for those who are looking for serious relationships. In fact, the entire app is designed as such. There is a lot more work that goes into answering questions and creating your bio. The good news is that this information is put to good use in running an algorithm to find your perfect match.

7.  Lex

If you are all about throwing heteronormative elements and dating out of the window, then Lex is for you. This app ignores all strategies created by other dating platforms and does its own thing. This allows for greater freedom of expression ideal for Femboys.

The layout can be a bit disorienting to new users. Also, this is largely a hookup site so you can expect people to come on pretty strong.

8.  Fem-Boy Social and Dating

This app is specifically meant for Femboys – you can choose to select men, women, trans individuals, etc. The only downside is that the app is quite clunky and doesn’t always work well. On its good days, though, it is a great way to meet like-minded individuals, even if you are just looking for friendship.


These are the top Femboy dating sites that you can test out for the relationship that you are looking for. Check them out today!