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DIY PVC Pipe Arch

Making a DIY PVC pipe arch is a lot easier than most people realize. You simply need the right materials and instructions to put you on the right track.

You will find these and plenty of other tips to help you make your very own PVC pipe arch here:

How to Make a Garden Arch with PVC Pipe?

To make a garden arch out of PVC pipe, you are first going to need to create two bases for either end of the arch – this is followed by fitting the PVC pipes into each base – the curved portion will be made by PEX pipe as it is more flexible.

Wedding Arch

What Do You Need to Make a PVC Pipe Arch?

Here is a list of the materials:

For the Base

You will not necessarily want or need a base. If you are burying your arch into the ground, then you can skip the base. However, if you want the ends of the arch to be above ground and steady, then a base is recommended.


It is important to use plywood as it is the only thing that is sturdy enough to hold the arch in place. It will come in handy if the arch needs to be set up outdoors, on a windy day.

You will need two 12 x 12 inch boards that are ¾ inches thick.

PVC Flanges, Washers, and Screws

This is what is going to secure the pipe arch to the base. You will require:

  • Two ¾ inch PVC pipe floor flanges
  • Eight ¼ inch flat fender washers
  • Eight 11/4 inch plywood screws

For the Pipe Arch

Now, when it comes to your PVC pipe arch, you can make the whole thing out of PVC if you want. The only issue is that PVC isn’t very flexible. As such, if you want the pipe to bend properly to form a true arch, then you are going to have to take a few other steps.

Not only does this add to the complexity of the overall project, but also means that it is going to take a lot longer.

This is why it is best to make the sides of the frame out of PCV and the curved portion out of PEX pipe. Don’t worry, PEX pipe is just as easy to find as PVC pipe.

You will need:

  • Two 5 foot, ¾ inch PVC pipes
  • One 10 foot, ½ inch PEX pipe

How to Make Your PVC Pipe Arch Base

Step 1

Start by painting each board – you can choose a neutral color like white or black or select a shade that will work with the rest of the decorative elements of the arch.

Step 2

Once the paint has dried, place a pipe flange on the center of the board. Using a pencil, outline the center of the flange as well as where each of the screws should go.

Repeat this process with the other board as well.

Step 3

Use a drill to pre-drill the screw holes for each of the screws. Don’t drill all the way through the board, just halfway down.

Step 4

Place the flange over the middle again.

Place each washer over the screw holes on the flange. Place the screw in each slot and then use a drill to tighten each screw into place. Repeat this on the other board as well.

Step 5

Arrange the boards a distance away from each other – this should be equal to the width that you want the arch to be.

How to Make the PVC Arch

Step 1

Place one of the 5 foot PVC pipes into the flange on the base. Make sure that it is tight fit.

Repeat this process with the other PVC pipe, flange, and base.

Step 2

On the PEX pipe, use a permanent marker to make a mark every 12 inches, starting from one end. This will make it easier to adjust the height and width of the arch later on.

Step 3

Insert one end of the PEX pipe into one of the PVC pipes fitted into the base. Push the PEX pipe until you come to the first 12 inch mark.

Stop there and secure the PEX pipe to the PVC using duct tape or any other kind of tape.

Then, take the other end of the PEX pipe and insert it into the other PVC pipe.

In this case, you can insert as much or as little of the PEX pipe as you want, depending on how wide and tall you want the arch to be one.

Once you have found the right dimensions, secure the PEX pipe to the PVC pipe using duct tape.

How to Make an Arch Without a Base?

Well, you can follow all the same steps except skip the instructions for the base.

Wedding Arch and Decor.

Instead, dig a hole on either side of where you want the arch to be. Alternatively, you can use plant pots if you will be growing vines or other flora.

Stick the PVC pipes in here and make sure to cover with dirt to ensure a firm fit. Then, attach the PEX pipe to either piece of the PVC pipe.

How Do You Make a DIY PVC Pipe Arch?

You will have to start by creating a base out of plywood – then, fit two sections of PVC pipe into each base to create the sides of the arch – the curved part of the arch will be made by PEX pipe to add flexibility.